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  1. Toddler

    Engine size

    Well it all depends on if your looking at a Merc (Big Block) or a VP(small Block). There's a few pounds of weight difference between them. The 380 will be fine IMO. But it's your doe.....
  2. Toddler

    Engine size

    You know you can stop and Pee in the water......
  3. Toddler

    mooring cover lining replacement

    Find a local canvas shop, they'll be able to make you a new set-up. Calling Taylormade is just a waste of time. .
  4. Toddler

    Underwater Lights 275 SSi

    I put mine in the extended transom aout 6" below the waterline. You can see the results below. .
  5. Toddler

    Daily Commute Via Boat On Potomac River?

    Man what a life, walk out and destress with a boat ride home. On your own boat. Sound like your half way to retirement...... Land is one thing but what are the options for a slip in VA? .
  6. Toddler

    vinyl or carpet?

    Seadeck comes in sheets you could just cut it yourself and install it. .
  7. Toddler

    exploding Window

    Call dealer first, then insurance carrier. .
  8. Toddler

    VacuFlush In-Line Filter

    Mine doesn't either......
  9. I perfur to brake it often......
  10. Toddler

    What color to buy?

    PS. I'm a little partial to Blue....
  11. Toddler

    What color to buy?

    It's your doe But.......... They all look good on and off the water. You still have to wax them, colored sides show water spots more than white. Now if you plan on trailering, I would never get a colored gelcoat below the water-line. Putting it on and off the trailer will leave small scratches in the hull were it slides on and off the trailer. Also rocks and stuff will put little dings in the gelcoat. .
  12. Toddler

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    That's were we go..... Rick they do make a difference... Its real nice at the upper end of LOTO, when you're always slowing for big waves. But its his boat he can add them or not.
  13. Toddler

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    He was very helpful to a lot guys here, and probibly on other forums too. RIP. ,
  14. Toddler

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    I drop them down when I start out but retract them after I'm on plane. At slow speeds one can stay on plan. I also use them to level the boat. IMO, it seemed to Me they added 2 feet of running serface. .