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  1. Thanks to all who have and are...... The VFW is having a private ceremony for my wives' Uncle on Monday. Fifty Year Anniversary a USN Aviator. .
  2. Ok, A couple items to check off. Spark plugs; Every three years. If they haven't been changed do so. You'll notice the difference in power. AC-Delco's work fine. IMO Impeller; Every three years. Trim tabs; If it doesn't have them, get them. Makes this 26 footer act like a 28 footer. .
  3. Ugly....... .
  4. Close enough, Just pull them off every year so they don't cease to the spline. .
  5. Welcome to the group..... .
  6. Give Travis a call at TT Custom Marine. Here's thier FB Page. .
  7. I never unhook the winch, untill the boat in the water and started, then unhook. .
  8. Illinois needs all the cash for Madigans Buddies..... .
  9. Thats it, no need to read any farther.... .
  10. Do you have the oval ones, then I think they just pop-off with a Screwdriver. .
  11. Is your bottom painted? If not you should pull it out every week to clean the bottom off. No more than 10 days, IMO. .
  12. Teach the wife to drive the boat......... I always start the boat in the drive before every trip. Then load all the coolers an stuff, put plug it (I aways tape it to the helm). While waiting in line, uncover boat load all the passengers. Launch boat wife stays offshore a few hundred feet, I park the rig. She pulls up and picks me up off we go. Teach the wife to drive the boat......... Never yell, be prepared for others to be a lot less courteous. .
  13. Lenco 12x12 should fit right there, 11" should be OK. I did mine 12" off that mark. .
  14. When was te last time you changed the spark plugs? .