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  1. I had the same problem with my 2006, Signature 310 where water was seeping from the anchor locker down underneath the forward berth. Long story short, empty the anchor locker, clean and buy a can of Flex Seal. One coat and it never leaked again.
  2. Is there a storage cabinet inside the cabin in the water tank vicinity? I could easily access my water heater and holding tank by removing the port, rear storage cabinet on my Signature 310. Hope this helps... WAB
  3. It depends on where you boat. Some states required all water to be drained to a holding tank. We purchased our boat from a seller in New Hampshire and it was plumbed so that all water went to the holding tank. Florida does not have that requirement, so I re-configure the gray water drains to flow overboard.
  4. Yes, of course I still watch Svengoolie. My new cable provider doesn't carry MYTV, so I had to purchase an antenna! One good shot of bleach will remove a lot of contaminants, maybe not as good as a half hour flush, but when done often, it works as well. Close your seacock and fill the strainer with bleach, then have someone turn on the AC. When the pump kicks on, open the seacock. You will be amazed at the dirty water you see coming out the overboard drain.
  5. You can easily do that yourself with a bottle of bleach. Cost 99 cents.
  6. Check the strainer? Maybe the pump is bad or sucking air due to a loose connection. Could be an obstruction between the pump and overboard discharge. I had a dirt dauber just inside my overboard discharge once. I used a garden hose with the spray nozzle and backwashed the system and it cleared it up.
  7. I always used Starbrite Non Skid Deck Cleaner with PTEF on the bow of the boat because it works well at removing spider crap, plus it leaves a protective coating on the non skid. I just scrubbed it on, let sit for 5 minutes, then scrub again and rinse. I used the citrus soap for the remainder of the boat with a wool pad, never a brush. Over the years a brush will damage the gel coat appearance.
  8. Boat clubs are more likely to do the scheduled maintenance than your average Joe. Same with rental cars.
  9. I would prefer a boat that has been used a lot instead of a boat that just sat. My experience has been when my boat sat for a couple of months, bad things happened, so when I wasn't able to use the boat for an extended amount of time, I would start the boat,, run the generator and A/C for a half hour every two to three weeks.
  10. The amount of storage space under the forward berth will offset any "flexibility" issues. It's huge! I'm curious as to what flexibility you would loose? To each is own, but I like not having to lower a table or add cushions just to go to bed and we don't like sleeping in confined spaces.
  11. I tried the rail mount, but kept having issues. One time the grill fell over while in use, so I had a rod holder added, problem solved.
  12. The 290 we looked at had an electrically controlled table you had to lower to make the forward berth. The aft berth was more like a coffin for two (my wife's words) and not well ventilated for cold air circulation which is a huge need during the Florida summers. No disrespect intended as the 2007 290 just wasn't the boat for us.
  13. We looked at a new 2007 Signature 29 but a few things turned us off so we opted for a used 310 instead. The biggest thing about the 29" we didn't like was that you had to lower your galley table every night to go to bed and the minor thing was that there no place to store a trash can in the cabin area. The 29' boat in stock at the dealership at the time was a black hull and I wanted a blue hull, but in retrospect, my next boat will be white.
  14. Kohler? Crank it over and watch the impeller to see if it rotates, if not, the shaft may be broken which is an easy and cheap fix. Also could be a weak battery.
  15. Maybe you had something such as toilet paper or sludge stuck on the senders and the towing the boat may have dislodges said debris. My 3/4 level quit working, so I removed it and cleaned it until the float would travel freely and reinstalled it and it works fine (11 years old now).
  16. If yours is like mine, the light goes off when you're above Empty, but not yet 3/4. Maybe your level is between Empty and 3/4?
  17. Are you referring to the tank level indicator lights? What's your boat model and year?
  18. The water heater is part of your fresh water system, so as long as you have enough water in your fresh water tank, it should be full.
  19. Do you have the selector button on the generator set on REMOTE?
  20. I would guess all boats, especially boats sold in the US are good boats rather it's a Bayliner or Cobalt. They all float, have similar engines and perform rather well, it just comes down to quality and functionality. You want faux teak or real teak, real leather or "pleather" and the list goes on. When I was searching for our bowrider and our cabin cruiser I had to weigh the price vs quality and on both instances it was Chaparral.
  21. They can heat the prop with a rosebud and easily remove the prop once it expands. The shifting issue you're having seems more like a shifter cable in my opinion.
  22. I see cabin cruisers priced at book value sitting on sites like Boat Trader for eternity. Check what boats are listed at book value now and come back six months later and the same boats are still there. One of my boating friends tried for two years to sell his pristine 27 foot cabin cruiser just below book value. I priced mine at book value for two weeks on Boat Trader and Craigslist and not a single lead. I dropped it about 10K below book value and had a buyer within a week on Craigslist. There's just too many boats out there and no one is willing to pay book value no matter how well kept you
  23. I just sold Weekend At Bernie's with an ad on CL and Boat Trader. The guy that bought the boat read about it on CL. The responses I got from Boat Trader was mostly brokers and some group out of Vegas that wanted to help me help get financing for my perspective buyer. CL was a mixture of tire kickers and a couple of possible phishes, but eventually a buyer. I didn't want to pay a broker thousands of dollars for something I could do in 15 minutes because my situation was simple , no lien and the buyer was pre-qualified thru USAA.
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