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  1. Dream Catcher 256

    Mooring Cover vs Shrink Wrap

    Hey Matt! Where do you put the moth balls? That sounds like a good idea. This year was our worst with bugs and spiders! It sounds as good as your first idea, resting the bimini on the 5 gallon bucket while towing. I've been doing this ever since you shared it. Works great!!!
  2. Dream Catcher 256

    Who's holding out?

    We're holding out until the end of this month. We had a great time this season, spent a lot of time in the Chesapeake Bay this year. Wonderful!!
  3. Dream Catcher 256

    Winterization Photos

    Great topic and great info. Thanks for posting Wing Nut. My question: Is the process the same for the Volvo engines? WN We were down in your neck of the woods for a stent this year. We were at Duffy Creek Marina. The Chesapeake and area is just stunning!!
  4. Dream Catcher 256

    Boat Trailer during Winter

    I agree with Matt. I store mine on a trailor on the ground tires not propped but sit on driveway stones to help with drainage. So far. knock on wood, I have'nt had a problem.
  5. Dream Catcher 256

    Mooring Cover vs Shrink Wrap

    I have a custom winter cover made from canvas and have no problem with sagging. I've had it now for 5 seasons. It's already paid for itself. No condinsation or mold issues either, canvas breathes!
  6. Dream Catcher 256

    VP 5.7 320 HP Duo Prop RPM..

    I'm running at approx 5100-5200 rpm's @ wot. The fastest we've gone is 51-52 mph, but that was with the wind and current going in the right direction. I had the props reworked for this season. I have'nt worked the numbers yet, I'll post when I do.
  7. Dream Catcher 256

    256 Top Speed

    We have a VP GXI-h 320 hp DP on our 2007 256 SSI. Although, I wish we would've went with the 375 hp we have gone as fast as 52 mph with the wind and tide going in the right direction. We average about 46-48 mph @ wot. Not bad! IMO the radar arch is very pleasing to the eye, my wife loved and wanted one too, but it adds no performance enhancements and just adds extra weight and wind resistance. Slows you down.
  8. Dream Catcher 256

    Corrosion on bottom of oil pans and transmissions....

    where's the pics?
  9. Dream Catcher 256

    I'm in!!! Bought a 2013 226 SSI today.

    Congrats on the new purchase! She's a beaut.
  10. Dream Catcher 256

    All I want for Xmas ...

    +2, Could'nt agree more!
  11. Dream Catcher 256

    Just Finished My First Winterization – Some Questions

    When all else fails read the directions!!
  12. Dream Catcher 256

    5.7 GXI-F HP Rating

    I have the 5.7L Gxi-H and mine is only 320hp, your's is similar so it's probabley 320hp. You wont get 375hp from a 5.7L small block, it just does'nt happen. As much as I would like to have the 375hp I only have the 320hp, wishful thinking.
  13. Dream Catcher 256

    Finally uploaded pics!

    V nice indeed!! congrats!!
  14. Dream Catcher 256

    Philadelphia Center City Trip

    I could'nt agree more! The Philly water front and Camden water front are total wastes! They recently tore down the jail that was in Camden to "redevelope" but nothing has been done to date. Again what a waste. Both states could be racking in tons of revenue.