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  1. Irish sping, never used it. kinda makes me wounder why I waited so long to get merried. I guess I smelled good.....
  2. I would go with 12x12s but those will work. The farther out will be better. They do make shorter pistons. .
  3. We started staying down by Linn Creek and Camdenton. It's not as bad as Osage Beach area. Still plenty of restaurants to drive or boat too. .
  4. I always used moth balls never ever had a problen....16 years. Even in the summer when not in use. .
  5. Toddler

    2021 267 SSX OB

    I would Never add ballast to my boat to level a list. Thats what Trim tabs are for. One can always move gear around to ballance a little list. Just have Cyclops to move over........ .
  6. I agree with Phillbo, It's only marine plywood and with padding over marine vinyl. One can get the padding and vinyl at Joanne fabrics. .
  7. More than likely they are 3". The Toddler had 3' ones. .
  8. I did speaker rings on mine. They did turn the cockpit a pretty blue. They were pretty bright I'd turn them off at night when driving.
  9. When I look at boats the first thing I look at is access to the engine area. I was at the Chicago boat show one year looked at a boat with literally no access to the 4 of the plugs. The sales rep says "Why do you care you don't have to do it", really " I have to pay the @sshole Tax to work on it". Thats why I'm not a big fan of the SSx models with the side walk through.. Sorry .
  10. When I needed to work on mine, I would unhook the lift and prop it up. Gives one more room. You do have to disconect the drains to the lid.
  11. I'm going to guess that going slowly and possibly having the center window of the bow closed, could of been a facter. Remember back in the day, the back window of station wagons (MV) could open, that why thay don't now. Sad.... m
  12. I replaced both of those doors with 1/2" Starboard. Using the doors themselves as templates. .
  13. I've seen a lot of these with a front Bimini, in the dessert. Shade is good when its 110*. .
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