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  1. That was my guess, a moored boat that the batteries went dead and bilge pumps stopped. It looks like the type of boat that has inboards, so a packing seal developed a leak would be a guess. Not a really good boat to be on a mooring.
  2. I can't answer that. I know it was something that required someone that works on the joystick drives. I believe there was a mechanical alignment and a program alignment.
  3. A friend had the same problem. It required a mechanic to realign the drive and program the computer.
  4. Also add more information like year, model, codes. Is this a joy stick drive?
  5. It is going to depend on how long your gas stays in the tank. Where you are I expect that you don't need it. I have a large tank and don't burn it up very fast, so I put Stabil Marine in every time I gas up.
  6. I use ICE Turtle wash & wax it is biodegradable. It leaves the black side spotless and cuts the spider spots. I have a soft brush on a pole for scrubbing and shammy mop on a pole for drying. A lot of folks are going to say don't use auto wash, but have used it for years and it seems to work.
  7. Highly suggest using one of these to do the snaps.
  8. There is a good possibility that the batteries had weak cells and this would cause the charger to over charge and boil the water out of them. Like has been said, once the plates have been exposed it is time for new batteries. You might want to consider glass mat type batteries. I have gone to glass mat type in my boat because I can not keep up with battery maintenance.
  9. On previous boats I didn't worry to much when the trim sensor went out. I would just trim by feel. With the current boat and smart gauge it throws an error on which ever out drive has the problem. It doesn't cause any problem with performance, but the blinking red lights are a bother.
  10. It sounds as if someone turned them hard the wrong direction. I have had two of them fail, the knob just came off. I found them on Amazon. Mine are BEP panel mount battery switches.
  11. Very common problem on the out drive. I have had the senders replaced on both drives.
  12. Thanks for the update.
  13. Some of the pictures on FB show two towboat US boats pulling a cruiser out before the fire got it. I think it was the only boat that was saved, way to go guys.
  14. Charcoal grill on a wood dock I would hope not. They are not allowed in the marina.
  15. If they were pumping gas out of a boat then they will probably be found negligent. That is something that should not be done in a marina dock house. Where I am at they do not even allow you to bring gas cans onto the docks. Doing so will cause them to cancel your lease.
  16. Our marina has extinguishers every 6 slips. Never thought to check to see if they were inspected. When you sign a lease for the slip part of the deal is that marina is not responsible for your boat. All those boat owner will have to have their insurance company cover their boats. Lost a boat when a micro burst flipped the dock in my marina. My insurance had to step up. The marina's insurance took care of the dock. I feel sorry for all those owners that have lost their boats. It is a sick feeling.
  17. There was a large fire at the Highport Marina on Texoma today that destroyed one of the boat docks there. All the boats in that dock were lost.
  18. It will probably fit perfectly. With that said, when my boat was brand new I needed the forward bimini replaced for a broken zipper and the replacement they got did not fit. They had the broken zipper fixed at local shop.
  19. Get a survey and a sea trial before signing the deal.
  20. According to the parts list there should be quick release pin. I am not sure how you access the pin, but there are a could of hatch access doors what looks to be under seats. The access may not be right next to the lift.
  21. You will need a mount for the pedestal, one on the swim platform and one for the grill. On my boat what they did was attach the mount to a thick piece of plastic to attach the grill to. The grill that they used was a Solaire anywhere gas grill with 2 burners, but you could use any gas grill. This is if you want to do it like the option that would of come with the boat or you can do it like Matt suggested.
  22. A friend has the axius on his boat. It seems to work fine, but does require some special alignment at times. You will need a mechanic that knows how to work on them. They are impressive when docking.
  23. The easiest way is that they are black plastic. Here is a thread that talks about the problems.
  24. That is a beautiful shot. That is some really clear water. The only fresh water I have been in that was close to that was in Arkansas.
  25. Depending on the year a 31 maybe the same boat as an older 29. Like my 330 became a 350. The 29 has a nice cabin layout.