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  1. Hi Guys, 2000 signature 240 with Volvo duo prop and Chevy/Volvo 350 (5.7) We boat on lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island during the peak summer season and all around Vancouver Island in the shoulder season. Try and boat year round. Would love to trailer to Okanagan Lake one of these summers.
  2. I would not go below, probably make yourself sick if nothing else. Drifting is fine but boat will go beam on to seas and will be very uncomfortable and possibly dangerous depending on size of the seas. Sea anchor from a couple of cleats up fwd.(best option) or as much floating line as you have streamed off one side of the stern and looped back to the other side. This will help slow you down but it does put you stern to. Shallow water will tend to heap the seas up and make it rougher than it really is. Going ashore will probably crack the hull or the surf will turn you beam on and probably fil
  3. Mine was already installed but pretty sure they go up Stbd side then cross between the helm area and the head enclosure. Probaly could snake from under the stairs to where the hose comes into the shower for the head. Then snake from there to the stbd side of the boat at the foot of the mid cabin. I doubt this will be easy and I'm sure there will be profanity!!
  4. Strange! Why would the store even show them as stock if they can't sell them? If you want to shoot me the info I can rattle the cage a little? Probably a long shot but hey ya never know.
  5. Duncan on Vancouver Island. If they will ship to me I can ship to you.
  6. We have a 2000 Sig. 240 and the bench bottom is just stuck down and the back is bolted from behind. Take off the panel in the mid cabin and unbolt. Hope yours is the same and this helps.
  7. We just leave the bows up and wrap the canvas around them and put the boot on. Then you always have them. Plus the solar panel rests on the top pretty nicely !!
  8. Well the bellows would be a good scenario. I had a leak, bellows were fine, turned out the transom plate was loose. lifted the engine and slid it fwd then squeezed in and tightened the bolts!! All good now
  9. Took mine apart a few years ago, was going to buy a new one but ended up just cleaning the screen on the bottom of the pump. Got rid of the whine and still runs great!
  10. Get up to your planing speed 3400-3600 then trim the outdrive up. This will get a little more boat out of the water.You will see your rpms come up a little and then you can pull back some. If you are already doing this then I would agree with Rande above. We have the 240 with 5.7 duo prop. Feels great at 3200 rpm doing 25 mph on the boat speedo which is actualy 24-25 kts on gps.
  11. Ok so it was in gear then....if you limped back to the dock it must have been? But the rpm shot up you didn't go any where? Could you get reverse at idle speed? Not sure if it's the cable.....
  12. My bet would be an electronic bilge pump. In auto they cycle to check to see if there is any load(water) if there is they pump until the load disapears. If no load they just shut down after a couple of seconds.
  13. I will measure and get back to you.....
  14. I have not heard anything bad about Marine power engines. I know they are a big player in the marine game. I think you should be relieved that you will be paying 1/3 less for the same engine. Just my opinion.
  15. I took the 2 pumps apart and cleaned the brass screen in the bottom. Now no more noise. 6 deer for a can of fuel injector cleaner vs 700 deer for new fuel pumps......your call!
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