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  1. Toddler

    New trailer advice please

    I have one on my rig. You just have to do the research, they can't be rigid if you have surge brakes. So the tongue can move forward and back. .
  2. Toddler

    Windless anchor for a 276 ssx

    That looks nice!! How much cuttng did you have to do to the bow for the roller? .
  3. Toddler

    Is the hull really not covered?

    Hairline cracks, I think everyone has them sometimes they just appear and other times its owner abuse. As long as they are smooth not to much to worry about. I have a couple from both, sad to say. .
  4. Repo boat sellers.... .
  5. Toddler

    Winterizing a 496

    No, no need to wait for engine thermostat to open, as the antifreeze only goes threw the heat exchanger, then out. .
  6. Toddler

    Bravo 3 not engaging - Can I get some help?

    This is a biggy, Bravo's need to have the engines running when one puts them in gear, Alpha's don't. .
  7. Toddler

    Winterizing a 496

    When the shop does mine, they just run antifreeze threw it. It takes a while for it to get threw the heat exchanger. The air inlet on the heat exchanger blows out the two little lines to the impeller housing. .
  8. Toddler

    Chaparral boat for sale. 256

    Evrything is, It's just the timing IMO. Mine could be for the right number....... .
  9. Toddler

    Space under dash

    Welcome to the Group....... .
  10. Toddler

    Painted trailer and salt water

    Well back to our main Question...... First question is your trailer frame tube or channel? Tube would be harder to rinse than a channel. A new trailer for a 20 year-old set-up might be a better option. But than again is it going to be worth it. You seem to have a pretty good handle on this boating thing, from what I've read. I started planning a trip to the keys a few years back. Since I've towed the Toddler to AZ why not FL. But after looking into it I decided it would be easier to rent a boat than to tow it. IMO rent one the first trip, then make a decision. A lot of local knowlage can be gained from the local rental guy, first time out. What FL not LOTO.........We've toyed with the LOTO thing but decided not to. We just started looking into FL near FT Myers, Venice area, where did you end up buying? Why?
  11. Toddler

    Vessel View Mobile

    Yes we did...........After numerous calls to Fond Du Lac, the guys at both ends figured it out. It ended up being the master 50Amp fuse on top of the motor. Because all the fault codes it was sending to the app and their monitor where erroneous. Way back when Merc had been supplied with a batch of bad fuses that had a Yellow reset button, that were faulty. When I started having this problem the first question was about the master fuse reset button color.They ended up switching out those with the "Red button" fuse, well mine had a red one. So they assumed it was something else, they ended up checking every sensor on the motor and found nothing a miss. They switched out that fuse and it seems to be fine. I ran it in the drive for about 30 minutes and it ran fine. Detailed it, winterized the head and water system and put it back in the barn. I'l winterized the motor next month. .
  12. Toddler

    Help with vacuflush and fresh water winterizing plans

    I just use what ever I have in my hand at the time. Sparkle, Srubbing Bubbles. Its important to leave fluid in the bowl, it will evaporate over the winter, as you dewinterize it you'll add water to the system. Then just clean it again. .