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  1. 2008 236ssi with docking lights. The original halogen lights are just too dim to do any good, so I am wanting to upgrade to a LED replacement. Anyone here ever made the switch to LEDs? If so, what lights are you using and where did you get them?
  2. Wait...you bought a brand new boat and didn't test drive it!!??
  3. Sorry xps...I got a bit fired up. I drove the boat around on Monday after I took possession of her, and WOW! This boat does handle like its on rails! So much better performance than my ol' Larson. Just to keep this thread on track...I will post an update here when I remove the graphics, hopefully it'll turn out good. Cheers!
  4. So, what is the average per season??? Wouldn't it be reasonable to think the 'season' in Minnesota is considerably less than the 'season' in Florida?? I don't mean to be confrontational on my first post on here, but the fact that you have planted this seed of doubt about my purchase, solely on the fact that the boat has 52 hrs on it, is a bit frustrating. Is there anyone else on here that can support these 'lack of use' failures on their Chaparrals???? I'm not talking about examples of boat abandonment either, the boat I just purchased was routinely maintained and used every season, just very sparingly. A bit of history.... I also have a 2003 Larson 190 LXi with a Volvo 4.3 GXi with 250 hours on it. Bought it new in 2003 - this equates to approximately 20.8 hrs per 'season.' It has been a fantastic boat and is the reason I passed on several Merc powered boats to purchase a Volvo powered boat. I am biased due to the bullet-proof history of my Volvo-powered Larson.
  5. xpsmax, Thanks for the heads up. I will keep an eye on it. I've never heard of failures due to too low of hours... That trailer was not included with the boat...dealers trailer used to display boat on the lot. She's safely back on the lift in the slip now.
  6. Thanks!! Those are some very nice boats! I'm going to remove mine and hope for the best! Pic.pdf
  7. Hey all! I just purchased a 2008 236 SSI (with 52 hrs) yesterday!! It has the Volvo 5.7 and wakeboard tower. My question is about the graphics (stickers) on the side of the boat. Has any one removed them and if so, was there any 'shadowing' remaining from the stickers? Thanks for the input!! I'll post some pics of her later!
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