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  1. Most of those holes the at the helm are the same 21/8. .
  2. This is a tough one, How hard/easy is it to get to those items? .
  3. I went with 12x12 Lenco's. .
  4. I got a chance to drive one, smooooooooooooooth. You'll like it. Thanks for the ride Steve. .
  5. Welcome to the group...... Nice boat...
  6. Is it to late to root for the Eagles... .
  7. I agree, The guys who have had the 320 hp motors say they work just fine. I waited 8 years to long to add trim tabs, they are a Must for this boat. If it doesn't have them get them, makes the boat act so much better. .
  8. What size boat are you planning on buying?
  9. My boats 10 years old I change the impeller every 3 years, every one one I've changed looks like the one I put in. No need to carry an extra, IMO. Fenders I carry 4, I added Taco Marine fender clips just in front of the midship cleat. I wil be adding another set aft. .
  10. Dock lines; I carry 2 different colors, Gold ones are 15' the white ones are 25 or 30'. That way I can grab the right length for the task. 3/8 or 1/2 both work your choice. A basic 80 pc tool set should be fine, a pump-out fitting, Crescent wrench, screw drivers, Allen set. After you get the boat get your nut-driver set out and check every hose clamp. There are stories of one being loose somewhere. I carry a qt of engine oil never opened it, I also carry a qt of out-drive gear lube, this I have used, ask the dealer to give you one. As for the Vacuflush use with RV paper, we have one and never regretted it. I leave the switch ON at all times. The only time it gets turned off is when the master battery switch is off. .
  11. Haaaaa......Jason has Joe's 256 wipple Kinda laying low with the "Jason2130" handle secrets out now, upload a picture..... .
  12. Nice....... .
  13. Sounds like you might have hit something last summer. OPTION 1;You can take your props to your local dealer to have them sent to a prop shop. OPTION 2 you could just find a prop shop yourself. .
  14. Pretty Plane....... .
  15. I know you want it back at your home. But pay the rental till April, then go get it. .
  16. Nice..... .
  17. Nothing here....... But still walking on the grass..... Happy New Year.
  18. Merry Merry to you all down there.......... Don't forget the sunsreen..... .
  19. Merry Ho Ho to evryone........ .
  20. Just saw this for engines 2003 and newer. Anybody got one, or planning on getting one. Seems to be a great upgrade for us guys with older EFI engines. .
  21. Welcome to the group....... .
  22. Nice...... Thanks for sharing.. .
  23. This just came across the air-waves. .
  24. With this, Chaparral was in front of the curve. The way they stopped making larger boats a few years back. Then went big time into smaller boats, OB's, wakeboards and jets. .