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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I seem to be hitting the fiberglass from inside of the cavity where the door slides into.
  2. I have a 2012 signature 330 and the sliding door seems to hit inside the housing. Has anyone been able to adjust the door to work properly?
  3. Wondering if there are other options for the rear curtain on 2012 Signature 330? Current canvas is on an angle from the hard top down to the swim deck. Looking for more headroom with the security of being closed off from elements. Also has anyone attached a Sure Shade to the under side of the hard top? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Is it a cushion or a blow up mattress?
  5. I am wondering where the cushion is for the forward v birth bed? The table is electronic and moves down as the support, but what is used for the center cushion? Thanks in advance!
  6. Are there issues with this particular model of engines?
  7. Is this with a full tank of fuel too?
  8. Looking to purchase a Signature 330 around year 2016. I am wondering about motor size for a vessel this large, 300 or 350? Question #2 - Mercury or Volvo? My last question is dual prop a must? Thanks in advance
  9. That's how my boat acts when fully loaded with a 350 mag, but it's a single motor, Thanks for the heads up!!
  10. I am wondering about this particular boat, I have a sig 250, looking to up grade to the sig 310. After owning the twin 5's, would you consider the twin 4.3's with this size of a boat?
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