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  1. Thanks Dan, I have contacted them and several others and still need to get the casting number on my block and heads to make sure I get the right replacement engine. It is crazy that the Chaparral dealer which has a full service marina including an extensive mechanic team is only willing to do a $40K "plug and play" repair on a $100+ boat they sold me. This is a blemish on my marina, Chaparral and Volvo Penta as they can't figure out a less then $40K repair solution between the three of them when in a few searches I (and you) came up a something that will cost lest then 1/4 of the pri
  2. Hi all, I currently own a 2014 Chaparral 277SSX with a Volvo Penta 380 (6.0L) and recently had a catastrophic engine failure after only 250 hours of operations. The motor just quite running while cruising at 25 mph and then wouldn't even crank. It looks like something internal failed in the lower end. After bringing the boat back to the dealer I purchased it from, I was informed that Volvo Penta recommends replacing the power unit and will only sell me the entire PU which includes all the accessories and outdrive for a whopping $38K!!! I begged the marina to beg Volvo Penta to
  3. Thanks for all your feedback and thoughts. I am definitely not looking to brake any offshore speed records, just looking for a little more punch and top speed. The boat tops out around 50mph and was hoping to add another 100 to 150 both on hp and possibly get up to a top speed of just over 60 mph which would allow a more comfortable cruising speed on low 50's. I have contemplated trading in the boat for the new 307 with dual 380's which would put me right in that speed zonbe but double the gas consumption (no big deal I guess). I contacted Vortech and they do not have a kit for the Penta 380 y
  4. I was wondering if anyone has added a magnuson root supercharger or a vortex supercharger to the Volvo Penta 380. This is a very common bolt on to this GM motor in cars and adds a very reliable 100 to 150+ horsepower to the engine. I would assume we would need the manufacturer of the the supercharger to make the kit and someone to offer ecm programming. I have done a search but did not find anyone offering this kit. Eaton and Edlebrock both offer kits for the car that preserve the manufacturer (GM) warranty. Bill
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