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  1. Nice job. Ben I've thinking about redoing mine but.......... Still thinking. Thanks for another idea. .
  2. Glad to here you found another guy. My guess is that removing the top would save time and permit costs, as it would be over size wide and over size tall with the top on. .
  3. Looks nice. Welcome to the group.. .
  4. Do you have an "XR" Bravo 1 or Bravo 3? .
  5. man thats close......... Let me guess, It's a forrest preserve and you have no control. .
  6. Boattrader or Criags List. .
  7. I dont carry the old one, if you change it on a regular basis. No need. .
  8. I took mine off in October when it was 45* outside. Used a heat gun on low, boat was cold once the tape got warm it can right off. .
  9. Simple answer, is yes. .
  10. Just get your tape measure out. .
  11. If there isn't one there, then I would have one installed there. .
  12. My shop always leaves a qt with the boat after they change the drive fluid. I asked why the first time he stated "It saves phone call". It's aways a down a little in the spring, easy fix if there a small bottle in the boat. .
  13. I got out Yesterday...........54* no sun, no wind. Shot an 91 with 4 sevens so I think it was a good day.