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  1. Toddler

    I found stuff in my bilge that I don't recognize...

    Just stuff.....Nothing to worry about. .
  2. Toddler

    Overtemp Alarm - 8.1 Seacore

    Al is this the Salt water boat? If so you might want to pull one risser off to see what it looks like. .
  3. Toddler

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    Most of the video's I've seen on youtube and others. The Captains seem to have a lot of open water experience. Once one cannot see land its pretty intimidating. "what was I thinking" . My wife gets a little uneasy out on Lake Michigan when I get 5 miles out and we still can see land. It's on my bucket list but after I get the 30'er. .
  4. Toddler

    New owner

    New boat survey waist of doe IMO. Its New. If the dealer is good he'll stand behind what ever you find after a few trips. Boats are hand made one at a time, you might find a nut or screw some were that was dropped, and not picked up. You also might find a loose screw or clamp, just tighten it don't sweat it. Welcome to the group. .
  5. Toddler

    Lake Powell advice

    We were there a few years back, my only regret is that we didn't do a little hiking. Boating Lake Powell is amazing, but renting a 20'er wouldn't be my first choice. Philbo's suggesting of the tour boat seems to be the better option if you want to see the canyons around the lake. Take time to plan a few hiking trips. .
  6. Toddler

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    Your "Bill of Sale" should have the serial number of the engine. Call your local shop they should be able to contact Merc/VP to get the original setup for your boat. Motor HP, Outdrive Gear Ratio and Prop Pitch. .
  7. Toddler

    Time for bellows?

    My drive gets pulls every few years, I still have the originals.
  8. Toddler

    Possible air intake valve ?

    You didn't mention what engine you have. But it does sound like what mine would do but keep running. Easy fix thou. .
  9. Toddler

    Fun time in Florida (Pics)

    Nice pictures TP. .
  10. Toddler

    replacement parts for 290 signature

    If you're looking to replace or repair some upholstery find a local upholstery / canvas shop. .
  11. Toddler

    Upgrading Audio

    I have JL speakers way better than the originals, So good I just keep prolonging the stereo upgrade. But when I do it will be a Fusion unit. I did install a Fusion Bluetooth unit, use my phne for music.
  12. Toddler

    I'm Outa Here...

    You've done some serious boating 650 + hours in four years. Safe Travels .
  13. Toddler

    Whipple pcm calibration

    An old friend put a wipple on a 8.2, he ended up sending the ECM to wipple to have it reprogramed. .
  14. Toddler

    Merc 8.2 impeller change instructions

    I usually wait for 3 years...... My first one was 4 years and 180 hrs. First time I did it, it took two of us 3 1/2 hrs. I've been able to get it done by myself in less than 1 1/2. Every three years. We watched a lot of video on it but its a pain the first time. .
  15. Toddler

    Merc 8.2 impeller change instructions

    How many hours? .