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  1. Thanks, I will give that a try! That explains why the speedometer isn't working either.
  2. I have a '95 18' with the SS motor. I noticed last season some water leaking from under the dash while I was driving. Thought maybe water was collecting some where under neath the horn vent from the rain. I had just taken it out for the first time this last Wednesday, I know I had the boat covered with a tarp before taking it out. Thought this would solve my problem. Once got the boat launched and was getting up to speed, the same problem recurred. I had my friend drive while I looked under the dash to see where the water was coming from. There was a 1/4" hose gushing water out while in drive. I couldn't see where the hose was disconnected from. Has any one had this problem? My radio and speedometer has been shorted out cause of this. The hose is ran through the main wire harness that feeds back to the batterie... Appreciate any feed back. Thanks
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