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  1. Hi, I have a 2012 H2O 19 that I bought used. Very low hours, really well kept, unfortunately no factory tower bimini top. I have been running into walls as far as locating an oem top to add. The dealership want too much money. Did you actually purchase the top and frame for your boat from Great Lakes? Thanks, Corey
  2. Does anyone have experience adding a pad to the factory swim deck? I've looked at pre-cut kits as well as sheet material, not sure which way to go.
  3. I ended up purchasing a Carver tower bimini top, I think it was around $600. It doesn't look quite as nice as the OEM bimini, but for the price it works great! It provides nice coverage and so far has held up very well. Seems to be pretty well built.
  4. That looks like a nice stereo, but I'm looking for one that would mount in the same whole in the dash. Needs to be one of the small circular units. Thanks.
  5. That's what I've learned. The Monster MTK tower looks very similar but is a little heavier duty and not quite as rounded at the shoulders. The Chap bimini is $2500 + shipping and the MTK bimini is around $650 though, so I might just order the MTK and give it a try. Both would mount similarly. Thanks!
  6. The factory stereo in our boat has stopped working. It's one of the round gauge sized stereos mounted on the dash in front of the passenger seat. I hear this is a common occurance. Has anyone replaced one of these, and if so what brand/model have you had good luck with? Thanks!
  7. We have an HO Mavericks 4 person tube with a nice soft cover on top. My kids love it! Got it on sale at Overtons. Highly recommend!
  8. Has anyone mounted an aftermarket bimini top to their factory reverse arch wake tower? I'm comparing the Carver universal tower bimini and the Monster MTK tower top bimini for my 2012 H2O with the factory reverse arch tower. The MTK looks alot like the Chaparral bimini, just MUCH cheaper. The Carver mounts under the tower and attaches with clamps while the Monster requires some drilling. Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone! I'll post a picture when I get a top figured out.
  10. I've gone down that path with the local shop that seems to do the majority of the boat tops/covers in my area. Unfortunately they don't build tower bimini's, only under tower applications. If I can't find one that will work with my tower I may have to go that direction. Your's looks great by the way. Thanks!
  11. I just purchased a very lightly used 2012 H2O 19 with the factory reverse arch wake tower. I'm looking for a bimini that will attach to the top of the wake tower, Chaparral wants over $2000 for one. Anyone have experience with aftermarket bimini's for the factory tower? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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