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  2. Now thats better than reading 8 pages of hydraulics and physics.....Then trying to understand what you've just read. .
  3. On mine I can get access to the back of the helm from the storage compartment. I had 2 carpeted panels to unscrew. You just need to be = to or > 5'8' 190# to get in there. .
  4. Thats right around 50-60 hrs a year, thats about average. If its been maintained right its good to go. But ask the owner; When was the impeller changed and drive pulled? If he hasn't done either in the last 2-3 years. That would be 2 things I would do when you winterize it the fall. .
  5. I change the drive lube, engine oil and filter ever fall. Then winterize it. Every three years (300 Hours recommended) I do the impeller and have the shop pull the drive to check the alinement. Four the last 6-7 years I've only put about 20 hours on, it so I'm going to do the impeller, drive pull, fuel filter and spark plugs every 4 years. The impeller has looked fine the last 2 times I've changed it. . .
  6. Its like the first scratch, once you get one it aint so bad.... .
  7. Photobucket gotcha.....Just load your picturesinto the gallery. Then repost. .
  8. Give Travis a call At TT Custom Marine, He set a bunch of us up with CoolTeak. He also has AquaTrac which is simular to Seadeck. He also might have a template. .
  9. Welcome to the group...... Good looking Blue Boat ,.
  10. Welcome to the group...... .
  11. Simple answer, None. Survey will help to find any defects that he finds, which you could use to lower the price. .
  12. I leave a 1/4 tank in mine over the winter or less. I just a stybil to the tank before storage, never have had a problem. .
  13. The 255 has the same hull as the 256ssi and the 264ssx. I have a 256ssi and do go out on Lake Michigan with it it handles the big water well. .
  14. If it runs fine and within specs, I wouldn't bother changing anything. With that being said you could upgrade to a 4 blade and keep the 3 as a spare. Got talk to your locl dealer for more advice. .
  15. Well in FL you more than likely use it every month or so. Not really nessesary IMO. .
  16. Dude, it's prime shopping season. Keep looking you'll find one that will have almost everything on your list. .
  17. Nice.... Thanks Denny .
  18. Welcome to the group.... I put in JL's they made the stereo sound 10 times better, with out the sub. .
  19. Never seen one for a VP, Cause they spray pretty well. .
  20. Welcome to the group.... I would just pick something up from HD or Lowes. With a boat that old, more than likely Nobody has anything close to that part. .
  21. I like the photo......pretty sunset I just stared uploading pictures to the galary, then transfer the ones I need to use. .
  22. We need more info, engine, outdrive and pprop? .
  23. Got a picture maybe