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  1. Mine came with the Bimini and front wind screen. I have been caught in the rain a few times. Both times we just kept going and most of the rain went around the cockpit area. Met a fellow member that sold his 256, and had the curtains for-sale. When I went to put them on in the drive, all the zippers were going the wrong way. Off to my canvas guy I go, he gives me a dirty look. Says by the time I take of all the zippers off and reattach redo the snaps. I could have had a new set made. (@sshole tax coming). He didn't though. Still was about 700 bucks. I've only had it up once since then. Moral of the story; if you want to sleep on your boat or boat in cooler weather, find a local canvas shop. Get ready to spend 1500-2500 for it. .
  2. I always fold it stern to bow. That way I can lay it over the bow then unfold it to the stern. I have to kneel on the port dash to reach it to pull it over the windshield. Placing the polls as I go, 2 in the cockpit none in the bow. It's one of those this you have to play with, to see what works for you. One doesn't nessesary have to use everything they give you. .
  3. Winter storage down, summer up. .
  4. Welcome to the group..... You should have at least one starting battery, the other is up to you. I carry 2 starting batteries. .
  5. The guys that have them say they work just fine. Not a 50+mph boat but gets into the high 40s. .
  6. Did you open the hatch up? .
  7. I meet a few guys in LOTO this year that sold their bowriders and bought pontoons. More room and they ride better, they say. But I saw a few pontoons taking a pounding on the lake, so you cant tell me they ride smoother. .
  8. I would start keeping the trailer locked. And look for a new place to park it. .
  9. Couple of interesting ones in there. .
  10. I use 1/2 staples, I also picked up an upholstery stapler. Goes real fast. Sometimes I just go over the old stuff. .
  11. I was woundering about that. A saw some on a pontoon trailer a the guy said the boat slides right off. Good for aluminum not so good for plastic. .
  12. Well it has all the things I would want, Pump-out, 8.1, CC. Your buddy says it looks ok. Wait for the survey. .
  13. Man thats a good find.... .
  14. it's not a prop issue. Has the carb been rebuilt? .
  15. You'll be fine with the 6.2, as stated above. And f its in mint condition. Go For It, IMO. Welcome to the group....