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  1. Appreciate the feed back guys, i guess only time will tell. My mechanic feels that it is good move forward in protecting the cooling system, lets hope so it cost me $700 (AUD) to purchase and install.
  2. Just purchased a "Neutra Salt System" for my Chap 270, does anyone out there have any experience with using this system. Boat is moored at the marina year round, engine is a Vovlo Penta 5.7 GXi
  3. There is some train wrecks out there
  4. Tks Chappypete i appreciate the feed back, i'll give it a try
  5. Should my underwater LED blue light pulse or stay on, my light pulses when turn on.
  6. I own a 2011 chap signature 270, the boat is equipped with a underwater LED blue light below the transom. My question is should this light pulse like a strobe or should it just stay on, my unit pulses only.
  7. Volvo recommends letting the engine idle until engine temp stabillizes at it's normal operating temp, this allows the thermostat to open and ensures fresh water circulates through the engine
  8. Are you flushing with the boat out of water or with boat afloat?
  9. Can anyone explain to me how to pump waste overboard, there seems to be an overboard discharge line however i am unable to pump. I generally use the sullage facility on the dock, however once the correct legal distance offshore it would be nice to pump overboard
  10. I own a 2011 Signiture 270, currently living in Mandurah South of Perth

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