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  1. Denny, do you have a recommendation for lubricant on the seat slides? Whatever was on there seemed to attract a fair amount of dirt and gummed up so it was pretty hard to slide. oh yea, my girl and I are getting some quality time...I'm also replacing exhaust manifolds and risers, so we're getting really close.
  2. Deny, just wanted to let you know I got the seat off the base. Worked just like you said. Now I've got to replace the seat bottom as a couple of the t-nuts pulled out. Just more fun for the weekend. Thanks again
  3. Denny, Thank you for the video, I"ll try it this weekend. Coles
  4. Hello all, yes my seat looks almost exactly like that. I think this seat is supposed to recline down to flat, but it doesn't want to move, except the whole thing moves fore and aft. So if I need to partially recline it for access inside the base, that's a problem too. Thanks for you help Hatem and Denny, I really appreciate it and look forward to your reply, Coles By the way, those seats look great, are they original or been recovered? Mine are original and look good but not that good!!
  5. I'll get some tomorrow. Thanks...Sorry I was unprepared, just posted out of desperation after rediscovering this site. My boat has been not used for the past 3 years and I'm in the process of bringing it back out. I'm replacing manifolds and risers and was doing a general cleanup today while I wait for the manifolds to arrive when I discovered the seat problem.
  6. I have a 1987 200XLC. I've owned it and loved it since 1992. It has been kept under cover or in my garage since new and is in very good shape. I do have a problem now that I can't figure out. I need to take the passenger seat out to replace a couple of screws in the bottom of the seat. Looks like I have to take the whole base out to get to the bottom of the seat. Does anyone know if that's true and if so how do I get it out? Are the screws under the carpet around the base? Thanks to anyone who can help. I can get pictures if needed.
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