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  1. How much did that set you back? Looks great!
  2. I like the idea of doing it on the dock so the water drains thru - good add! Right now I’ve been doing on the concrete driveway and the water just sort of pools so I don’t think I’m getting as clean as I’d like.
  3. Thanks! That’s a good idea, I thought about putting into the washing machine but I have those front loading high efficiency washers and it tears up our clothes on the regular....I would lose it completely if it tore up my canvases but checking into a local laundromat is a great idea
  4. I am on north end of Lanier and have always winterized.....not this year, and of course it just so happened to be the coldest winter we’ve seen so far in GA. I did let the water drain out of all the plugs into the bilge and I have used the lightbulb in the engine compartment too. I went out Friday night and everything was fine. Started right up. I’m tempted to never spend $280 bucks again to winterize and then have to wait for the rush at the marina to unwinterize before we can go out. I think the water does provide the extra warmth. But only to a point. Just have to keep an eye on temps and if the lake surface starts to freeze then you will most certainly have a problem but has lake Lanier ever froze over?
  5. Lake Lanier offers the most variety of all the lakes in GA, whatever you are looking for you can find it. Quiet calm spots, to huge raft ups, restaurants, guitars, tiki bars.... jumping rocks, rope swings....fishing too
  6. Why can’t we post here? Seems like a great place to support each other....
  7. That’s helpful on the carpets! I appreciate it, I have been using Dawn on the canvases, I will try it on the carpets now too. We have a two year old - so I notice the drips from her cups/snacks from last season have turned into dark stains now.... fun!
  8. I was curious if anyone out there had a proven routine for getting the boat ready in the spring. I leave my 264 Sunesta in the water all year under cover but it still gets coated with pollen. I usually strip everything out of the boat, all canvases, carpet, cockpit pillows, head towels, microfiber cloths, life jackets and take home for a good wash. Anyone have some good suggestions for cleaning sunbrella canvases, and the boat carpets? Right now I am just using the home carpet steam cleaner on the carpets and laying the canvases on the driveway and hosing off and scrubbing with pole brush with soap, spraying off and using the 303 protection when it dries....it’s always a bear of a job so if anyone has a better faster way I’m all ears. As as far as the boat interior I usually just spray everything down and go over floors with the same pole brush and then microfiber towel everything else with the 303 cleaner.
  9. i have seen a few sunestas with the lettering across the back of the swim platform. obviously pretty short letters but it worked....
  10. Chap243 I really appreciate this advice/guidance. I will print this out and take with me to the boat to work on. It wouldn't surprise me if it is the inverter. I have one under the port side seating storage area and also one mounted in the ski locker well. I have noticed that the one in the ski locker well doesn't seem to be working, so I can probably fiddle with that a bit first.
  11. So your grill works??? You're kidding me!! Everything I read was that it was an issue straight from the manufacturer, it killed a battery in like 15 miniutes and so I have not even spent any time trying to diagnose yet....you are giving me hope!!! What kind of stuff are you grilling? Anything that takes longer than 15 minutes?
  12. Hello, I was curious if anyone has decided to remove the Kenyon electric grill (that apparently never worked right)? If so, what did you replace it with? I see some models for sale that do not have the grill had some form of a stainless steel looking reset sink? Does anyone know where that can be purchased? Any other cool options out there? Do not want to have a big whole in the wet bar and am getting a little tired of having to look at a grill that is "for show" only....haha. Thanks!
  13. The north end is much more tame.....less traffic less chop. Don't let that secret out though
  14. Congrats Smasch! Gonna be a great year on Lanier! Let's hope these gas prices stay down!
  15. Bought my 2010 264 sunesta in July last year..my first boat. Was just starting to get the hang of things and then the season was over....can't wait to get it going again. Any suggestions for when it's safe to get it ready to run again? Thanks!
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