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  1. Interresting to see what the cost of California for wine will be this coming year. .
  2. I also use Navionics on my iPhone, one time fee with free updates. Great for navigating at night in the Ozark's. During he day most times I'm a dead reckoning kinda guy. I was taught to look back, to find land marks to find your way back home. It never hurts to "pull over and Just Asks somebody"ie Capt. Ron......... .
  3. Were do I sign up? .
  4. I just started uploading pictures to the gallery. .
  5. I have an encloser but haven't used it all that much. I'm a Holiday Inn kind-a guy, so is The Admiral. .
  6. First what type and engine? Salt water or fresh water? .
  7. Nice....... .
  8. Sounds like Chap is going to make it right, threw the dealer. I'll bet that fiberglass guy isn't working there now......... .
  9. I'm agree, sound like a bad pump. .
  10. Do to the nature of the beast, One never gets all the old oil out. Its always been that way, like it or not. Sucking it out usually leaves a quart or less in the pan. I was always under the impression that the fill mark meant add a quart. .
  11. Mine's warped a little..... No big deal. IMO .
  12. Try this, there is a plug (about the size of your big trailer plug) towards the rear of he engine that connects everything together. Give it a wiggle and push it together tight. This happened to me just after I got mine. After talking to my guy about it he suggested that try this first and it worked. .
  13. On what hull? .
  14. 218 there must be a legal fee in there somewhere. .
  15. It's only about 3/8 's of an inch curve, No need to shime. The mounting plate will adapt to the curve and not hinder the tabs. I would question the guy installing them......Most boats dont have flat transoms.
  16. I agree with Phil, I also use 3m products. On real tough spots I'll use Soft-Scrub, then vinyl conditioner. As for wax any good marine wax is good. No need to use a cleaner wax unless it's has a lot of oxidation on it. Never use Armoral .
  17. With the water system, First I run all the water out, flush the head a few times. Add 2 gallons of anti freeze, then run each faucet till they run all run pink. Then I run the water into of the Vacu-flush till it runs pink. If you need to add another gallon or 2 then do so, first few times I used 6 gallons. Now I get it done with 4. I run all the antifreeze out of the tank. The I go to the local marine to get the head pumped out. After that I add 2 gallons to the head bowl and flush that into the tank. I'm All done. With the water heater you'll have to add another step but wait for somebody else to chime in. .
  18. There you go......Nice job. .
  19. Thats a good one...... .
  20. Why...... Have you seen the guy in the Baja video? he got knocked out. .
  21. Only thing on the list is a new depth/temp gauge. But thats been on the list for a few years. Maybe this spring. .
  22. Welcome to the group...... these things need to be checked out by your dealer. .
  23. I would start with the 22's you'll gain approx. 600rpm with them. Basic rule in 1 pitch moves the rpm's +/- 150 revolutions. .