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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. She is 16. All of the kids are not into alcohol because they now if they get caught it means no HS sports. Half of the kids going out have boats and are experienced. Not doing any water sports today so that is helpful. She put together a well thought out list for me and her to review on what to do pre-launch, launching, while out on the water and bringing the boat back into the slip.
  2. I have finally given into the pressure and today will be my teenage daughter's first time taking the boat out alone. She and six friend will hopefully have a fun and safe time on Lake Minnetonka. Temp is supposed to be in the mid 90's with a slight wind. She is a very responsible young woman and has been co-captain since she was 10, but I will still be on pins and needles the enitre day.
  3. Yes they do make snaps with a larger screw and the same size snap. Our marina has fixed a few of these for us in the past using the larger screw. Jim
  4. I am a member and it is great organization. As Don mentioned above, there are a lot of opportunities to socialize. However, the main emphasis is on educating others on safe boating. Before you become a member you will need to take and pass the safe boating course. As Don indicated you will need to commit to volunteering. In order to receive access to the island you need to earn a Merit Mark. This can be done in a number of ways. For example. Next weekend I will be at one of the public boat launches for a couple of hours on Sat/Sun providing information on safe boating. This time will be credited toward my Merit Mark for 2012. Also, I just finished putting together and presenting a class with another member to a elementary school where we taught K-5 graders about boating and safety. The Squadron has a lot of pre-planned events like working the boat show (a favorite for most) helping in parades, Docks in/out each season, maintaining the island etc. They also put on a number of social events each season. Contact me if you have more questions. Jim
  5. dcjbarnes

    327 SSX

    Delaney, congratulations on your new toy. Please keep us updated on how she handles on Lake Michigan. We recently sold our sig 270 and will be looking for something new this winter. trying to figure out if we want a cruiser or a large open bow that we can board and tube behind. Again, congrats on the new addition to the family. Jim
  6. Don, congratulations on the quick sale. I hope you find what you are looking for either with the 327, 330 or something else. We will see you on the water soon. I am already trying to figure out what our next one will be. Got on a 310 this past weekend. It was nice, but has some issues i would have to overcome or alter. Keep us posted. Jim
  7. I just wanted to send out a note thanking everyone for all of the help and advice over the past few years. On Friday we decided to list our boat for sale and on Saturday we had an offer that we accepted. With two girls in soccer year round and all of the other things going on in our life we felt that we were not getting out as much as we would like for the all of the costs (both deer and time) that is involved in owning a boat. We fully intend to be back at some point with another boat. Until then I know I will continue to read all of your posts. Have a great rest of the summer all. Jim
  8. Beautiful looking Sig. You are going to have a great time with her.
  9. How about declining the boat and asking the dealer if they have a demo or dealer owned boat you could use until your new, new boat is delivered? Jim
  10. dcjbarnes

    Lonely Chap

    Don, are you at Wayzata Marine? I won't be able to play for a few more weeks. Too much going on. We need to conect this year. Jim
  11. Keep in mind that the older 270 signature's helm seat swivels 180 degrees to give you space and versatility. I am not sure about the new 270 or the older 250's. Jim
  12. We used to have a Sunesta 236 and loved every minute we spent on it. We had a basic porta potty and it got used all the time. The potty was one of the main reasons we upgraded from a 183 SS. We have girls so it got used a lot. I basically took it home when needed and dumped it in the toilet and took it outside to clean up in the yard with a hose. If someone went #2 it automatically came home at the end of the day. If it was just #1 it would depend on how full it was and how long since the last time we emptied and cleaned it. This allowed us to stay on the water all day and not have to deal with "Daddy, I have to go potty" which would result in pulling up anchor and figuring out where the nearest bathroom was. As others have said, the bigger the boat, the better the ride and bigger engines always are welcome. Jim
  13. Dave, we have a 2008 270, which is just shy of 2 feet longer than the one you are considering. In 2010 they renamed the 250 to the 270 to reflect its true LOA and stopped making the previous 270. You would have basically the same layout as ours if you choose the optional layout. We have enjoyed our 270. We primarily keep it slipped on a larger lake in MN, but once a year we take a trip with it to either Superior or the St. Croix/Mississippi River. The 8.6 beam allows us to trailer without worrying about obtaining any special permits. We are a family of four (girls 9, 13) and they have a blast on the boat. We were worried that when we traded up to the Signature that they would get bored easily and would not want to come out on the boat any more. That has not happened yet. They love to bring friends out and go tubing or just anchor out and play with all the water toys. It is also great for over-nighting. We belong to the Minnetonka Power Squadron and they own 9 acres on an island on our lake with docks, shorepower, shelters and most importantly permanent bathrooms with showers. We spend a few weekends each summer out there. Bottom line is you can't go wrong with this boat. Good luck Jim
  14. I agree with the others. You will soon fin yourself wishing for the extra two feet. We started with a 183ss and within 2 years upgraded to a 236 Sunesta. We are on a large lake in MN with 2-3 foot chop on the weekends. The difference was incredible. I should tell you the one reason we moved up is we were coming out of a no-wake zone and another boat was coming in. His wake rolled over our bow and the whole family was drenched in water that was about 60 degrees. Was not hard after that to convince my wife that if we are going to continue boating, we need something bigger. Good luck. Jim
  15. Webbie, in the 310 photo gallery of the Chap Web site the photo for "Cockpit Storage" has copy that says 330. You may want to change that.
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