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  1. Indiana lakes = https://www.slideanchor.com/boxanchor. Last anchor you will ever need. Does NOT fit in the anchor locker...
  2. Boat Speedo 54 GPS 49... waaa waaaa... :-(
  3. That looks familiar :-)
  4. So after 17yrs its time to say goodbye to my 2001 216SSi. She is being sold to a good friend of mine so I still get to take care of her and will be out on her a bunch this summer. I will still hang out on the board and I am sure that I will be back in a Chap in the future. Hopefully in FL ;-)
  5. I see the fading on the windshield cockpit cover, and the sunpad looks worn, but rest looks ok.
  6. My 0.02. Cobalt Chap / Bryant (better build quality, BUT dated design) Regal / Sea Ray Monterey
  7. Your F150 should handle this boat/trailer no prob. Agree with all and get weighed and then set the tongue weight. My 2003 Expedition (5.4L) towed my 2001 216SSi without any problems... typical 65mph on 5hr trips through the KY and Tenn mountains.
  8. I dont have a 220 by my 216 is similar.
  9. It will drain great... on the trailer... :-/
  10. Remove the Y pipe and shake upside down?? prob not what you want to hear....
  11. +1 with others that finding replacement parts will be hard and/or $$$. I would try to repair the anchor, and ski locker with the methods mentioned above. The engine cover should be easy fix with new "gas lifts". I got mine on iboat and they were cheap! The hinge may need some work as I believe that chap used screws instead of through bolting. Should not be too hard to replace some of the screws with through bolts. My 2001 216 is similar layout
  12. IndyChap

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    Welcome aboard! https://flic.kr/p/K1M9MV
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