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  1. Awesome! Congratulations. You will never regret going bigger.
  2. The 8.2 in my 284 has been fantastic. I dont think you can go wrong with Volvo or Merc. We love our Merc.
  3. 2015.5 Gmc 2500 Denali Duramax is what I tow with. My boat is a 284 Sunesta. It pulls it effortlessly and my boat is 9600# with fuel, trailer, loaded and ready to roll. That being said I slip my boat as well because of the convenience.
  4. I have a 284 Sunesta with the 502 8.2L Big Block Merc and have never once felt under powered. Gets on plane quick and runs out in the 48-52 range with normal load.
  5. Recently replaced my pan 6.5's with Kicker KM series, and the Sub with the Wet Sounds Revo 10. Spent about $600 total and its the best $600 i could have spent.
  6. I have the 284 Sunesta. To my knowledge there was not power arch option until 15. Could be wrong about though. My boat is 2 feet longer and I have the 8.2 Liter Merc (380HP) and find it more than adequate. 51 on GPS with light load. And my boat is in my signature is the wide band black hull but with the black arch.
  7. 22" Dead Rise on my Sunesta. Have never seen a drop of water over the bow and have been in 2-3' waves. A lot of it has to do with the captain on whether you and your passengers get wet.
  8. Install went great. Thank you for the help.
  9. Awesome. Thank you.
  10. I guess my question is can I just strip off the sleeve connector and hook the exposed wire into the screw down connectors on the new sub?
  11. Quick question, just received my new subwoofer (wetsounds revo 10FA) for the replacement of the stock Panasonic 10". Will I have any issues just plugging in the existing speaker wires? I have a bad feeling the Panasonic uses the push on sleeve type and the wetsounds has the screw down connectors. Is there a solution to this issue without running all new speaker wire?
  12. Went with the Wet Sounds XS-10FA. Found a decent deal on one. Thanks!
  13. I am actually very thankful I had the classic wide band hull with no stickers for reasons mentioned.
  14. The new 6.5's are Kicker KM series with white grills.
  15. Wanting to order my new 10" Free Air sub today to replace the factory sub option from Chaparral. I have already replaced all the 6.5's. My question is do I go with the Revo 10 or the XS 10? I have 300 available watts to push it.