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  1. rbh1

    Signature 350 Carpet

    Bob I wish I would have seen your post sooner. I would have asked Snap in carpet to use your pattern. I paid a local guy a bit moor to make a pattern and supply the carpet.
  2. rbh1

    Signature 350 Carpet

    Problem is the boat does not have the original carpet.
  3. rbh1

    Signature 350 Carpet

    I spoke with two separate sales people at Snapincarpets.com both advised they do not have the template for the 06 or latter with the one hole. I find that hard to believe as it has been the same from 06 through 09 and continued with the Sig 370. I also like the "better than teak II"
  4. rbh1

    Signature 350 Carpet

    I checked snapincarpet.com´╗┐ and they only have the old version with the two hole cut out.
  5. rbh1

    Signature 350 Carpet

    Would you know of any company out there that would have the pattern for an 07? Seems like the the older one have the same patter except one for the table. I don't have the old carpet to use for a template.
  6. rbh1

    Sig 300 03 vacuflush

    Does anyone know how to get at the Vacuflush vacume pump?
  7. rbh1

    Sig 300 03 vacuflush

    The vacume builds up presure and turns off as it should. Then the vacume pump turns on about 2 minutes latter for about 5 seconds and shuts off, 2 minutes latter the same thing. The bowl holds water fine.
  8. I recently purchased an 03 Sig 300 after Sandy took my 98 Sig 300. The vacuflush pump kicks on every 1-2 min. for about 5 seconds. After reading many posts I fugured the duckbill valves needed to be replaced. I purchased the duckbills and was going to insall myself. Here is the problem, it is inpossible for an adult to get to the unit located port side of the holding tank. I looked into possibly removing the wall in the aft cabin, with no luck. Any help would be great.
  9. Sorry for late reply, not sure but in the range of 2K.
  10. Yes I had to repalce the tank 2 yrs ago. They did NOT have to pull the engines out. He cut it out from in front of the engine. He also had to pull the seating in the aft cabin. Good Luck
  11. I had a simiar problem last year. It was a pin hole leak in the gas tank. The tank on my boat is beneath the bunk in the aft cabin. I would shut it down ASAP until problem is located. [center
  12. I purchase a Garmin 4208 last season and it kept freezing up. To my surprise it was not a antenna or a electrical problem. Customer service advised me to update the software and it actually fixed the problem. I had to remove the card from the unit and put it in the laptop. Go to the web site and they had a section on downloads and updates. It was actually very easy. Just a thought. I just checked the web site and there are many updates for the 530. Some of the past updates look like they may address your problem. Good luck
  13. All you need is a internet conection, I also use the usb port and a devise from verizon.
  14. Hank, I bought a DC powered flat screen tv and dvd player (combined) off ebay. I went to best buy and purchased a sling-box. with sling box anything that is on you home cable box you can view on your computer (with internet conection). I hook my laptop up to the tv and it works great. note; i pay a monthly fee for the internet celular modem. one time purchase for sling box, no additional fees.
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