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  1. I almost forgot all about this thread Its been a while, lets see... I did finish up the SEI outdrive and was prepared to enjoy all of last summer worry-free, or so I thought. It turns out that the used prop I bought during my last mishap was a bonded style without the replaceable hub. Of course it decided to let go at the best possible time, fully loaded up on July 4th after watching fireworks. Needless to say that turned into a late cold & rainy night waiting for a tow. I chalk that one up to a learning experience. I bought a new mercruiser prop & a spare hub/wrench to keep on board, so I'll be prepared should such a thing happen again. Other than that it was a great summer out on the lake. I'm about ready to start doing some smaller maintenance items for this year and there are a few odds/ends I need to pick up. I'd like to get new hinge pin cap things for the drive unit, and also find a set of better looking trim rams. I could also use a new latch for the anchor door, and other misc. small items, etc.
  2. Well I reassembled the bellhousing with new shift shaft seals, now I'm on to installing the gimbal bearing. When I put the alignment bar into the coupler, the bearing ends up about 1/8th low of where it seats. If I lift up on the bar, I can press the bearing in, but then the bar is snug. Should I still go ahead and press in the bearing, or is something way off?
  3. drewm3i, I took your advice and ordered a full SEI unit (upper/lower) so I didn't have to worry about that lower this year. Most of my time lately has been using a wire brush on a rotary tool to clear oxidation from the transom part of the drive and figuring out how to rebuild the bellhousing It's been a slow process as I buy new parts/tools for each step of the way, but I'm finally getting there. I got everything coated last week so I'm hoping to start assembly this week. I sure hope it goes together correct the first time, haha The aluminum is still awfully pitted, but it'll be good enough for now. I powdercoated the bellhousing since that was removed, and have ordered new shift shaft bushings, bellows, gimbal bearing, etc etc so hopefully I don't have to do this again. The trim cylinders still look like crap, but I'll probably just replace those.
  4. Simply for the same reason I just 'covered' the interior fabrics. The boat is in rough shape in some areas, I plan to fix those spots, and do the wrap so I don't have to paint/blend the entire thing.
  5. Hey guys, its been a while, and the boat has been covered up for the winter. I'm hoping to work on the exterior of the boat this year. I had a couple mishaps where the gelcoat got damaged that I'd like to repair. My plan is to fix the chips/scratches and then just wrap the boat in vinyl for now. A new upper/lower SEI outdrive is also on the list since the mishap last year. I will update as the weather warms up and I find the motivation to get back out there...
  6. Well after lots of driving on friday, I did pick up a used lower unit for $400. I got it from a marine salvage place. He put a new impeller in it for me and gave me a new oil o-ring to go between the halves. I also picked up a 14.5 x 19P 3 blade prop from another local guy for $50. The 19P runs so much better than the 21P did. I don't really run this thing wide open across the lake, so having the extra "get up and go" was very nice. Anyway, it was a headache, and a learning experience, but at least I got to spend the past 2 days on the water! As a bonus, my speedo works now, so it must have just been clogged up in the old lower unit.
  7. Shepard, again, thank you very much!! There is a local guy who has a huge inventory of used props and sells them Al for $50, SS for $125. For the time being, I'm going to pick up something to get back on the water this weekend, and was hoping to find a decent match if possible. I will certainly look into that 14" 4 blade for later this summer!
  8. My current prop is a 14.25 x 21P. The boat moved just fine and WOT was at 4800rpms as seems it should be. If I went to a 4 blade, what pitch would I use? Also, I found a 14.5 x 21P. How does that 1/4" affect the performance?
  9. Shepard, I appreciate your input on this subject. I'm stuck at a crossroad trying to determine used assembly, used lower, New aftermarket lower or new aftermarket assembly. I think its safe to say rebuilding my current unit is out the question right now. With regards to the link you posted, buying something like that would still require disassembly for a new impeller, correct?
  10. Yes, that is another option. I'm not too familiar with where/how to find a used lower, other than craigslist, for example. I'm still new to the whole boating community. I have sent out some emails to used boat part places that I found through CL. I'm hoping I can find something local, and quick.
  11. I was thinking at the very least I'd need to pull that bearing carrier (special tool), swap the seals (or new bearing carrier), get a new bearing retainer nut, get a new shaft, new prop, new oil,etc. And all that is only good "IF" the retainer threads are still intact in the housing, which is looking unlikely. This leaves me with a functional, yet still very corroded lower unit for around $400. Or, I just order a new lower from SEI for $850 and be done.
  12. Video of runout:
  13. The SEM cleaner should work to clean the vinyl occasionally. Even after cleaning the vinyl with Dawn soap and a scrub brush, the SEM soap still managed to clean it further. With regards to the prop shaft, its bent. It appears as though when this thing was sitting most its life, it received zero attention and maintenance. I was really hoping to order a new set of bearings, a prop shaft, prop, and rebuild what I have. After digging into it, I'm not sure that's even a good idea. The unit looks like it is in too rough of shape. I'm going to start looking to replace the lower half.
  14. I haven't really investigated enough. I need to pull the prop off and put a dial indicator on it. It is bad enough to see the 'wobble' when spinning by hand. I was a little frustrated with myself and just parked the boat and decided to go back another day. I hope to check it out later this week.
  15. Drew, the drive is in terrible cosmetic shape. There is almost no paint left on it, and the anodes are almost gone! I already have an anode kit but wanted to get it in the water and see how it performed first. I will certainly be going thru it entirely this winter, though I may need to do so sooner than later if I bent the prop shaft, which its looking like. I found a guy selling 20+ props on Craigslist and he's asking $30-50 for an aluminum unit and $100ea for SS. I'm waiting to hear back what he has in Aluminum that will work for me. I think the one I just destroyed is 14.25 x 19 or 14.25 x 21.