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  1. You have to pull decently hard. Especially on a newer boat. if you lift the seat facing the cockpit and pull towards the cockpit the seat will get flat. My boat is 5 years old and it still takes a little effort.
  2. I have a 2015.5 GMC Denali Duramax 3/4 ton. Best truck I have every owned hands down.
  3. Welcome. This group is very helpful! So ask away.
  4. Just echoing everyone else. Buy as much boat as you can, for multiple reasons already discussed.
  5. Its on the end of the port side L seating directly behind the passenger seat.
  6. I have the 10 inch Wet Sounds FA sub. It sounds really good. Hard to tell a big difference between it and enclosed sub to be honest. To me though its about clarity of the music, and since it is properly powered it sounds very good.
  7. Its a great sub. Plenty deep and clear. Id like to add another one some day.
  8. I have a 284 and Love everything about it.
  9. The 14' door should be adequate height. 3 axle trailer...may have one custom made. Of course there also may be permits needed in your state for trailering that wide of a boat. I have a 284 Sunesta with the 9' beam and needed a permit. Life is much easier keeping at the lake on a lift. Welcome.
  10. Now don't go calling me old Cyclops...Im fighting it off as long as possible. Im only 36 so the joints dont hurt quite yet.
  11. Nothing marine oriented...however we can take what I bought the family to the lake. Got a golf cart. I still haven't driven it but once because my kids took it over.
  12. I winterize my boat in late October and dont get it back out until early April, and I live in Oklahoma. Not worth the risk.
  13. Awesome! Congratulations. You will never regret going bigger.
  14. The 8.2 in my 284 has been fantastic. I dont think you can go wrong with Volvo or Merc. We love our Merc.
  15. 2015.5 Gmc 2500 Denali Duramax is what I tow with. My boat is a 284 Sunesta. It pulls it effortlessly and my boat is 9600# with fuel, trailer, loaded and ready to roll. That being said I slip my boat as well because of the convenience.