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  1. There should be battery jump posts located near the hatch (typically under a seat in the rear). the round black and red circles at the bottom are battery jump posts that you would connect a jump box to.
  2. IndyChap


    Triplite inverter charger. https://www.tripplite.com/products/power-inverters-inverter-chargers~18-76
  3. +1 my 2001 SSi Volt meter has always read about 2v low.
  4. I dont have the garage to do the work myself so paid the marine yard where I do winter and trailer storage. Turned out great. I did have them add the remote oil filter kit (the standard 5.7L didnt have one and that was a PAIN). Got the boat in the water for about 4 weeks. Was able to do the 10hr break-in. Just pulled the boat out last weekend for winter (temps are dropping - not dangerous, and water level is dropping as well).
  5. Drummer22, I had the same issue... headgasket and block erosion between 3/5 . Combine that with a 1000+ hour engine and high % leak down on several other cylinders. Answer was Merc Longblock.
  6. IndyChap


    FYI a 2004 220 SSI is one of the best boats made for size/type. What is making you think you made a mistake?
  7. Another Vote for Box Anchor. However the best anchor is the one that fits your local conditions. For me its mud or gravel (depending on location) and often crowded. The Box Anchor lets me run a much shorter scope and thus less swing into neighboring boats. Downside for the Box is that it wont fit in the anchor locker...
  8. So when I plan my trip to LOTO I will get with you guys for the 411. I have a friend that has a connection to Robins Resort so that’s where we were planning on staying. Is this going to be a problem for a 21’ boat??
  9. Can you post a vid of the sound? Many possibilities.
  10. My bad, all the China SPAM may have gotten to me. SERIOUSLY SORRY.
  11. j yeah here in Indiana we are looking at 4 more weeks at best. FYI, I hate the prick in the picture above.
  12. When (not IF) I am out at LOTO we need to meet up.
  13. I am stealing soo many ideas.
  14. Correct, my double axle trailer with Drum brakes I can backup (on flat or obviously downhill) without using the lockout. However I have to use the lockout to backup any steep incline.
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