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  1. Toddler

    best aluminium 4 blade 4x20 prop

    The're good, I always had the Merc Alpha 4 on my last boat. Worked great. .
  2. Toddler

    prop selection help

    Good choice...... .
  3. Toddler

    Bow Cooler

    I use my bow cooler as a empty can cooler. Empty it at the dock. .
  4. Toddler

    Help me make the right boat choice

    Engine wise it's powered just fine. As for 4'chop, it will bet you up. IMO I've been out in 4-5s' and it's work with mine. .
  5. Toddler

    Thru Hull Exhaust Water Leak...help pls

    I would loosen the bolts (screws) on the fixture and the clamps, pull it out a bit. Clean off the hull and exhaust fitting. Reseal it using 3m 5200 or 4200. .
  6. Toddler

    Battery dead after 4 weeks non use

    Simple answer after all this is YES, you have to turn it off. Mine sits for weeks and it still starts because the master is OFF. .
  7. Toddler

    Cleat fell off - 2006 255 SSI

    The Cleat fell off? But its not in the environment.
  8. Toddler

    Getting back into a Chaparral -- need some guidance

    I would never spend over 20k on something I haven't seen or touched. It would be worth the plane ride. Now if its a steal then mayby 15k. .
  9. Toddler

    Dockmaster/Handler training

    Plan A; Get a job at the local marina....... Plan B; Take up golf and be a starter. .
  10. Toddler

    Cleat fell off - 2006 255 SSI

    Have you tried Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001O0DKM0/ref=sxts_k2p-hero-vn_tr_2?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&amp;pf_rd_p=3338417525430323799&amp;pd_rd_wg=bpDKy&amp;pf_rd_r=N9J270E8V259WDF7GFMK&amp;pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-top-slot&amp;pf_rd_t=301&amp;pd_rd_i=B001O0DKM0&amp;pd_rd_w=KC2Gd&amp;pf_rd_i=pop+up+cleat&amp;pd_rd_r=bf02ab47-cb4b-429e-a30f-48b9e16d3b31&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1528919974&amp;sr=2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001O0DKM0/ref=sxts_k2p-hero-vn_tr_2?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&amp;pf_rd_p=3338417525430323799&amp;pd_rd_wg=bpDKy&amp;pf_rd_r=N9J270E8V259WDF7GFMK&amp;pf_rd_s=desktop-sx-top-slot&amp;pf_rd_t=301&amp;pd_rd_i=B001O0DKM0&amp;pd_rd_w=KC2Gd&amp;pf_rd_i=pop+up+cleat&amp;pd_rd_r=bf02ab47-cb4b-429e-a30f-48b9e16d3b31&amp;ieUTF8&amp;qid=1528919974&amp;sr= < 2 min. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/chaparral-pull-up-cleat-6-with-logo/ 3 mins .
  11. Toddler

    2012 287 SSX BLOWER MOTORS

    Really in order to suck out, it also creats a vacuum. Fresh air in........... .
  12. Toddler

    2012 287 SSX BLOWER MOTORS

    Also if the wire is loose, the blowers will not work. .
  13. Toddler

    Broken A with bird

    Give Joe a call at Cecil Marine. Welcome to the group..... .
  14. Toddler

    Running Mercruiser Out of Water

    Running the motor with out water not good, but its a 50/50 chance it might be good. Lower it back into the water and start it. Let it warm up and run for 5-10 minutes. If it stays at your normal engine temp, you should be ok. If it starts running warmer than normal, You'll need to have the impeller changed. .
  15. Toddler

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    Well there you have it 5 good answers. .