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  1. Some of the comments about this video mention that the smaller boat was probably rented, and that's why they didn't know what to do. Somebody also noticed that they have stopped outside of a channel entrance (see buoy about 0.45 seconds in), the place you never want to stop. The captain trying to assist was on his PA encouraging him to throw them their anchor line and be pulled away. I think you can see the anchor out on top of the bow of the smaller boat. I have no idea why the smaller boat didn't move out of the way in the first place, but at least they have their PFD's on and didn't jump overboard. Found the specs on the tanker Horizon Athena: 183 meter oil tanker. It's not stopping because it can't.
  2. Here's the note about it from the OP: "Yeah the owner was inexperienced, didn't realize how powerful it was. He panicked when he pulled the throttle back and the boat moved fast, so he rammed the throttle all the way forwards as a knee jerk reaction and he got thrown out the back of the boat, breaking his foot in the process." Edit: One of the comments: "This is why you wear a safety lanyard."
  3. dlparch

    YouTube video of lucky boater

    I googled Lake Roosevelt, it's the impounded Columbia River by the Grand Coulee Dam. This is why you get off the lake when you see a storm coming.
  4. I'd love to see the plans for this monster. 140 meters = 459.3 feet. Crew of 65 http://www.marinengineers.com/post/3884553/russian-billionaire-has-worlds-largest-140-metre-sailing-superya
  5. dlparch

    Port of Amsterdam during Sail 2015 (time lapse)

    Here's another time lapse of the same event, different location, faster speed. About 50 seconds in, tugs help spin two large big ships and nudge them to dock. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4d0_1440589566
  6. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c06_1440071773 Interesting to see the ferry cross back and forth about 6 times. Plus all the guys going against the flow of traffic seem to make it without problems. Maybe people become more observant and patient when there's a big event.
  7. dlparch

    How to dock in Scandinavia

    This is about my speed....
  8. dlparch

    Hard Water Spot Removal from Hull

    I boat at Possum Kingdom Lake, which has hard water (high mineral content), and it spots. A few years back the local guys told me about Ducky, and I have no complaints. Comes in a spray bottle. http://www.duckyproducts.com/
  9. dlparch


    Relevant web article on surviving in heavy seas: http://mariovittone.com/2014/09/expecting-the-unexpected/ Here's one line that jumped out: In his must-read book, Deep Survival, Laurence Gonzales wrote, “The word “experienced” often refers to someone who has gotten away with doing the wrong thing more frequently than you have.”
  10. dlparch

    Flywheel vs. starter

    You're probably right. Maybe the term should have been "water ingested": there was a small amount of water in one cylinder only. Thinking was it had leaky manifold gasket, and we also replaced that.
  11. dlparch

    Flywheel vs. starter

    It was OEM. Perhaps the throw eventually shortened throughout it's life: I (we) did not measure the throw. All teeth were present on starter also. After they removed it, the shop bench tested the old one, and even with the corrosion present it extended and ran, albeit a bit balky.
  12. dlparch

    Flywheel vs. starter

    I'm second owner of this well-maintained boat that has been used 15 summers. It has 610 hours, all on one freshwater lake, in a private covered dock, out of the water. Last year I finally replaced the steering cables and the exhaust manifolds during the off-season. About 2 weeks ago, after tubing 5 muscled teenage boys who just would not quit (5 hours!), I believe I hydrolocked the engine when I shut it down immediately upon docking. Not knowing that it was hydrolocked, I tried starting it about 10 minutes later, and heard what could be labelled as an “expensive noise”. This is a term of art and involves metallic grinding, but I’m pretty sure that’s when I damaged the starter and/or the flywheel. Hoping it was just bad starter, I replaced the starter (ARCO) on the dock, and saw that the flywheel teeth are now “toothed” (see pic with starter removed) and there were metal shavings on the old starter. The new starter only whirs. I trailered the boat to the marina, resolved the hydrolock, spun the engine completely to determine I wasn't missing flywheel teeth, but the consensus among the mechanics is the flywheel has to be replaced. This means outdrive comes off and engine gets pulled. I've resigned that my season is done, but I'm sure this engine could use the TLC to get me to more years. So, my thinking is to use this time wisely, give the mechanic some guidance and allowance threshold about replacing anything that needs it. I trust them completely. The mechanic mentioned a small through-hull fitting that should be replaced. My outdrive was serviced in 2011 (gear lube, etc.): does anyone know what else should be addressed for this possibly (hopefully) once in-a-lifetime event? Here’s some additional thinking, since I’ll have access: · Finally get the extended swim platform, if I can find an OEM ESP for a ’99. Cecil’s website sent me to the local supplier (Plano Marine) who said nope. I've been trolling local part yards, Craigslist and EBay for years, waiting for a new/used OEM platform to come up, but they're rare. I think one came on Ebay around 2010, and the guy who spotted it here bought it. I really don't want the aftermarket ones and would like to continue to hold out until I can get an OEM one: I agree with Shepherd that they look best. · Install the 60 pound Smart tabs.
  13. dlparch

    Tell me about jet ski's / PWC's

    If you're based on a dock, think of the jet ski like an on-the-water motorcycle. You'll find it's sometimes easier/quicker to fire them up and run an on-water errand, check out somebody who needs help, or investigate something floating in the water. They're basically 10'-6" long safety boats: I've towed a lot of boats back to the ramp with our jet skis. And if you know what you're doing, the large boat wakes are fun to jump. In Texas, if you attend an 8 hour boater safety class and pass the test, you can drive a jet ski solo between the ages of 13-18. Before we bought ours, we asked the marina mechanic which brand he works on the most and the least. He said Yamaha was the most reliable, and that's checked out so far.
  14. dlparch

    Bling and Gelcoat

    I hadn't thought of scratching gelcoat: I thought you were going to pitch it as a safety issue. Put about 2 laps-worth of some water=proof tape over rings. Google "ring degloving". Describe entire outcome of that to anyone who balks on tape. Source: use to be a medic with tank unit, saw it happen.... But after awhile you're talking about all jewelry: pierced ears, gauges, nose rings....you gotta stop somewhere. Can't they just put down a towel? I like otterboxes for phones and wallets. But if you have one for everybody, that gets to be problem.