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  1. Load music from boats at fuel docks and idling through marinas, is just unnecessary.
  2. Coki, saw your post on fitting your 18 H2O in your garage.  Chaparral's website says the 18 is 20'7" with the trailer swing-away tongue folded.  Does the outdrive stick out past the swim platform?  Also any tips to find more space - not sure if putting the outdrive all the way down and over to 1 side buys you any more space ...

    I'm trying to see what I can fit into my garage.  Thanks.

  3. Yes sir, I figured that was a given. Muffs and a hose, with running water to the lower end intake. Just to make it clear to everyone!
  4. I always fire the Chap up while I'm still in the driveway, before heading to the lake. If it's not going to start, I want to know before we're at the ramp.
  5. I was raised on boats, good old dad never said "run her at 27MPH" he would always say, run her @ ... 2500 RPM's. And to this day, in the marina, I tell my daughter to run her at 1,000 RPM's.
  6. How many engine hours did this alarm first sound? What size Mercury?
  7. H2o 18 Sport, smart tabs are the way!!
  8. I launch solo, (not counting the dog) I do prep the boat before heading down the ramp. I back down the ramp, close to the dock (checking wind direction, I want the wind to blow the boat to the dock) unhook bow strap. walk down the dock, grab the stern line and pull the boat off the trailer. tie up, park the truck, find the dog, we gone!
  9. In the past year I've helped out two other boaters. One was out of gas with wife and small kids, he had a gas can with him, (makes me wonder) took him and his gas can to the marina for fuel and returned him to his vessel. Where I sat and did 360's until he was under way again. 4th of July, some drunk? boater waived me down, I tried to help with a tow. He was unable to tie my tow line to his boat & keep it secured. (not sure what his problem was) I then notice he had tied the tow line to his bow pulpit, that was about the same time the pulpit came off is boat! I to
  10. I went with composite, 80, no retractor kit. Note, I have noticed steering in reverse, the tabs make the boat react slower. But I wouldn't call it a problem, just noticeable. H2o 18' Sport 2015
  11. 2015 H2o 18' sport. I installed Smart tabs, what a difference! Very Happy!
  12. I keep thinking I am, however the rain has not stopped. Wasting a day off from work Friday, just to watch it rain? Should clear up by Sunday
  13. "An awanast man's pillow is his piece of mind." You are over thinking it. Invite your friends and family, party on Garth, it's your boat, no one tomorrow will remember it's name but you. What time should I be there?
  14. Boat us is who I'm with. Extra sea tow, and road side. I've have had 5 boats salt and fresh water. I've never had to file a claim, so that process in unknown to me. Insurance is just for, in case of. Insurance is a racket, owning more than you owe is key, don't forget your umbrella!
  15. I purchased a oil pump with hose and all hooks to the battery. Just stick the plastic hose down the dipstick tube and turn it on. A little slow, took about 15 mins.to sick out all the oil. Northern Tool $20.00
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