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  1. scottjen26

    Seadek color and install

    So Extreme - you have the mocha faux teak? Were thinking about the same thing, just not sure how it will mesh with the black/white boat color and black/white/grayish interior. The titanium/storm gray faux-teak might match better, and be less hot, but wife is worried about staining etc. The mocha color gives it the appearance of real wood from a distance, might resist staining, but not sure about matching the colors. And once it's down - it's down... Scott
  2. scottjen26

    Replacing engine foam insulation

    The egg crate like acoustical foam insulation in the engine compartment is shot, it flakes off at the slightest touch and is making a big mess. I'm thinking one day soon I will put a tarp down over the engine and undo the bolts and scrape it off the top of the hatch and inside of the side walls, maybe use a dry vac to suck up as much of the stuff as I can. Then I need to clean up all the black crud inside as well. Is there a good replacement for this? I'm not sure it's even needed, but I'm sure it helps to cut down engine noise. Maybe something that's easy to work with and cut and won't leave a big mess. Assuming whatever I find I would do the same thing as the existing stuff, spray glue and use the screws/washers to secure as well. Scott
  3. scottjen26

    Grill and Flag Mounts

    Found some older threads on these but nothing that provided a solution. - Bought a Magma grill and pedestal mount, the pedestal mount seemed better to try and install than drilling into the boat side/top, installing a rod holder, then buying that type of mount. I was going to mount the pedestal on top of the cooler hatch on the left side of the swim platform, we never use that anyway. But then it will be right in the walkway, especially when grill is out would be inconvenient. I saw some people mounted inside the ladder hatch, don't like that since the ladder couldn't move when grilling is taking place. Saw another person mounted in the starboard corner next to the ladder hatch, but the fuel fill cap is right there, maybe not a good idea. Thoughts? - Would like to mount out club flag, bought a nice mount from West Marine but it won't fasten properly due to the elliptical/oval rails on the boat. I was hoping to mount it near the bow on the rails, that way I could easily see wind direction etc. as well. I could zip tie it to the arch somehow but doesn't seem a nice. Anyone have a mount that would work on the oval rails, or a better place to mount it that's secure enough to stay put while underway? Thanks, Scott
  4. scottjen26

    Seadek color and install

    Without feeling or seeing the other products, tough to veer away from SeaDek. Some of the others can be a little harder or plastic-y feeling, and some others people have said get much hotter in the warm temps and sun. Not saying SeaDek is the greatest, I'm sure the other alternatives are good, maybe better, I just don't have any experience with them and like the look, feel, and color of the SeaDek. Plus have already digitized the boat and have local person who can cut and install in a week or so, so no worries about fiddling with templates, going back and forth with SeaDek, waiting for material and having to install myself. Just have to decide on color... Scott
  5. scottjen26

    Seadek color and install

    Ronbill, thanks for pics. The gray does look nice, and I see you did the raised portion as well, probably will do that on ours as well. I like the gray, wife does not like it. I think the mocha will look nice as well, just won't match the cockpit if I put the gray carpet in that we currently we have. Considering how cheap the price is, maybe would look into the luxury woven vinyl above. Just not sure without seeing it what it looks like, feels like, etc. But the price is right, I'm not super handy but I guess I would have to figure out how to measure, cut, install snaps, etc. Nice thing about the Seadek is I have felt it, seen what it looks like 2, 3, 4 years later, and a local guy measured everything with a digitizer machine and would cut and install everything for $150 vs. me doing it all myself, and since he has material in stock turn around time is a week or so. I really want to get it done, just trying to justify to my eye how to do the mocha teak look on the back that my wife wants and not have it clash with the gray carpets when they are in, which will probably only be in the winter months anyway. Can't see leaving the carpets in during the summer with all of the water activities, eating, etc. that takes place, much easier to just spray down the floors and go. Scott
  6. scottjen26

    Seadek color and install

    Thinking more seriously about putting SeaDek on our boat, at least on the swim platform for now. Was originally going to do the entire boat, but now not so sure. - Boat is black/white as seen in pics. We have gray carpet, still in okay shape but back is flaking off. Going to try and treat the back to get a few more years out of it - Wife likes brown (mocha) faux teak, and I think it would look good with the boat colors. But if I keep the carpet in, I'm worried the brown faux teak and gray carpet will not look good. However, for most of the summer, I'm pretty sure I will leave the carpets out, much easier clean up without them from what I've seen so far. But when in, don't want it to look bad either - Tempted to do the gray (titanium) faux teak, that way it matches the carpets. But wife doesn't like it as much, and worried about staining more easily etc. - Anyone with my color boat have a different color carpet other than gray? Maybe eventually I could replace the gray with a browish-gray or something? The interior is not a strict gray, and we have wood accents which would help tie in the brown - Lastly, would you cover just the extended swim platform or also do the raised portion or "hump" that leads into the boat? Maybe stupid questions, but last thing I want to do is spend money, not to mention trying to remove the stuff, and end up with a color combo that looks bad. I have a sample but it's very small and tough to envision what it would look like. Maybe others have opinions and/or pics. Thanks, Scott
  7. scottjen26

