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  1. The KM series 6.5's were direct mount up. I did have to enlarge the hole (not by much) for the Wetsounds 10FA sub and drill a couple new holes as the Wetsounds had more mounting holes compared to the panasonic sub.
  2. Replaced all my Panasonic 6.5's with Kicker Marine KM series...Best decision I have ever made. Wet Sounds Sub. Sounds great.
  3. No one ever regrets getting the bigger boat. we love our 284 but that 337SSX is calling my name
  4. I may take you up on that. Yeah, no more beaching the boat from now on.
  5. So they got to the water pump to replace the impellar and guess what....I need a new water pump. they said it was scored and grooved out all over the place. Need to start a go fund me for the $1200 this is going to cost.
  6. Not too pricey really as I would only need 1 for the front of our boat when in the slip. The lift guides keep me from bumping side to side. Be very helpful though when the boat is lowered and people are loading/unloading from the front.
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    I have replaced our Igloo that came with it with the one from Home Depot but looking at it, might be different as this was a couple years ago. Now we use a Yeti 45. I removed one of the sides of the holding drawer and the yeti fits great. Its heavy on the drawer mechanism for sure but I just keep an eye on the slide screws and so far so good.
  8. Dont have them but have seen them before and want them for the slip. Subscribed to hear where you can get them.
  9. Had the same situation happen to us this a weekend or so ago out at our lake. 15 boats all beached up, kids playing on the beach, adults floating and relaxing listening to my stereo at tolerable levels. Playing a mix of George Strait, the Killers, etc. Some D bag in a wake boat pulls up about 3 boats away from us, turns on mumble rap as loud as he can...this next part is the best part. They then proceed to get off their boat and walk down to the other end of the beach, not even behind their boat. Like literally the opposite end of the line of boats. Little did he know that my 7 year old hates mumble rap and he went on to their boat without them on it and turned off their stereo, without me telling him to. When they came back some hour later they had a strange look on their faces, and my 7 year old just waved to them and smiled.
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    I second the HomeDepot
  11. Excellent! Thank you sir. Just the information I was looking for.
  12. I am having my impellar replaced for the first time and have a question. I have 2 different quotes, one says if the housing is scored but is plastic the total cost parts and labor would be $380.00. They said if the housing is brass and is scored it would be over $1000.00. Without looking at the housing is there any way I can tell if its brass or plastic. This is a freshwater boat sold in Oklahoma. Specifics: 2013 Chaparral Sunesta 284 8.2l Mercruiser (502 Big Block) Thanks in advance for your replies.
  13. You have to pull decently hard. Especially on a newer boat. if you lift the seat facing the cockpit and pull towards the cockpit the seat will get flat. My boat is 5 years old and it still takes a little effort.
  14. I have a 2015.5 GMC Denali Duramax 3/4 ton. Best truck I have every owned hands down.
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    Welcome. This group is very helpful! So ask away.
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