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  1. I am trying to find a pre made one with cut outs for the arch supports. I have a cover that goes over the arch but it is a pain. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks.
  2. I will try to get to boat this weekend and take a few photos. The connection inside the boat is a marine version of the plugs found inside house. The charger and fridge just plug in.
  3. I had this done to mine. Works like it should. Batteries all charged up and fridge keeps things cold when at dock. Had an addition connection installed onboard to power other needs if they come up.
  4. Hi Guys- I have a full cover that covers from the arch to the water line when the boat is on the lift and put away for the season. It is a pain to take on and off. I am looking for just a basic cover that protects the interior without having to go over the arch used between weekends. In that case I would need cut outs pre cut for the arch. It would be too much of a hassel to have it done at a top shop do to measuring issues and logistics due to distance. Any premade ones out there with the arch cut outs? Thanks....GR
  5. Yup. Same issue with the cooler on mine. Also the hose has a bend in it which furthers clogs up the draining.......
  6. I have been using 30 weight oil. I seen that Volvo now using multi grade, I think 10-40. I read someplace that the thermostat needs to be upgraded to one with a higher temp. Anyone heard of that? Thanks...
  7. I am getting at least 10 mph faster on GPS. It is a Volvo, in lake and trimmed
  8. I need to re caulk around some of my air vents. Just for looks. Don't need anything for adhesion purposes. What do you guys suggest? Thanks...
  9. Great. Thanks for ideas....
  10. Thanks Joe. This has been bugging me for years....
  11. Hi guys- The air vent on the left side rear has gotten lose. The threaded plastic retaining part came off. I was able to glue in back on with stuff the factory uses. The problem is getting the nut on to secure it. It looks like the water tank is blocking the path way to get the nut on from inside the boat. Am I missing something or ? Thanks for some suggestions....
  12. Link? Thanks
  13. I agree with all of John's points. We usually have 6-10 adults with us, so we need the room. The boat can hit 55 mph without much effort, which makes it one of the faster boats on the lake. Granted the double and triple engine "go fast boats" will blow by it. I am surprised how nimble it is, even when docking. I thandles better than a 23 ft I had several years ago. You won't go wrong with it.....GR
  14. I bet he doesn't have one. Picture to prove me wrong would be great......
  15. I have had a similar problem. I cant get to the bolt to put a nut on it unless i remove the fresh water tank etc...very poor design