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  1. I gain a lot of knowledge here. All contributors shared their good thoughts. Thanks for all
  2. Good for you, It feels great to read these kinds of posts, May you have many more moments and posts like these.
  3. Well-structured & staffed Marina, a decent parking; on this July 4th weekend, the launch point was bit more popular , but staff kept things moving - And launching was surprisingly fast. The many islands, coves and entirely wooded, beautiful areas with some great rock outcroppings for leaping off into the lake made for great visuals & enjoyment.Also plenty of room for tubing and skying. Kayak on the lake, or just take a short trip to other side of spillway for kayak fun or river floats & adventure. This area is just plain beautiful.
  4. StephenH

    What is this

    i also want the same because i am in search of this for very long. i am a plumber by profession and also have my own boat and i want this for my boat.
  5. Good idea drew. I will have a check on plastic tanks in my area
  6. StephenH

    Hello from TX!

    Hi there all i am Stephen newbie here on Chaparrral forums and i am interested in boating talk.
  7. My fuel tank just sprang its second leak in two years. Both holes have corroded through the flat bottom of the tank where it appears to frequently sit in standing water trapped in the fuel tank compartment. On our boat, the low point of the tank compartment (at about the center of the compartment) is the lowest spot under the settee, so the water collects there and doesn't run out the back of the compartment and to the bilge until it gets a couple of inches deep. The collected moisture in this compartment seems to be the cause of the many corroded tanks discussed in the J-105 forums. For the entire fuel tank compartment, the bottom of the vertical wall Landscape Drainage is fiberglassed directly to the inside of the hull and is at the same level as the cabin sole, so there’s no space to drill a hole from the compartment into the bilge under the floorboards. The only option I see for draining the compartment and keeping it dry is to drill a hole ON TOP of the sole and let any water spill out above the sole. Is this still the method of construction for the boats (mine is year 2000, hull 305). Has anyone come up with any mechanism to drain the water that can collect in the tank compartment? Thanks for any wisdom! I'd love to solve this before we install our replacement tank next week!
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