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  1. Behind a Cruise ship!
  2. looks like a big drop-off at the end of the launch ramp. better watch the back of the trailer tires. Seriously, very nice
  3. What prop are you running now and what WOT RPM are you getting out of that prop. I have a Merc but I am sure there are Vulva prop calculators to help you choose a prop. You will need to know your Engine, boat weight, out drive gear ratio, current prop, and current RPM at WOT. Plug in those numbers and that should give you a prop suggestion to start with. Every boat is unique so you many have to go up or down in pitch. Goal is to be at the engines max RPM range at WOT (wide open throttle).
  4. I believe that space is filled with flotation foam. Why do you need a thru-hull? IMHO the fewer “holes” in a “boat” the better.....
  5. Iphone input from the year 2000.
  6. Platon20, what is driving your need for a new cooling line?
  7. I run a Alpha4 for wakeboarding/tubing. I run an Alum prop mainly because the lake I am on has many shallow areas. If I was on deep water I would prob go SS. Just something to consider.
  8. So I will go “against the current” for the above comments. I added docking lights and they are VERY helpful. My slip has very poor lighting and the docking lights (that I added) help a lot.
  9. I would think any vinyl upholstery shop could rebuild the original seating. Just my 0.02. (Much less after taxes).
  10. IndyChap

    Steering Knob

    Looks like its quality made. Way better than the plastic one from HD I use on my riding mower. Lol. I would wonder how hot that bare metal is going to get in the sun... guess you will find out.
  11. I contemplated installing quick-quiet when I re-powered but 5.7 SB just doesn’t sound good enough for the $$. I would have had to relo stuff in the engine compartment and the hassle just wasn’t worth it. If you do decide to do the side exhaust route a YouTube guy with a SeaRay did a good instructional video many years ago. https://youtu.be/QEVTYnL4Ols
  12. IndyChap

    Props off

    Many people remove props to prevent them from being stolen over the winter (outside storage, open marina, etc). I would just cover with a freezer zip loc (gallon size?) and use a rubber band to seal it around the out drive (base of the prop).
  13. There should be battery jump posts located near the hatch (typically under a seat in the rear). the round black and red circles at the bottom are battery jump posts that you would connect a jump box to.
  14. Triplite inverter charger. https://www.tripplite.com/products/power-inverters-inverter-chargers~18-76
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