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  1. You could always light a fire in the engine compartment and see if it extinguishes it - if "yes", then it's working....if "no", you probably will need a new boat now I guess??
  2. PerthWA

    Need help identifying part please!

    I reckon it's an engine part??
  3. PerthWA

    sunshade to hatch

    Hi Had exactly the same problem with my 2005 235 Ssi...tried a few different glues but no luck. The magical remedy was "Gorilla Glue" - it worked a treat for me and 2 years on they still stuck. Hope that helps...
  4. Hey everyone Merry Christmas from Australia - we beat you to it as its still Christmas Eve your way....its actually 25 December here and the fat man has been (no, I wasn't referring to Donald). Hope you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas with family and friends with lots of special presents and festivities. Enjoy and be safe.
  5. Hi I see 3M have some newer products out for polishing gel coat called "Perfect-It" range: 3M Boat Wash; 3M Perfect-It Boat Wax; 3M Perfect-it Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish and Wax: and 3M Perfect-it Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound and Wax: and 3M Perfect-it Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound. It has only recently arrived here in Australia and is kind of expensive compared to other brands that might deliver the same outcomes. Has anyone tried it and able to share their experiences...I have Googled it but cant find any reviews. Thank you
  6. PerthWA

    Summer is Coming

    Well guys for those of us living south of the equator the days are getting longer and the temperature is heating up - over 30C for nearly every day next week and we hit 37C earlier this week. I am off to the marina this weekend to take the boat cover off, put the Bimini and clears back on and check everything works. Refuel with some fresh petrol, fill up the water tank and give the inside a quick once over. Provided all goes well, it might be my fist launch come Monday or Tuesday next week. Hope you lot don't get too cold or frost bitten north of the equator....
  7. PerthWA

    Volvo Penta Transom Trim Panel

    I received the new Trim panel in the mail on Friday will install on Monday morning...exactly what I needed. Interestingly, it comes with the cable also. Also, do you know why we would be limited to uploading such small pictures for - is says only allowed 0.02MB which is nothing?????
  8. PerthWA

    Volvo Penta Transom Trim Panel

    Hi Osteodoc08 Yes I noticed that but I am mainly after a replacement face plate so if the switch is different I am sure I could swap it with the existing. I suggest it si highly likely to be exactly the same just the wiring going to the trim mechanism itself may be different. Either way I am extremely grateful to have had the assistance in finding one. I have ordered it and it is on its way....
  9. PerthWA

    Volvo Penta Transom Trim Panel

    Haha rreale....good job...you found one, very much appreciated.... Thank you sooooooooooo much.
  10. PerthWA

    Volvo Penta Transom Trim Panel

    Hi Tried the site but unfortunately its only accessible to you you guys in the States. Message I get is as follows: "We'll be back soon The Volvo Penta Online Store is only accessible to visitors located in the United States**. Please contact your local dealer for information concerning Genuine Volvo Penta parts" Thank you for the suggestion however
  11. PerthWA

    Volvo Penta Transom Trim Panel

    Hi I have a 2005 235 Ssi and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on where to purchase a replacement Volvo Penta Transom Trim Panel...this is the white circular disk version with the black switch? It is located on the transom next to the hi-fi controller and shower head storage. I have tried Google and also our friends at Cecil Marine but can't seem to locate one. I am wondering if this was a special production for Chaparral or something??? It is part number 205-00205-A on the Chaparral Parts diagram for my boat. I am in Australia so please keep in mind when recommending possible places to visit. Thank you for your help.
  12. PerthWA

    This was a really bad day for someone

    May be he was just washing the inside of the boat???
  13. PerthWA

    Putting on storm cover ??

    Have you tried Googling for some pictures of your boat model which may have the covers fitted - just an idea.
  14. PerthWA

    Still can't track down bilge water source.

    I'm pretty sure you know what I meant. That is what the fitting is referred to in Australia...or a bow plate.
  15. PerthWA

    Still can't track down bilge water source.

    Hi I have a 2005 235 Ssi and found that the water was coming in through the tow fitting on the nose of the boat. When underway, a wake would be formed and the water was entering via the tow fitting as the factory hadn't put enough/quality sealer under it. The fitting is held on by two bolts that penetrate the hull into the anchor locker. The bolts go though the inner and outer skin and water was leaking in and then making its way along the under floor drain to the rear of the boat. I also found the drain hole for the anchor locker was of a similar design (drilled through inner and outer skin) and water was leaking through there too if it got wet. I would end up with 15 to 20 liters of water in the bilge each trip easily. I took the tow hook off and resealed (just have to undo two nuts in anchor locker) and also placed a clear plastic tube and sealant in the anchor locker drain hole and now completely dry. Might be your source hope this helps.