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  1. Did that cable have a part number associated with it? One of the reasons I left Sirius last year was that we used our old Sirius tuner in both the truck and the Boat. Their new SXV300 tuner plugs directly into the back of the radio with no extension cables available that I could find. My truck needed a new radio and it only worked with the newer sirius tuner. But the new design prevented me from being able to swap it to my boat. The old Tuner just had a plug, and you bought a cable to connect it to the radio. That cable was available so I had two, one for the boat, one for the truck. Made it very nice to have one subscription for both vehicles.
  2. Sorry, somehow I missed your reply. We had a great time... I didn't know there were some Jump rocks, however we found a couple great places to hang out/swim. while we were hanging out someone stopped asking us if we knew where the cliffs were... (which we didn't know about). Got in some good skiing, and wake boarding, and just hanging out/swimming off the boat. Water was beautiful, weather was good. We stayed at the state resort which was nice enough (a bit dated but we didn't hang out in there except to sleep)
  3. Ya, this seems to work sometimes and for a little bit. It's not a permanent solution. Ideally, the board could 'parse' the share url to display the image. The share url from google would work. the old right click and save that long URL is not permanent unfortunately. As OCMD2 said, we cannot see yours. you can validate/verify it by opening a incognito window to this thread and you'll see you cannot see them.
  4. ya, compared to a car or our old 4.3 this is slow. it takes a mental 'readiness' to not stop trying to start it before it kicks over. Your brain (or mine) assumes its going to catch and I'll stop before it fires over.
  5. Mine certainly doesn't start instantly.
  6. Mine? no... it was a 2 speed manual. The new one is apparently a single speed 2000lb. Should be here Thursday so I have time to install before our trip to Dale Hollow (Kentucky)
  7. Unrelated to my post, so a bit OT, but your signature is messed up from photobucket changes http://imgur.com/a/MH3AU
  8. right, and if I can get the one I BOUGHT (which according to knott would be the same one he would send me) returned and the 2k single for free, that will be a start to get me "on the road" immediately. I started shopping for a replacement setup last week, but will need to replace the whole winch mount (post) and all since this one has the winch integrated. Unless I can find a way to integrate another one into the current stand.
  9. So, as a follow up to this, late last week I reached to both Karavan who made my trailer, and Knott. Knott sent me some additional contact information for their us branch and I again emailed them. Karavan responded and I was able to find and order a new winch that should hopefully be here Thursday. Then last evening (around 4pm) I got an email from Knott. The email stated that they had a problem with that original 2500lb 2 speed winch that came on my boat, and had discontinued it replacing it with a 2000lb single speed winch. He also offered to send me out the replacement at no cost. SO... I have two coming, and I've reached back out to Karavan (just via email this morning) and asked them what I need to do to return theirs. I'm going to eat the shipping costs for sure, and I had it shipped 3 day so it would be here before our trip this weekend, but I might be better off than originally thought. I'm a little disappointed with Karavan for not offering to replace it as they must have known the history of that winch.
  10. All my photos get backed up to google photo's, and I just created a small album and shared it. You guys can also check out imgur, I've used that before too, but with google photo's its just auto uploaded / easy.
  11. We do use transom straps, and like I said above, we've owned this boat for a few years w/o issues, and the previous boat also. I don't remember anything crazy happening on the way out this summer either. Ya, we don't force it on for sure, as I've never trusted winches to do more than the last foot or so.
  12. Ah.. great idea, thanks
  13. We are going to be visiting Dale Hollow for the first time next weekend. 3 couples and one boat (ours). We're camping/boating. Any other Chappy Family members out that way? Anything we must do/see while there?
  14. So, My normal Summer trip in the boat is 1200 miles round trip. This would be the 3rd time w/this boat. I am *guessing* that during transport a bump or bumps caused this, but we of course didn't notice it until it was time to load up and come back. Being we were at the ramp and 600 miles from home I just forced it probably damaging it more, but "what ya gonna do" I've ordered another winch (same) directly from Karavan (Karavan trailer, I reached out to Knott but didn't hear anything back) but I probably should start thinking about replacing the brand/type for something better. I assume the next one will eventually do the same. I posted this in a H2O FB group as well and one other member had a similar issue and replaced his with something different. What sucks is it is one c clamp , one nut and about 3 minutes worth of work to get this thing out and it's a $5 part, but of course you can't get it. Gotta love the throw away world we live in. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zi3hLC5p0tpvj9ZJ3
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