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  1. Don't pay for the wrinkles. On the other hand, get Billy to lend you some of his female friends to take the wrinkles out by sitting on the seat. Saul
  2. Flush out system with salt away and water. Then also use salt away on hull and trailer and then rinse off entire boat with water, then finally wash with soap and water and clean interior. Not fun and easy but needs to be done everytime, if you want your boat to last. Saul
  3. Congrats, now lets see some pics, please. Saul
  4. twin group 24 1000CCA will work. I just replaced mine wih DEKA batteries.
  5. Naw, Too Small. I usually have my wife fit the 50 Cal in her purse....... I have the Ma duece mounted to the transom of the boat..... Dang!
  6. Have fun and be safe. Saul
  7. Asked the bad mannered people to step off my boat and explain to them that they are trespassing on private property and subject to all measure to protect said property. Saul
  8. As long as it engages the hitch and your tow vehicle isn't ridding low, then you should be fine. Try changing over your trailer hitch to a newer set up if it concerns you. Also, check inside the trailer hitch to see that the lock is sitting on the ball properly. It might need adjustment. Saul
  9. Oh Boy. Hope you get well soon. Saul
  10. Just picked up a Minn Kota precision charger at Bass Pro. On sale and it is a 2 bank digital charger. Installed and works great. Saul
  11. Congrats on the purchase, welcome to the club. Saul
  12. Sorry to hear about water in bildge. Better now than later. Keep looking around. The main reason we went with an SSI model over a sunesta was the ride quality. Saul
  13. all nice boats. A friend of mine gave me a ride on his new Formula 40sx, i believe. It is the new sportier version of their 40super sport. Had twin 700 ilmores in it. Fast as a son of a gun go it up to 70mph and didn't feel a thing, but north of 700K deer. I need to play the lottery. Saul
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