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    I know it has been listed on here before, but i can’t seem to find it using the search function. I have a Sunesta 264. Does anyone have a link where i can purchase an anchor to fit the clips in the front anchor compartment? Thanks
  2. Anewman

    What is this?

    Lol... no he didn’t!!!
  3. Anewman

    What is this?

    Perfect thanks!
  4. Anewman

    What is this?

    Anyone know... had the boat for 4 years, previous owner installed.
  5. If anyone has the same issue.. We replaced the props... It originally (i purchased the boat used) had 26 pitched props which we replaced with 24 degree props.... Night and day difference with acceleration of the boat. We now see 4650 RPM @ WOT. 56 MPH.
  6. Thanks for the feed back, hopefully get it resolved this week.
  7. Ok... title says it all... Which props for the Bravo 3, 8.1 liter merc. A little background...Purchased a 2009 sunesta 264 with 8.1 liter from a private individual end of last year... Only used it a couple of times... This year was really dissappointed with the performance.. Extremley doggy to get up on plane, and only putting out around 4100 RPM. 45 MPH.. after a little research i have decided it has the wrong props. We use the boat on lake Erie.. Any idea what props i should Buy? I spoke with one boat mechanic and he said there is no spec out there?!? He said it's more of a "trial and error".... There has to be a better answer than that! I'd appreciate any opinions. Boat is used for tubing and water skiing and the occasional trip to the islands for a joy ride. Thanks
  8. This is what i currently have:
  9. Looking to install SeaDek on my 2009 Sunesta 264 swim platform. I don't see it available on their website for my model. Can i pull off the factory stuff and send it to them? I like the faux teak.. Any reviews?. Also thought about installing it where the removeable carpet is. Do you think i can adhere it to non-slip material and add snaps to it? That way its removeable?.. Thanks, Anewman
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