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  1. mrfixit

    Moving On

    Yes they are now a Formula service center. Hopefully we won't need too much service. The previous owner just had the pod seals done 6 months ago so we shouldn't have any major bills for a while. Heres a pic from on the way up at Charleston municipal marina.
  2. mrfixit

    delaware river

    I can remember the first season in 09' with our Chap. My Daughter had just came come from a sorority meeting in the midwest and she wanted to go out on the new boat. It was after a few days of heavy rain and while riding from Dredge Harbor to just past the turnpike bridge i counted about 20 trees and I mean TREES floating down the river. Just be careful and remember to look 100 yds in front of your boat.
  3. mrfixit

    Moving On

    Back in the early 70's growing up, my parents used to take us on vacation down the bay every year. We used to refer to #2 as belly button beach because you could walk out a decent amount and only be up to your belly button. My father at 85 only stopped boating last fall when he sold his boat and condo slip on the bohemia. 48 yrs of boating starting out with a 17' wooden Thompson and topping out with his beloved Trojen 44 FBMY(that he lost to the winter storms of 2010). His last boat was a Mainship but his heart wasn't into it like his Trojen in which he owned for 27 years.
  4. mrfixit

    Moving On

    That's the plan. Hopefully we can take some trips down to the bay this summer. My son is now working in the family business so that's what prompted me to go for a cruiser. I was able to take off 6 days to run it up from Fla. while he and my wife ran the shop. The boat was really well taken care of, kind of how we took care of ours. It's a 2010 but only had 328 hrs on her. The owner had it detailed frequently,bottom cleaned monthly and mechanically well cared for.
  5. mrfixit

    Moving On

    Thanks for the kind words. Twin 370hp volvo pods. I thought of you as we were passing stillpond 2 weeks ago. We made from portsmouth in a day. Left at 6:30am stopped for fuel at 9,lost an hr because the gas attendant overslept and pulled into Dredge Harbor at 6:15. Stopped at Sheaffers for a cheesesteak to go and kept on bogeying. Ran it up to full throttle in the canal and she topped out at 45mph with the tide. She handled the bay like a champ.
  6. mrfixit

    Moving On

    After 9 great seasons with our Chap it's time to move on. We decided to move up to a cruiser and are about to close on a Formula 40pc. Although I don't spend as much time on the forum as I used to, it's been a great place to find information and nice people to talk to and share stories with. I wanted to stay with Chaparral but I wanted a cruiser with a little more room and one that I could cruise 30 mph with. The current owner and myself brought it up from Ft Myers Florida 2 weeks ago and it was a great trip. If anyone is looking for a great 276 pm me.
  7. I have the paint codes and instructions, pm me your email address and i'll forward them to you
  8. Did you contact the mfg yourself or go through the dealer? I contacted JayKay mfg myself ,arranged everything and paid them directly.
  9. No you can not add wakeboard racks to the arch. When we modified our arch they welded backing plates inside the arch for us to screw the racks on. The bolt diameter is about a 1/2" and the arch is about an inch thick at that point.
  10. We have it on the swim platform and aisle going into the boat as of now. I have the entire boat sitting in my basement ready to go in before the season starts. Problem with the carpet is that when doing a lot of watersports its always wet.
  11. mrfixit

    Towing a 276

    You need to come east. Regular unleaded is $1.51 a gallon out here
  12. mrfixit

    Towing a 276

    I will never argue with the fact that a f250 would do a better job, but in my situation is like wingnuts. The f150 does a good enough job for how I use it. As I stated I'm extremely alert and drive cautiously. And I agree that at any given time some idiot can pull out in front of you but I try and pay attention to my surroundings as I drive and try to look ahead for that idiot that thinks he can beat you out of the side street.
  13. mrfixit

    Towing a 276

    With the max towing package i'm 1900lbs under stated capacity. With the max towing pkg I have a guage on the dash that monitors transmission temp and it has never gotton remotely close to redline. The reason I went with the 150 is because I only tow 4 times a year and never a great distance. As for the 3/4 ton, the first time i ever towed this rig was with a rented f250 from enterprise commercial. It was a gasser with the same exact engine and trans I have in mine. So it didn't really pull it any better. I'm also extremely cautious and maintain at least 3-4 car lengths of stopping distance and usually don't exceed 45-50 mph.
  14. mrfixit

    Towing a 276

    I've been towing my 08 276 ssx for 6 years now with a 2010 F150 with the max towing package. It does a good job towing but as someone stated earlier, I wouldn't use it for a long haul. I'm only going about 5 miles to the ramp twice a year and to and from my dealer for service. So the farthest I travel is about 30 miles one way. It does tow it up and over a bridge without any problems but I still don't think I would take it on a long haul. The F150 only achieves the 11500 towing capacity by using a weight distributing hitch. With one I don't need any airbags or helper springs. The torsion bars keep everything on an even plane. I went with the 150 because I didn't want the 3/4 ton ride the rest of the time. I do have a custom built triple axle aluminum trailer with bunks. Weight with the trailer is 9600lbs.I also only have surge brakes on two of the axles but I have been seriously considering an electric over hydraulic actuator.
  15. You misunderstood my post. The IBR is the best thing that's came along with personal watercraft and the handling of my son's seadoo is head and shoulders above the kawasaki. I was stating that that's the only thing that's given us reliability issues. He has 180hrs and the supercharger hasn't given us any issues whatsoever. It is probably going to be rebuilt at 200 hrs per the service manual. The older seadoos with superchargers had to be rebuilt at 100 hrs.
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