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  1. The part is shipped and you should have it in a few days
  2. Is it like this ? I have one from when I replaced my shower and did not change the plastic housing. I can send it to you for shipping cost. Raypex
  3. I just wanted to update this thread. I replaced all of the rubber connections, changed some clamps to the "T" style and replaced the riser gaskets (4). All is well and there have been no issues. I also really like my Hardin pump. It gives me Peace of mind about my cooling system. Ray
  4. Did you get the Eco?

    Did it work?

    I'm dying to know!


  5. Exoset, Thanks for your time and assistance. I will look in the boat for existing wiring and keep watch for good a good price on a display. Your input has been very much appreciated! Thank You
  6. Exocet, That's great advice, I will keep my eye open for a used VV4. And I think I do have a digital signal from my out drive trim. Is that all I need to get Eco-mode to work? Thanks for your help with this! Ray
  7. Lucky, Alarms go off for a lot of reasons, the 150 degree temp sounds fine. Is it closed cooled? Is the exhaust overheating? Maybe an impeller problem. Low oil? I am no expert but these may be some starting ideas. Best of luck.
  8. Exocet, What a beautiful set up you have there. Nice Job! The Vessel View 4 you pointed out is for 2007 and newer engines. I would probably have to build a network and put in sensors to achieve that level of info. This is beyond what I need and beyond budget. I want to spend less than $5-600 and get a better idea of how much gas I'm burning. I don't think I even need something that is expandable. I have no intention of ever needing chart plotters and such. I have a Lake Michigan map book, a working compass, a handheld VHF, and a cell phone. That is sufficient for my occasional jaunts into "big" water. Rest of the time, I'm a river boater. It's pretty hard to get lost in a river. I just want to take advantage of the Smartcraft information that is hiding in my PCM and I can't justify a big expense to do it. BTW, I see you have the Lenco Auto-glide. How do you like it? I am considering adding Bennett 16 X 12 Sport Tabs to my boat which is one of the main reasons for being frugal about gauges, the other reason for penny pinching is a hefty repair bill coming for a gimble ring. Ray
  9. This is the eco. Merc Monitor Eco This is the SC 1000. Smartcraft Gauges This is the smaller Monitor Square monitor
  10. Hi all, I've decided that I would benefit from the addition of a fuel monitoring device. I was researching the Floscan unit and Lowrance LMF 200 and 400 then I found that my engine is Smartcraft compatible. I don't want to replace all of my gauges and want to make a smart buying decision to accomplish what I want at the lowest cost. I can't justify spending $1000 to confirm that I'm spending $100's in gas. I have spoken to Mercury support in Fon-du-lac and I have exhausted all of the posts on multiple forums on the topic but I cannot seem to find exactly what to buy. The Merc monitor with the Eco looks interesting but the Merc rep said it probably would not work. He suggested a SC1000 tach along with the blue cable and a 4-way junction would work. I like the idea of the Eco monitor as fuel efficiency is more important than fuel consumption. I'm thinking my lowest cost option is the smaller square system monitor which I could make a new hole for and leave the original gauges alone. I can't seem to figure out what information this unit will actually display. I think GPH is one of the standard values which can be read from the PCM without any additional sensors. Does anyone know if it can display MPG without adding anything? Can I add a GPS antenna to get MPG? I am not critical about accuracy, I'm just trying to run more efficiently. More sensors and more expensive options may be more accurate but simply enough, if MPG goes up or down by tweaking throttle or trim I would know if I am wasting gas or not. As I said, I have read and read and read about this so much my head is spinning! My boat is a 2002 265 SSI 496 MAG ser 0M332089 Bravo 3. Thank you in advance for being such a knowledgeable and friendly bunch! Edit: I should probably add that I have no other electronics on board and my speedo does not work.
  11. Thanks, pops. Its Good to hear some positive feedback.
  12. Pic of Corsa exhaust This might help. The solenoid and rod are mounted to the housing and you can kind-of see how the diverter pivots. You are welcome to stay on my thread but you will get more input by starting your own. Ray And Congrats on the new Boat!
  13. Bullitt, I would suspect that you have a problem with the actuator. Either it's bad or the power supply to it has a problem. I would start with a test light. Do you know what you are looking at? You can activate the solenoids via the dash switch with the key on. The actuators should give a loud click and move the rods which are connected to the diverters.
  14. Raypex

    RNR Marine

    I think. You can do better on price through Ameritex Fabric Systems. They have the patterns and are very helpful. I bought my camper enclosure for a 2002 265 SSI and saved quite a bit.
  15. Thanks for the good info guys. I don't think my overheat problem will continue nor will I need to reconfigure anything. My big question is if the diverters should be rebuilt and how to go about it? Does anyone have experience with this? I will look into the better clamps for the drips Thanks to all for your help!
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