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  1. Hello all, I have a 2013 257 SSX and I'm having an issue with the boats info system. On startup it does the self test as it should and once up and running the display is stuck on "engine temp" and will not respond when either of the up/down or mode buttons are pushed. The only time it ever changes is after refueling. Then it's stuck on the option to reset the fuel level. Of course it will not respond to inputs to select yes or no and the system cannot be changed to display anything else. When I turn the engine off and restart, it goes back to the engine temp on the display. Additionally, the garmin GPS display will not show any info when you select to display the gauges on the GPS screen. All other GPS function work as they should. Any thoughts?
  2. It is kind of embarrassing bc it's pretty loud and it does make everyone in the area think there's a problem with my boat.... You'd think that could have been programmed in the system to override this one!
  3. ^^sorry, yes it sounds until the motor is started.
  4. I called the dealer and apparently it's completely normal for the alarm to sound after the test sequence is done. I was told that since the O2 senor has no exhaust blowing past it the sensor reads that as a problem and sounds the alarm and the message on the screen. To silence the alarm, you push the "mode" button twice and the alarm will stop sounding.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is.
  6. I have 2013 257 SSX with the 5.7L Volvo Penta motor. On startup after the test sequence I get a constant alarm with check engine displayed. Oil level is correct. Boat starts normally and runs cool (normal temp) with no other warnings during operation. Is this normal?