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  1. 175 bucks doesn't seem so bad. Is it marine vinyl or some light weight material. .
  2. Welcome to the group...... .
  3. I'd also recommend a custom one. But others have had good luck with store bought semi custom ones. If your in a rush have it srink waped for the trip. .
  4. Nicely done....... .
  5. I waited a long time to add them. Just didn't seem to think it would make that much of a difference. WRONG...... After I added them, the boat handles ten times better. If your new ride doesn't have them not a biggie, use it for a season then add them. .
  6. That picture below was on my iPhone... .
  7. Holly Crap...... This sucks. Well I hope your walking away. Or they're paying for the replacement. .
  8. I just load mine to the Gallery.. .
  9. Nice ........ I might play golf this week if it gets above 45F........ Enjoy your Summer. .
  10. Paul, What boat do you have? .
  11. Its amazing how this little fix makes the engine run better. .
  12. Welcome to the group...... Stan....... .
  13. Brick, thats a shame that your dealer closed. Did you by any chance find out were your favorite mechanic went? .
  14. More than likely you'll need to check them, split one side if you see any blockage order a new set. .