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  1. I think your right, no moderaters. Sad... .
  2. VP has announced it will stop making Seven Marine Outboards, it there a market for an 600 hp outboard?
  3. Very interesting...
  4. Well, if you have the time why not! But the real problem would be the transom. Engineering it to hold the weight of two OB's will be the problem. As most of the weight off an IO is inside the hull. Send pictures if/when you get going.
  5. How are the politics their? Do they play nice?
  6. I saw a guy behind a 35 footer once...... .
  7. The stuff that keeps your ride from sinking. The exhuast tubes to the outdrive will still be used and you'll just have more stuff in the way after the CC is installed. . .
  8. I'm gonna have to keep it under 30 feet........... .
  9. Well after some debat I relended, Happy wife happy life.
  10. We have made a few road-road trips but that was when the kids were younger. But after a while we settled to just one area, we found it nice to meet up with the ne freinds every year. .
  11. I always had an extra set at home in the basement. Not to change them out but to just have just in case. As others have said if you hit some that hard that chews up the props it's a fifty-fifty shot your drive might be damaged. Twice I hit a submerged object and that chewed up the props pretty bad but the out drive was ok. I could be on the water while they were out for repair. Ebay was my referred shopping site, over the winter and size smaller. .
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