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    2004 Signature 290
  1. Thank you. Had this problem tonight. Hot water barely worked. Checked pressure at the hot water heater and it was good. Cleaned screens and they were totally plugged on kitchen sink and bathroom. Boat is ready for the lake.
  2. Yes, I have cleaned and lubricated behind the seat. It does work good for a little while, just looking for the "final fix" that will last and it seems like the better design if it was not too difficult and the height of the track and roller were similar. The fact that I cannot find anyone on any forum that has done it tells me a lot about the difficulty of this vs. the benefit.
  3. I have a 2004 Chap 290 and would like to look into upgrading the sliding cabin door to rollers. I have tried everything on this forum to lubricate them but never lasts very long. Has anyone tried installing these? http://www.boatoutfitters.com/store/p/242-Boat-Sliding-Door-White-Lower-Track.html Not sure if they fit, I can't find anyone that has done this. Thanks, Scott
  4. Sounds like a leak and not air bubbles if you are replacing oil that much. I had a similar issue last year on one of my Alpha one drives. I dropped the bottom end of the drive and could see a little residue around the impeller housing that it appeared to be leaking around the shaft. This one is hard to trouble shoot because the gear oil leaks around the shaft and then into the impeller housing where it mixes with the water, goes through the engine and out the exhaust. Since it is such a small leak, you will almost never find it. It will also not turn the oil milky since the bottom end is pressurized from the head of oil. Mine was never milky either and I could never see anything on the outside. I took both of the bottom ends off, in to our local shop, and had all the seals replaced. That fixed it, it has been great after that. Never a drop down after 25 hours. There were not too many seals on the system and I suspected the lower unit.
  5. Thanks for the advice. We have some great spots here. Lake Powell, Flaming Gorge, Bear Lake, Strawberry Res., just to name a few. I don't think even the inland passage will beat Lake Powell in mid-Sept when the air and water are both 80, cool nights and amazing boating. I have a PLB (I fly too), will get a ditch bag, and will look through Active Captain. I have boated my whole life but sadly no... never in the salt, but I am changing that. We have visited Roche Harbor, and most of the islands in the San Juans by air but I think by boat will be better. Some of the areas north look amazing. I feel my captain skills are good, I am more concerned about the local rules/etiquette when crossing channels, setting anchors around other boats, tying off to land..ect The books I have mentioned are pretty good at helping. This year for the get together just will not work for me unfortunately. Maybe 2017, I am sure after one visit we will want to go back. Do you guys use an iPad map for trip planning?
  6. Hello all, I am looking for some advice for a trip I am planning for 2016. I have an 04' Chap 290 in Utah that I plan on trailering up to the Northwest to explore the San Juans and possibly up to Desolation Sound. I have been reading a few books in preparation and understand that I could probably spend the majority of the time around the San Juan and Southern Gulf Islands. I plan on two weeks on the water. This would be my first time to this area and am looking for some advice on stops around the area. I don't want to stay every night at a marina but a few would be fun. My kids are still young, they will be 6 and 4 next year and I am interested in hitting some of the marinas that have heated pools. I have really enjoyed reading Waggoner Cruising Guide and Best Anchorages of the Inside Passage. Is Anacortes a good place to start? Is June/July the best time of the year from everyone's experience? Gear: I plan on adding a tender/davit, as well as a good GPS (been looking at the Garmin 7610). Is a radar necessary in June/July? Any tenders or davits recommended for the 290? I will also add iNavx or Navionics to my iPad. Can't decide which yet. Looks like Navionics has a new app that I can't see to read too many reviews on. iNavx appears to have more capability. Salt Water: My boat has never been in the salt. Is there anything I should do ahead of time to prep the boat for the salt water? The boat should only be in the water 2-4 weeks. Will this do much damage to the longevity of the engines/outdrives? Training: Is there a recommended course to better understand the area/tides that people use? Anything online? Thanks for the advice. I have been to the San Juan Islands before by air and can't wait to explore the area by boat.
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