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    255 SSI

    We had a 255 that we bought out of state a few years ago then sold when we moved to a lake front house on a smaller lake as we no longer needed a cuddy and it was too large for our dock. It was an amazing boat, perfect for the larger lake. When we were looking there were only 3 for sale in the country. We quickly sold it for more than we paid for it. There is a 265 here on the lake (open bow version) and I smile whenever I see it. They are beautiful boats. Post pics, here are some of our old 255:
  2. Keep in mind it doesn't mind what the boat was like when it came from the factory. Stupid prior owners and installers will have done whatever was easiest during any upgrades. On my 2005 SSi I found they had wired an add-on sub and amp directly to the starting battery terminals!
  3. I had a 2005 and I got a small container of appliance touch up paint at Lowes and that was a close (close enough) match for the white on my arch. Any of the colored gelcoat can be purchased from Spectrum Color - I have found it to be spot on for DIY repairs. If the 2015 is almost the same price as new, I would be tempted to go new especially with boat show incentives around the corner, nothing major to do and a new boat warranty. Volvo made some improvements to the Gen Vs in 2016/17 including one push weatherization - one plunger push and it drains the exhaust manifolds and water pump.
  4. Does anyone have any experience putting underwater LEDs on their dock for general ambiance? I'm interested in doing it, but there are too many options out there all claiming to be best and with minimal reviews. I also don't know if everyone is measuring their output (lumens) the same way to have a true apples to apples comparison. Would anyone who has done it comment on what they used and if they were happy with the results? I debated if this should go in Dock Talk since its for a dock...
  5. What do they charge to consign and would they be willing to do that?
  6. I had a 2005 255 (cuddy cabin version of your boat) with a Volvo 8.1Gxi (HO version) and I topped it out at 54MPH on GPS when I bought it in 2015. Was a very nice boat. Only sold it because we actually moved to a smaller lake and didn't need a cuddy cabin anymore and wanted a slightly smaller boat.
  7. Well this thread is now moot. We sold our beautiful 255 SSi as we moved from Bothell/Lynnwood to a house on Lake Tapps and it was too big for the lake/dock/boat lift. We picked up a used MB Sports Boss 190 to tide us over and will be looking at a 22 to 24 ft Chaparral with the Malibu licensed surf gate sometime next summer.
  8. Was at the dealer today and they said "real" neutral is in the 2017 models.
  9. I should add that when I went through the ITC catalog I noticed a lot of their parts on my boat: lights, handles, cupholders, etc.
  10. Don't know about your boat, but the OEM latches on my 255 SSI are the itc whisperlatch Bing that and see if they match. Amazon has but they are expensive, could find them cheaper elsewhere if you needed a couple. http://www.itc-rv.com/product/whisperlatch-cam-latch-cabinet-hardware/
  11. Mine is cracked in the back too, so I will pass. Thanks for the reply.
  12. That sounds like what I have. Here is the replacement hose I got: http://www.iboats.com/Extra-Heavy-Duty-Vinylvent-Hose-Series-420-Shields/dm/cart_id.386085620--session_id.668726325--view_id.1183479 And here is the air vent covers I have: http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/air-vent-3-vent-high-polished-81932ss-h/ You can't see the bottom, but essentially there are some clips that the wire in the hose fits around, and those in conjunction with the clips that hold the vent into the hole hold the hose on.
  13. My experience is similar to Steves. I found the Garmin starter kit on eBay for a good price. That is a better deal than buying ala cart. I have a Garmin 7607xsv, a Fusion head unit with remote, Garmin GPS antenna, fuel flow meter (all NMEA2000) a transducer and VHF which are not NMEA2000. Odds are the transducer will NOT be NMEA2000, so you will have to run it to the Garmin. Your NMEA cable only needs to go where you have NMEA devices which based on what you are using will be your engine compartment for engine management (check your year of engine to make sure its compatible, I missed the cut off by a year ). If you want to have a transom audio remote some day you will need the bus near it as well. I have the GPS at the helm. The Fusion head unit is in the cuddy cabin. The NMEA bus goes from the radio along the side of the boat all the way to the stern. Along the way I have "T's" for the radio, bus power, GPS, antenna, fuel sensor and transom stereo keypad to connect to the bus. I found that I had MUCH better GPS performance with the external antenna on the arch than using the built in antenna. The Horizon radio is NMEA0183 so its wired to the NMEA0183 port on the back of the GPS. The transducer cable is plugged into the back of the GPS. So at the end of the day I have three cables connected to my GPS: the default power/NMEA0183 cable, the transducer and NMEA2000 cable. I love how the Fusion stereo integrates into the Garmin. I did away with my helm stereo remote as I have full control of it from the Garmin, and I have depth, and all the other GPS info available on the stereo remote on the transom. Garmin has a guide about how to install NMEA2000 here: http://static.garmin.com/pumac/Tech_Ref_for_Garmin_NMEA2k_EN.pdf
  14. My bunks need some TLC. Will probably just replace the carpet as we may be downsizing or switching to an open bow boat.
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