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  1. I carry one. Even with this 6000lb boat it works. Either sitting on the bow or the stern. Its will work in a pinch. .
  2. Why? Whats wrong with the transon hook? .
  3. No, more than likely they are to tight. When I've run new stuff on mine I just ran it along with the others. .
  4. NO......... .
  5. I'm not all thet bad anymore, I just got back from FL golfing for a week. .
  6. What are you towing and how much does it weight? The tongue weight should be approximately 10% of the total trailer weight. .
  7. The color transition is smooth on mine. It's only shows at the very end at the stern on mine. From what has been said the fading might be the bigger concern. .
  8. Most of those holes the at the helm are the same 21/8. .
  9. This is a tough one, How hard/easy is it to get to those items? .
  10. I went with 12x12 Lenco's. .
  11. I got a chance to drive one, smooooooooooooooth. You'll like it. Thanks for the ride Steve. .
  12. Welcome to the group...... Nice boat...
  13. Is it to late to root for the Eagles... .
  14. I agree, The guys who have had the 320 hp motors say they work just fine. I waited 8 years to long to add trim tabs, they are a Must for this boat. If it doesn't have them get them, makes the boat act so much better. .
  15. What size boat are you planning on buying?