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  1. There is not a way to change it. We all found ths out a few years back, when the "First Sea Lord" moved to another location and couldn't move his Name. But he started over, so when "Shepard" speaks we all listen..... .
  2. I also was / is a big fan of this model. But as MS has said, not having a counter and sink was a problem for me on the base model. When I asked the rep at the boat show, he stated that the research showed that there wasn't all that much interest in it. The sink in the 256 was one of the reasons I liked it. Along with the easy access to the engine and head. I like it for the easy access to the engine and size of the head. Still looking. .
  3. I'm older just half will be enough.... .
  4. That's a heavy boat with the base motor, but if all your doing is cruising around you should be fine. Water sports not so much. It really needs a 375hp. Keep looking IMO. m
  5. On a cruiser I would definitely get a survey to many things to go wrong, but on a twenty footer, Never. Finding a manufacturer, model and age range is the first part which you have done. Most boat owners are "Very Anal" so they take care off them. Your looking at premium brand boat builder, they build the hull, another does the motor, and others do the rest. The builder just puts it all together. If you look at a boat and just look into every nook and cranny you'll know if its been well cared for. If it's dirty not waxed or cleaned you know it could or could not be worth it. On a boat with more than 200 hours on it I'd have a mechanic look at the motor and outdrive. My first used one was at a dealer he took a deposit (1000). The second used one was from a private seller he didn't take a deposit, I water tested both. The second boat we agreed on a price over a phone call. Gave him a certified check, when I picked it up the next day. My last two Used boats had less tan 70 hours on them when I bought them, Never had a major problem. m
  6. Merry Ho Ho Still looking for my next Boat Boat..... m
  7. Well back in the day; I would pull the batteries, put them on the charger on the 2ah setting. Charge for 24 hours then put them in the basement. In the spring I would do the same, then reinstall. My originals lasted 10 years, Interstates. .
  8. Hey, I've seen hulls' with 2 stamps on the back, on for the hull and another for the top. As the yacht certified issue I would guess that when Chap did the boat they weren't sure. For a boat to be "Yacht Certified" it has to be 26' or more. Also, if the boat is over 26' it has to have 2 fire extinguishers. The halon in the engine counts as one but it needs another. I mounted another under the helm seat. On a side note, I have had 2 USCGA inspections a few DNR ones also; neither caught the registration that said 25 foot boat and yacht certified plaque. Cant happen, The original dealer registered it wrong. .
  9. Holy Crap.....Phil.... How is/has the Admiral on Lincoln Lake been? .
  10. You gonna have to find the closest dealer to order one. But if thats not an option I'd check other manufacters in the area. "Good Day" Are we 'wintering' now? .
  11. It's the purple wire in the harness. .
  12. The only picture I have handy of a strap from the eye to the trailer frame( It's the yellow strap w/ 10000# rating). Just remember the winch is rated at 1200 to 1500 pounds the boat weighs in around 5-to 6 thousand. Its there to guide the boat on the trailer from the water. Not there to keep it on the trailer when one has to stop.
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