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  1. Thanks, will do. It is frustrating since I don't have the knowledge to know whether or not people are telling the truth. Looking for a place but I called two places this morning and both said of course they can't tell without seeing it, but that with the Volvos they are "so expensive to work on", that many times it is cheaper to just replace the entire outdrive or at least the upper unit. That way you get a warranty. One place told me they don't have the very expensive volvo tools and that is why they only replace the outdrives on Volvos but work on mercs. Will try to find an actual
  2. So the way I have mine setup I could do what you are suggesting but I haven't tried it yet. I have front and rear RCA out on my factory head unit. Those both goto the 6 channel amp. (I don't know if I have dedicated sub RCA from factory radio or if the sub is getting input from the rear RCAs) I have dual zone controller knobs (basically two volume controls that work directly with the amp). The double volume knob was added next to my throttle and the driver remote radio controls, so this is very convenient. One controls the sub and the other controls the tower speakers. For normal li
  3. Yes northern suburbs of chicago, mainly boat on the Chain of Lakes.
  4. My notes from the call was that they would have to fully dissemble the lower part of the outdrive to know exactly what all was broken. The boat is in storage now so I don't know if I can tell what is broken if anything in the lower unit without either taking it somewhere else or taking it apart myself. The parts don't seem crazy expensive if there are broken parts. Thanks Kevin
  5. I have to admit, I do let the fear of breaking ruin part of the day. I just like to be prepared and at this point, I am not prepared at all. I don't even know where I would take the boat when it breaks, I hear bad stories about most of the dealerships in this area. I guess that is why I wanted to buy a backup and start learning and doing all the maintenance myself. This boat purchase was my first toy, where i was going to leave everything to the dealership and just pay and enjoy. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like I can do that, I have to learn everything anyway or keep getting rip
  6. It keeps gear oil level and the bellows were still intact, so no water and not leaking gear oil. They said the engine couplet, the drive shaft splines were triangles instead of squares and play in the lower unit. It ran perfectly after I left. I realize it didn't get it lubed internally but to be ruined in 300 hours seems crazy. My brother has a merc and he claims that all he has to do is change the gear oil on a regular basis. Kevin
  7. Just so I am not always complaining. First thing last summer, I upgraded the the factory bimini on the 2014 SSI 226 with a Samson Sport Blade tower. Originally I thought I could install it myself, you know I watch youtube videos but ended up finding Chuck and waketowerpro.com. Chuck lives in Kansas City (I think) but will come to your house to install the tower and electronics. It made me feel good that Samson Sports had experience with Chuck so I ordered all the equipment through Chuck. Also, since I don't have a loading dock at my house, it was cheaper to buy all the supplies thro
  8. So long story sorry, in 2015 bought a new 226 SSI with a 5.0 Volvo Penta SX-a from Munson. Did the 20 hour with Munson which included the outdrive maintenance. Did the 100 hour gear oil change with local marina, Was told by Munson owner that Volvo outdrives need more than just gear oil change and marina wasn't doing all the Volvo maintenance steps. So she convinced me that I should only use them for outdrive maintenance. So around 180 hours had Munson do outdrive maintenance and gear oil change, and around 280 hours Munson did outdrive maintenance and i was told I needed a new outdr
  9. Just trying to find out what Volvo dealerships people have had good luck with in NE Illinois. I know some really like Munson Ski but I just don't feel they have treated me well. But now with the latest event (will be a different post), I really need to find a Volvo dealership that people trust. As always thanks! Kevin
  10. Thanks Hatem, that makes me feel a bit better. Just annoyed that I spent all this money and store it inside year around and don't use it a ton and know that I have no chance of keeping it like new. I guess I have to adjust my standards when it comes to this boat.
  11. I will say that Mary Joe is very good and draws you back in, but my favorite conversation with her was after I had found out that not much that the sales guys told me was true. She was fully brought up to speed and said to me that she has been trying to stop them from telling customers those things. I was glad she recognized that I was told these things, but it isn't like she did anything to remedy them. I really wish I could trust them and always bring my boat there, especially since I bought a volvo, but each time I tell myself that I am not going to bring it there next time.
  12. 2014 226 SSI I also have the 5 year warranty. Haven't had good luck with my dealership or this boat, Mainly due to dealership. Wouldn't recommend buying a Chap in northern Illinois. Problem, I just noticed hairline cracks where the ski platform meets the hull, only on the port side. No visible damage, boat practically new. I was told that chaparral reviewed and the hull is not covered. I just can't believe that I thought I had a bumper to bumper 5 year warranty and limited life time hull warranty and neither covers cracks in the fiberglass. Besides pissing and moaning, can I
  13. How far down have you let it go? I have an airplane that if you top off the oil, it will blow out almost a quart quickly but never go down any further. The good news is, it is still well within the operating envelope of the engine, so we stopped putting in the last 1/2 a quart and now we don't have to clean off the bottom of the plane either. Win/Win Don't know if that could be an issue for you or if boat engines work differently. Kevin Edit: Just saw Toddler said the same thing, I agree with him.
  14. I guess I should pull the rope in, (thanks for the advice, I will do that from now on) I wouldn't of thought they would of gotten that close to us at speed. I did have the flag up, it is now the law in Illinois. For some reason, I thought it was illegal to drive that close to another boat in Illinois, but I just read through the Illinois boating handbook and it just says safe distance while towing. Thanks, Kevin
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