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  1. OXR5253

    327 SSX Fuel Gage

    I have one year old 2014 327 ssx as well and my gauges have been a nightmare. Couple have been filed with moisture, stopped working and caused most of the other gauges to fail. Had to pay tech at marina to take them out, take pictures front and back just to get serial numbers in order to file a warrant claim. Had to then put them back in even though they didn't work while I await for replacement gauges. Anyone else have gauges full of moisture....on a BOAT.!?!?
  2. OXR5253


    You too?? I just bought a 2014 327 SSX and within the first four weeks, half the rocker switches popped off from the dashboard and last week, half my gauges stopped working. the service techs at the marina tell me there a lot of water and moisture in the gauges and causing those and other gauges to fail. Is it me, or shouldn't gauge casing on boats be watertight??? anyone have similar experience? thanks
  3. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    Thanks again everybody for the very helpful advice. Still got the boat at the marina, doing com,eye overhaul of fluids, etc, complete detailing and waxing, and adding a few things. Still, I'm anxious to pick it up and get it in the water. Will put up some pics of the maiden voyage very soon....I hope. Thanks again for all the great advice, keep them coming
  4. OXR5253

    CoolTeak for swimplatform

    hello everyone, Im trying to get my boat ready and looking to get this gray swim platform installed. Im being quoted about 2K for the mat and about $700 for install. does that sound right? remember, I'm a newbie! any feedback is greatly appreciate. thanks
  5. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    And yes RoyR. That's the one!
  6. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    Here's nother pic taken during inspection
  7. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    Thanks everybody, and the eagle has landed! It's officially my boat now.... So, now what?!?! Having some minor issues taken care of at marina where it's at and looking to take it on water sometime next week. I'll post some more pics when I get it. Now Im getting my shopping list together....fenders, ropes, life preservers, etc etc etc. any suggestions on what I need (other than a lobotomy) would be great
  8. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    Thanks Hatem, and yes, that's the boat in Ft. Lauderdale, actually closing on transaction this afternoon and will be bringing it down to Miami shortly. Like you, I have been trying to find a "private tutor" captain to go out with me and teach me everything about it but can't seem to find one down here. Does anyone. Know of a captain I could hire in south Florida for instruction? Thanks again
  9. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    Here's a pic....what am I getting into?!?!
  10. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    Wow! Thanks to all who replied, greatly appreciate it. Don't know where to start responding so here goes in particular order: Yes, if you're gonna be a bet, be a grizzly....nevertheless, if I a dollar for everyone who's told me I'm crazy, I could by a second one. It will be dry docked on a rack, no trailering. It does have joystick. I have taken several classes and courses and been on friends boats, but obviously not the same thing. It has twin mercs, 300 hp. Greatly appreciate the list of items I need to get, i.e. Fenders, lines, etc and am on it. I take delivery tomorrow but there are some minor things that I want to get fixed before I take it, it's currently at a marina that's a Chaparral authorized dealer, so I think that many of these items are under warranty, but not sure. Macerator not working properly, gear fluids are low (not sure if leak somewhere), some rust around rear cleats, screws, speakers, etc. but the boat has barely been used, literally. The head has never been used, the shore power line is still in box unwrapped and unused, etc. How do I know what is still covered under warranty and what isn't?
  11. OXR5253

    Newbie to chaparral 327 ssx

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and new to chapparal. I'm buying a "used" 2014 327 ssx with very little hours and im a total newbie. Anything in general I need to look out for with this 327? Common problems I'm likely to encounter? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also, thinking of adding swim platform padding and weave carpeting throughout. Anyone have this? Good idea? Not so much? Thanks