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  1. .
  2. Were do I sign up? .
  3. I just started uploading pictures to the gallery. .
  4. I have an encloser but haven't used it all that much. I'm a Holiday Inn kind-a guy, so is The Admiral. .
  5. First what type and engine? Salt water or fresh water? .
  6. Nice....... .
  7. Sounds like Chap is going to make it right, threw the dealer. I'll bet that fiberglass guy isn't working there now......... .
  8. I'm agree, sound like a bad pump. .
  9. Do to the nature of the beast, One never gets all the old oil out. Its always been that way, like it or not. Sucking it out usually leaves a quart or less in the pan. I was always under the impression that the fill mark meant add a quart. .
  10. Mine's warped a little..... No big deal. IMO .
  11. Try this, there is a plug (about the size of your big trailer plug) towards the rear of he engine that connects everything together. Give it a wiggle and push it together tight. This happened to me just after I got mine. After talking to my guy about it he suggested that try this first and it worked. .
  12. On what hull? .
  13. 218 there must be a legal fee in there somewhere. .
  14. It's only about 3/8 's of an inch curve, No need to shime. The mounting plate will adapt to the curve and not hinder the tabs. I would question the guy installing them......Most boats dont have flat transoms.