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  1. The Monterey looks really nice. I am kind of wondering why they don't have any kind of dash space for gps. Seems odd to me. Also, only 300 hp in that boat might make it a bit of a dog. But I do agree that the cockpit layout is really nice.
  2. I've been looking at used 270's and noticed there are a lot on the market with the Mercruiser 350 mag. I think that's a great engine, but don't think it's probably enough power for the 270 at 300hp. I've also seen quite a few with the Volvo 350hp engine. It's a light engine with quite a bit of power for it's size. Anyone on here with experience with this combo? How much difference does that 50hp make? Thanks
  3. Only the 270 Signature left? Wow.
  4. Anywhere from 50-52 is about as good as it gets.
  5. Night boating is one of my favorite things. But, as said many times in this thread, you have to be very careful. It's so peaceful to slowly cruise across the very still waters after sunset. But I don't use my docking lights and I don't go out if it's overcast. Only when there is plenty of moonlight. You would be surprised how well you can see.
  6. I understand now. I wonder how much lighter the "newer" 270 is versus the older boat? And how much of a difference it would make? It sounds like you get pretty good performance from yours.
  7. You have the 8.1 in yours? How is your cruise/top speed in that boat? Also, were there significant hull changes in later models? I've been looking at boats in the 2013 - 2015ish range.
  8. TimBrown

    Remote help

    I've found the Clarion version probably doesn't exist anymore. I searched for them for my boat and couldn't located one. I even looked for used ones on eBay. If you find them, please post back here so the rest of us can try to track one or two down. I don't think the newer version you posted a pic of will work with the older units. I believe there are a couple of extra pins in the connectors. Good luck, but you might have to swap out your head unit.
  9. After an earlier thread where I asked about what could be a good boat for Lake Michigan, I've been warming to the idea of a 270 Signature. I've been doing some looking at used Signatures online and have noticed the most popular power plant for that boat seems to be the 300 hp Volvo. There are a few Mercruisers in that same category and I've seen one or two with the Merc 377 Mag. I'm curious if anyone here has one of these boats with a 300 hp engine and what they think of the performance. My Sunesta has the Merc 350 Mag with the Bravo III and I've been very happy with that combination, but I wonder if the 300 hp is enough to push a 270. Would I regret a boat like this? I don't want a dog and would like to still be able to pull the kids on the tube, etc. This forum is always a great place for advice and I've learned a lot over the last couple of years. I really like how open people are with thoughts about their own boats and that's what I'm hoping for now. Thanks!
  10. My father is 83 and has cancer. Good for you for doing this. My hats off to you.
  11. That's exactly why I want something bigger with a closed bow. I've been in Chicago a few months now and love the lake, but have noticed the weather can change quite quickly and get quite violent. I want something that gives me a better chance to get to safety with everyone fairly dry and happy. I've been looking at the Signature 270's now and really like that boat. I especially like how the newer ones are designed in the cockpit, and the swimdeck with the back sunpad reminds me of the newer Sunestas. Have you been happy with your Signature on the lake? I know it's bigger than what I'm looking at.
  12. I really like the look of your Signature. Was your Sea Ray underpowered?
  13. I'm curious what you mean by a large cuddy cabin? Does Chaparral make one? I see a lot of Searay's in the harbors around Chicago and figured they must be a pretty good boat for the lake. I don't think I've seen a Chaparral yet.
  14. I currently own a Sunesta that I use on lakes in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. It's a great boat and has been a lot of fun for my family. I recently took a job in Chicago and want to get out on Lake Michigan. I think the Sunesta is too small and doesn't possess the deadrise I would like to have on that kind of water. I also don't want an open bow on that lake. I think I could go around 60-80k deer max. I don't have a problem buying used, but don't want to go too old. I've seen a few 280 Sundancers in that range. I am thinking a newer model with the 8.2 sounds interesting. I also like my Chaparral quite a bit, any thoughts on Signatures?
  15. I am curious what happened. This is a harbor area. I wonder if he hit something out on the lake or had a catastrophic failure and was trying to make it in but could quite get to a dock? This is also an area where people rent what they call "cans" to tie up. The slips at the docks have electricity, but of course the cans don't. He could have been tied up for a couple of weeks or longer and not used the boat. Might have had a bit of a leak and run the batteries down until his bilge pump quit. At the dock, everyone is hooked up to shore power so it's not as much of a worry. This morning as I was heading south on Lakeshore Drive I noticed three salvage boats around it working.
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