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    Vessel View Mobile

    Well I got the app on my phone and the unit, this thing is neet. All kinds of information to fallow, almost overwelled. My engine always had a hickup after it started, now I can find out what's up. What is Fault 451-25 Pitot pressure mean? Also states " Input cicuit for the senser is below the valid limit". Were is it? .
  2. Toddler

    Vessel View Mobile

    Yes we did...........After numerous calls to Fond Du Lac, the guys at both ends figured it out. It ended up being the master 50Amp fuse on top of the motor. Because all the fault codes it was sending to the app and their monitor where erroneous. Way back when Merc had been supplied with a batch of bad fuses that had a Yellow reset button, that were faulty. When I started having this problem the first question was about the master fuse reset button color.They ended up switching out those with the "Red button" fuse, well mine had a red one. So they assumed it was something else, they ended up checking every sensor on the motor and found nothing a miss. They switched out that fuse and it seems to be fine. I ran it in the drive for about 30 minutes and it ran fine. Detailed it, winterized the head and water system and put it back in the barn. I'l winterized the motor next month. .
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    Help with vacuflush and fresh water winterizing plans

    I just use what ever I have in my hand at the time. Sparkle, Srubbing Bubbles. Its important to leave fluid in the bowl, it will evaporate over the winter, as you dewinterize it you'll add water to the system. Then just clean it again. .
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    Help with vacuflush and fresh water winterizing plans

    I've been doing this for 10 years. Buy 4-5 gallons of RV antifreeze. -- Turn batteries on -- Empty the water tank, pick any sink or two -- Add 2 gallons to water tank, run one sink (hose) at a time till pink comes out. Start closest to tank one at a time, moving forward. -- Add 2 more to tank, flush head till pink comes out. flush a few more. -- Take boat to marina to get pumped out. add last gallon to head and flush into system. -- flush the remainder of the antifreeze from water system into head. I leave about an inch or two in the bowl. -- Leave system On, to go into vacuum. This leaves about 2 gallons of AF in the head tank and the water tank almost empty. My head tank is only 6.5 gallons, even with the leftovers from the last pump-out and the extra gallons of AF to dilute it there's more than enough room for expansion if it freezes. My sinks drain overboard. No need to worry about them. .
  5. Toddler

    Help with vacuflush and fresh water winterizing plans

    Man this is a lot of work, way over kill. IMO .
  6. Toddler

    Rain water turning pink???

    Since your boat is brand new, I'm going to guess its some kind of residue on the seats. Try ths stuff; "Serious Shine" My guy just turned me onto this stuff, Insteed of the Maguiers and 3M products I've been using all this time. One 14oz can and 6-7 micro fiber towels detailed the whole interier this past weekend. Seats, windows, and fiberglass all I can say is WOW, this stuff is amazing. Cleans, shins, polishes in one step. He also says it works great on the encloser windows. .
  7. Toddler

    Oil Analysis

    I look at it! Ditto........ .
  8. Toddler

    Door struts/shocks springs, What gives.

    I bought mine from a local boat dealer. I even got one at a Formula Dealer, still less than 20 bucks. .
  9. Nicely done Guys...... .
  10. Toddler

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    The similar Regal is about 150k +/- that I've been spying.... came out in 2016. .
  11. Toddler

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    A 286 with twin Outboards........ With a slitely taller head........ Hint hint..... .
  12. Toddler

    Most efficient rpm...

    Three grand is about right for just about all boats. Some more some less. .
  13. Toddler

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    I saw that just yesterday, also. I have seen the Regal 30' with OBs that looks real nice. Not that I'm shopping but if and when I get the OK for a new/used one otboards will be on the back. A few friends in LOTO have switched to OB with pontoons but I still cant wrap my head around that yet. My guy at the shop says that SR is switching to all outboards, Really. .
  14. Toddler

    Drive shutter at one specific RPM

  15. Toddler

    Depth Indicator Too Sensitive

    Most don't work well while running, it's a down censing unit not forward. The depth its reading at 30mph is about 44 feet behind the boat, so you will run aground if your watching it for depth underway. I mainly us it for anchoring. . .
  16. Toddler

    What size props you running 256 ssx bravo 3?

    Welcome to the group..... What year? My 8.1 (375hp) B3, gets about 52 @ 4900rpm with the 28p props, and gets 54 @ 5200rpm with the 26p props. I don't think your at 6000rpm's because the Merc rev limiter wont let it go over 5300 or so. .
  17. Toddler

    Fuel Pump Replacement - DIY or Mechanic

    Joe the Man....... Has helped more than one forum member. .
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    Bostonian goofball sunfish reaction.

    &^ ^&% *((& LOL idit......
  20. Toddler

    B3 gear ratio

    You never stated if the bottom is pianted or has algee on it. .
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    My favorite boat has come up for sale...

    Nice classic..... .
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    Best way to remove decal

    See we told you it was easy............
  23. One really cant stop hitting unknown objects in the water. The old "$hit Happen$" rule comes into effect. But I sounds like it was pretty hard, or a pretty hard hit. Either way check your props for dents, then check the shaft to see it is out of alinement. .