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  1. tnelson1994

    2005 256 SSI Summerization

    Will do! Thank You
  2. tnelson1994

    2005 256 SSI Summerization

    Hello all, We have a 2005 256 SSI and the boat has been stored all Winter in a heated garage. Before last summer we changed all fluids, impeller, and spark plugs. The boat only ran 10 hours last Summer and nothing was done to winterize it since it was stored indoors heated. Do I need to have anything done to it before using this season? My gut tells me to flush the fuel lines and do an oil change, but not sure if it is necessary. Please comment with suggestions.
  3. tnelson1994

    Stereo / Battery / Amp Problems?

    Everyone thanks for the replies, so It came out to be 2 issues. The first problem is one of my batteries was toast, so once i bought a new battery it solved the issue with not enough power for perfect pass and captains call with music. I then still noticed my amp was turning off but now at a much higher volume. So i went to the amp power cord and noticed that it was corroded and cheap. I then bought new 4 gage and re wired it and good as new! Another question for y'all, how do I wire the amps so that my battery switch will control them and them not just run straight into the batteries as they are now? I couldn't figure it out for the life of me today
  4. tnelson1994

    Stereo / Battery / Amp Problems?

    Hey guys, so last year I installed 2 amps in my 256 ssi, I was having troubles with one of the amps shutting down when the music got turned up and I had just thought it was a bad amp or low quality and was planning on fixing it this year. I just brought the boat out of storage, and tried to trouble shoot the issue again. I started playing around with it and got the boat started not he trailer so I made sure it had enough battery. I then noticed that when the stereo got turned up the perfect pass on my boat would turn on and off like it was losing power. I also noticed that when i tried to switch the exhaust from quiet to loud(outside the boat) it wouldn't go with the boat in neutral. I then reed the engine up a little and noticed that so called bad amp would be a little louder before it turned off and now the captains call exhaust worked and would flip over. I then unplugged the amp from the stereo to see if that was the problem and then it was still turning off when the music was loud, so it tells me I have a wiring/battery issue. It makes me think I have a battery issue because I have the double battery setup and it should have no problem handling captions call, perfect pass, and 2 amps that are not huge banger amps. Has anyone had this problem before? Is it the battery? The Wiring? I am not sure and am in need of help. Both amps are wired directly to the batteries tho and ground.
  5. tnelson1994

    need stereo gurus help

    Thank you so much!! I will be doing this!
  6. tnelson1994

    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    I did that test and, yes the sender is bad. I bought a new Moeller sender unit and am gonna install it tomorrow! Thank you
  7. tnelson1994

    Towing Question - Boat/Trailer weight

    I towed my 256 ti half duel with a chevy avalanche 5.7 L with 7200 towing capacity from Fort Worth TX to Huntington Beach Ca. It did fine. If your trailer is built right do not worry about sway. Uphills was tough but I averaged about 70mph the whole way. Did the drive in about 20 hours. Granted I now have a GMC with a much bigger engine to tow the boat and its also a half ton. I think you will be fin just take it easy. I have a lot of experience pushing the limit and as long as you know you are at the limit and are not dumb you should be ok.
  8. tnelson1994

    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    How do i know it is the gauge and not the fuel sender or vise versa? Do i have to replace both?
  9. tnelson1994

    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    So I was out on the boat today and the fuel gauge stopped working, It used to not work then work if I knocked on it. I am wondering if the gauge itself has gone bad. Did the connection behind the gauge just come loose? Is the sender bad? What do i need to do to fix this? I am going to Lake Powell and have to have this working because we will be on the lake 9 days.
  10. tnelson1994

    Intermittent start and Propping on 265SSi

    Bad bottom paint can bring you down 3-5 mph, It increases the drag ALOT. Sounds like it could potentially be bad gas?
  11. tnelson1994

    Possible 257 SSX Purchase

    I saw a 256 ssi for sale on boat trader in Texas for 28 large herd of deer and 2005 I believe that is repowered with a 625 merc racing engine. Maybe that could be an option for the OP. Spend the tons of extra money he would save and redo interior and add all of the extra bells and whistles like perfect pass and a tower or whatever else they want. Im sure that thing flies!! Pretty sure it has pretty low hours on it too!! I almost bought it when I was shopping for mine!
  12. So I have aquatrac and took the boat out today and noticed that footprints with any dirt stick a lot. I am wondering what is the best way to clean it and keep it nice. Secondly I noticed that the aquatrac also gets very hot in the sun. I do not have a transom shower, but I was thinking of adding one so I can wash down the pad in order to keep it cool before use. How expensive is adding a transom shower and is it relatively simple since the fresh water tank is already plumbed with 2 sinks on the boat. Any suggestions?
  13. tnelson1994

    246 SSI Seadek Install Pics

    Did you send in a template for the bow as well?
  14. tnelson1994

    Big Bear Lake

    We have a place up there I have done some research and they measure from drain plug to bow but from my past experiences they are to too strict because i have seen a 274 sunesta launched there. There is also a 35 mph speed limit but i have also not abided by that.
  15. tnelson1994

    ALL MY UPGRADES and Restoration on my new to me 256 ssi

    I only used the self adhesive, the stuff is super super strong and not tough to install. Look at seadek installation videos and thats what I did. I had this remote on my last boat on the swim platform and I've come to realize that every remote that has the lcd screen can't really be in direct sunlight. The whole remote will still work but the screen fogged. I have been told that the remotes are now made by a better manufacturer and are greatly improved so we will see. The tower is nice when installed properly. Im glad I went through with moving it.