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  1. Kaohsiungans

    Singapore Chaparral Owners - Come Come here!

    Chaparal SSX 285
  2. Kaohsiungans

    Singapore Chaparral Owners - Come Come here!

    There's a new 2014 SSX285 that just arrived to Singapore and we will post and share photos in the coming days with everyone here.
  3. For all owners of Chaparral Boats here in Singapore, come in here and share your photo albums and share your stories. Let's color-up this section in this far-corner of earth.
  4. Kaohsiungans

    Hi Everyone, i'm starting this

    Dockside Newsletter www.SGBoating.com
  5. Kaohsiungans

    Hi Everyone, i'm starting this

    Country - Singapore Nickname - Kaohsiungans My Boat - Chaparral 270
  6. Kaohsiungans

    Here's what happens.Bought

    Here's what happens. Bought a thru hull transducer for my new Garmin. Drill a hole to install the transducer which came with a rubber gasket. The rubber gasket supposed to be install inside the hull but installer have it installed outside the hull between the transducer flange and hull. Did not installed properly and boat was back onto water for 2 weeks. Found sea water seeping into engine room so haul up the boat and discover this mistake. Completely removed the transducer to have it install again the correct way but when i took out the transducer, i can water oozing out in between the cut-out of the hull. My guess is seawater have already seep into the laminate of the hull. What can i do to remove?
  7. Kaohsiungans

    Hi,We have a SiG 350 equipped with

    Hi, We have a SiG 350 equipped with a pair of CMD diesel driving a B3X (2 x 320HP). Here's what strange to us. While at the marina, no issue to start and stop the main engine of either one. We only notice we need to wait about 10 - 15 seconds after shutting down the engine before we could re-start again. Went out yesterday, anchored for a while and try to start both engine with no cranking. Genset running, battery charger charging. Boat comes with separate throttle and gear lever. Play with the gear level several times, turn the keys again and the buzzer come on which is a good sign. Started both the engine fine. Deliberately turn-off the Port engine, waited for 30 seconds, could not re-start again. Shut off the starboard, try to restart after 1 min, no joy. Gear lever was no engage all this while and engine blower running. Waited awhile, and could start again but on the starboard engine. Limp back to marina. This morning, trying start and stopping both engine, no problem. Strange. Anyone care to share? Thanks Eric