    Towing tubers and skiiers

    Ski pylon on our boat just broke. When I took it apart it looks like something broke inside, it's also bent on the shaft part. Hard to tell why it won't pop up anymore, most of the parts are inside a hard black plastic or rubber casing. Also can't tell if the little tubing we've done caused any stress, if previous owners did certain things, etc. Bottom line - would like to know the best and safest way to tow my tubers. Have a 3 person tube, mostly teenage kids going. Ski pylon no longer available - I assume that means they don't offer them on newer boats like ours even, probably because they failed too often? I did find one out there at a cost of two hundred deer. But don't want to spend the money only to have another one fail in a few months. Other options - install a ski tow eye, which I think would get mounted on the back part of the rear seat under the hinged portion. Not sure how easy that will be to get to and mount. We tried a airhead harness this weekend that attached to the tow points, I didn't like it at all. It was supposed to float and keep the ropes away from the prop, but they got caught up, luckily we caught it right away and got them untangled. And the rope was so low that it kept getting caught in the wake and not moving properly. So - how does everyone tow tubers, or what would be the best way? Maybe a new pylon would last a couple years, especially if I keep it lubricated etc. Maybe a ski tow eye would be best. Or some other option... Scott
  8. scottjen26

    Sky Pylon Replacement

    Talked to Joe at Cecil this morning. Super nice and helpful. Unfortunately, not available any more. I'm guessing they don't include these on newer models, probably a reason for that... Found one on ebay but not clear whether it's compatible or not. May just stick with mounting a ski eye on the rear of the seat and using a tow harness for tubes. Scott
  9. scottjen26

    Sky Pylon Replacement

    My pop-up ski pylon is no longer working on my 276 SSX. Did some searching, seems that's not uncommon. I took it apart, there really isn't much to lubricate or check out. Mine is the plunger style, the plunger moves but just barely and no longer releases the pop up mechanism to come up. I only found one replacement on ebay, and not sure about that. Didn't see any at Cecil Marine. Any ideas where to get a replacement? Maybe even a slightly newer design, where I think they went to a latch on top or a twist mechanism vs. the plunger in the middle? Also, just out of curiosity - after taking everything apart, I noticed there are two large circular cut outs next to the cut out for the ski pylon. They are covered underneath with cheap plastic vents - in my case only one, other one is gone. But these holes, and the vents going around the oval section for the ski pylon, seem to serve no purpose whatsoever. Any info on these cut-outs/holes? Strange... Scott
  10. scottjen26

    Adding extra speakers and replacing amp

    Makes sense. Current amp is stock (I think), vintage 2007, Marine Audio CMPA3.1. I think Marine Audio is a division of Clarion. New suggested amp was JL Audio M800/8v2, which I think is an 8 channel amp. Doesn't seem to have specific outputs for subs, more configurable on each channel from what I remember. This was the suggestion from a local sound install guy who everyone says is the best, I'm sure there are tons of options out there though. Just trying to figure out if new amp is necessary (large improvement or no), and also whether I would even be able to add more speakers to existing 3 channel amp... Scott
  11. scottjen26

    Reading only unread posts

    That's what I was missing, clicking the dot/star to the left. I guess the other forum software that's used does that automatically. This will save some time, thanks! Scott
  12. scottjen26

    Reading only unread posts

    In 2 other forums I'm active in, when I log in, the topics that are new are bolded, and when I go into the topic, the new replies since I last read are bolded and I'm taken right to them. Is there a way to do that on this forum, maybe something I'm missing? I see the new bolded topics, but when I go into them, I can't tell where I left off and have to scroll and scroll on certain threads... Scott
  13. I have the base 3.1 channel amp on my boat. Also looking to add speakers to improve the sound quality and dispersion. I currently can barely hear by stereo below 20, and usually listen at 27/28 comfortably for lower volumes. When stopped and wanting to pump more music, we are at 33, the max for the head unit. Question - would upgrading the amp to a JL 8.1 channel, for instance, make a huge improvement in sound volume or clarity? Also - would adding speakers help? If so, looking to add in the arch (downward firing), possibly also looking at other locations. What have others done, especially if having a similar boat (256/276 SSX, Sunesta, etc), and what would you recommend, biggest bang for the buck? So many projects, so little cash and time... Scott
  14. scottjen26

    How do you like your Seadek?

    Nice! Would love to chat about a few mods I see on your boat - sent you a PM as well with contact info. Thanks! Scott
  15. scottjen26

    LED light options

    Ghostknife, nice pics! Any details on those LEDs - did you replace bulbs, replace fixtures, add any additional lights, etc.? Any info on where you got them from, part numbers, etc.? Also, are those 3 additional speakers under the helm seat? Wylie - Quote was for 6 courtesy lights and 2 down lights. Not sure how many courtesy lights I have now. Those were cheap, the down lights were $90 a piece, dimmable I think. Overall his pricing is fair, for lights, speakers, etc. I looked up the prices and his were even cheaper in some cases than buying myself. But he added money for wiring, so either for some newer lights or just re-running and upgrading wiring, then a few hours labor. Wasn't a bad number, just something I thought I could do myself and save some money for another project, especially if I can get away with just replacing bulbs and/or fixtures and not having to run wiring behind stuff. That's what I'm trying to confirm with people who have done it. Scott