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  1. Well, I’m the odd ball here. I had a 2008 Chap 256, very solid boat. Wanted a new one and looked at the 297. Then compared it to a new Searay 280 SLX. I was disappointed in the construction of the new Chap. I thought the 2008 was actually a better constructed boat, so I wound up with the enemy. This is such a great site, I never left.
  2. Your way light on that $1800.
  3. If it’s got the 8.2 in it, your wife won’t be able to smack the grin off your face when you open it up. They sound great.
  4. jksvet

    256 ssi/ssx

    I looked at ssi and ssx. I liked the looks of the set up in the ssx, but I didn’t think it was as efficient. Like you, got one with the 496. Plenty of power for that boat. You’ll enjoy the set up. I’ll mention this, from a maintenance perspective, I think the Volvo is much easier to work on. Impeller is pia in Merc and a 10 minute change in Volvo
  5. I would be amazed if that boat, with that engine ever hit 50
  6. For what it's worth, which isn't much, the engineer I visited with is assigned to one of the GM racing teams. My name will probably give it away. I work for an XOM fuels and lubricants distributor so I got stumbled across having a conversation with a guy who I thought was in the know.
  7. I know this is towards Wingnut, but I visited with the Mobil 1 engineers about using their oil in a marine application. They said not to. They would love to make if for Merc... etc, but it would appear that they don’t have a close working relationship and have not worked with them on the specs.
  8. Holy Smokes, Thank you for the information. My engine is a 2017 and it has a cool fuel module that hides the impeller casing assembly. I would assume the fuel pump must be involved in this as well by reading your post. I changed the filter on it last fall, and that was easy enough. Just have to remove it to get to the pump, impeller assembly. Thanks again for taking all the time to go through that. I copied and pasted it to a word document and it was 3 pages. I just went ahead and ordered a Merc manual as well to help guide through the process.
  9. I’ve never heard anyone say they don’t make a good boat, and I know several people that have one. Personally, I’m just not a fan of the looks of them.
  10. I can’t even find a decent video
  11. No, I just ordered it last week. Watched the install video. Looks simple. Plug and play
  12. It’s a 2017, let’s call it a 287
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