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  1. Great review of the boats....It's amazing how different these 2 are. .
  2. Nice, Welcome back... .
  3. Go for it....... .
  4. mmmmmmm Do I see anoffer in the making .
  5. That will really kill a summer....... .
  6. Use it on my phone in the ozarks all he time at Night works great. .
  7. Nice boat. I have interstate starting batteries in mine. You should leave the battery switch on the BAT#1 when starting and cruising. Then turn it to BAT#2 when sitting. The switch is setup to charge Bat #1 then Bat#2 after Bat #1 is charged. You can run and start on Bat#2 but it will only charge Bat#2 in that spot. Not recomended to use Both position. Also You can use the jump ports to raise the deck if the batteries are dead. By hook a jump pack to those turn switch to Bat#1 raise the deck. .
  8. Welcome to the group...... Go with the smart tabs they acually work on boats your size. .
  9. If you don't want to spend a lot of doe. Go to your local RV store they can set you up, so its level. Just make sure its rated for your trailer weight. .
  10. Welcome to the group..... .
  11. I use these small bungie straps on the bimini keeps it all snugged up. Amazon and Menards have them. .
  12. If that part is like mine, its made out of 'StarBoard'. Can you use a router? If you can find someone near you that has one to use as a template. .
  13. Yah Buddy........ .
  14. Get them..... +3 .