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  1. The color transition is smooth on mine. It's only shows at the very end at the stern on mine. From what has been said the fading might be the bigger concern. .
  2. Most of those holes the at the helm are the same 21/8. .
  3. This is a tough one, How hard/easy is it to get to those items? .
  4. I went with 12x12 Lenco's. .
  5. I got a chance to drive one, smooooooooooooooth. You'll like it. Thanks for the ride Steve. .
  6. Welcome to the group...... Nice boat...
  7. Is it to late to root for the Eagles... .
  8. I agree, The guys who have had the 320 hp motors say they work just fine. I waited 8 years to long to add trim tabs, they are a Must for this boat. If it doesn't have them get them, makes the boat act so much better. .
  9. What size boat are you planning on buying?
  10. My boats 10 years old I change the impeller every 3 years, every one one I've changed looks like the one I put in. No need to carry an extra, IMO. Fenders I carry 4, I added Taco Marine fender clips just in front of the midship cleat. I wil be adding another set aft. .
  11. Dock lines; I carry 2 different colors, Gold ones are 15' the white ones are 25 or 30'. That way I can grab the right length for the task. 3/8 or 1/2 both work your choice. A basic 80 pc tool set should be fine, a pump-out fitting, Crescent wrench, screw drivers, Allen set. After you get the boat get your nut-driver set out and check every hose clamp. There are stories of one being loose somewhere. I carry a qt of engine oil never opened it, I also carry a qt of out-drive gear lube, this I have used, ask the dealer to give you one. As for the Vacuflush use with RV paper, we have one and never regretted it. I leave the switch ON at all times. The only time it gets turned off is when the master battery switch is off. .
  12. Haaaaa......Jason has Joe's 256 wipple Kinda laying low with the "Jason2130" handle secrets out now, upload a picture..... .
  13. Nice....... .
  14. Sounds like you might have hit something last summer. OPTION 1;You can take your props to your local dealer to have them sent to a prop shop. OPTION 2 you could just find a prop shop yourself. .
  15. Pretty Plane....... .