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  1. I have been going to DH for the past 16 yrs. Sadly the DNR has shut down the cliff jumping in 2017. The cliffs are just south-east of Sunset Marina. We have stayed at Sunset and now have access to a house at Star Point. Dale Hollow is my favorite lake.
  2. Its prob 8hrs for you but you should seriously look at Dale Hollow TN and Cumberland KY.
  3. Plenty of fun without a tower... however once you get more than 1-2 boards "in" the boat... tripping over boards and stubbing your toes on boards sux...
  4. +1 Wingnut, prob the original rear shift cable and after 16yrs it needs to be replaced. Also let me know if you have other questions on your 2000 216. I have a 2001. (original owner)
  5. Dale Hollow Lake TN - clean, warm water! not my drone videos Houseboat trip with 3 families couple of years ago.
  6. EricGT, if you could post a shot directly from the back would be great. I want to add a tower to my 01 216SSi.... BUT I have 2 challenges... the roof of my slip (vertical clearance) and the poles that hold the roof up dont leave a lot of room (side -side). I like how your racks are mounted high and on an angle... might just work. what I have to work with.
  7. I would do it myself and make sure IT IS DONE RIGHT... sorry but I see far to many times with friends and slip neighbors where the "marina" "tech" short cuts... I can do oil change AND gear lube change on my 5.7L Alpha in about 1hr. Although EVERY year I say I am going to install a remote oil filter.... (my boat is a 2001.... no remote oil filter... my 48yr old back lets me know its displeasure every year...)
  8. With your Alpha (I have as well) you need to use the Merc Quicksilver high perf outdrive oil. I would not use anything else with this outdrive. I change the outdrive fluid every season regardless of hours (typically I put 50 - 75hrs on per season). You will need the pump that attaches to the bottle and screws into the drain hole at the bottom of the outdrive (you fill from the bottom UP). I don't remember the capacity but I think its just over 2 bottles. I always have a partial bottle left over that I then keep in the boat. NOT unusual to need to top up the reservoir the first trip or 2 after a change.
  9. Carefully....
  10. I grew up going to Oroville 3-4 times a year. Now I live in Indiana and its VERY funny how midwest people have NO concept of how big the state of CA is. "praying for the people in Southern California". Lake Oroville is a 8hr drive from "Southern California" (i.e. LA). BUT yes LA does depend on WATER from Northern CA. FYI I grew up in San Jose (just south of San Francisco). I never thought I would EVER see the lake at the top of the dam. The last couple of years I was in CA the lake was 150 ft down from normal pool level.. Something tells me the Dam spillway received ZERO maintenance over the years as no one EVER expected it to see a drop of water..... Check out this slide show to see how bad the drought has been the past couple of years.
  11. Curved glass almost always has the "splotchy" look, this is especially noticeable with polarized sunglasses. My non tinted windshield has this... (except for the perfectly flat center section). If you had sunglasses this shot would show spots all over the curved windshield.[/IMG]
  12. Trend last year on my local lake... "night surfing"... going 10mph or less and not "towing" a skier .... lots of interpretation here...
  13. I have only been on a "air chair" a couple of times but it was a BLAST and you can ride it in rough water (unlike wake boarding). I have been unsuccessfully searching eBay for the last year. All the used ones I can find are really old or $$$. If you don't like it PM me.
  14. This at NIGHT....[/IMG] Thankful for having THIS...[/IMG] Navionics, don't leave home without it.
  15. And likely stock will fit better.