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  1. I have a 2006 290, with twin V6’s, Volvo Penta, dual props. I’m trying to remove props, but bent the handle on the Volvo nut tool trying to loosen outer nut. Is it by chance reverse threads ??
  2. I have a 07' 290 Signature, with twin V6's and a generator. Any thoughts on helping me get educated on how to winterize the boat myself.
  3. Thanks Wing............but if I'd tripped or accidently pulled on the lanyard.....wouldn't both motors have shut down ?
  4. I have an 07' 290 Signature with twin V6 Volvo Penta's. We were out for a cruise up the river last night, running at about 28mph, when the starboard engine simply shut off. It was like someone had turned the key off. Obviously electrical in nature, as I lost my fuel gauge and trim tab monitor at the same time. When I went to re-start, there was no 3 chime and no fuel pump noise. As I began to search around, thinking maybe ignition switch or something like that, I made note of the rubber covered button, that sits on the back of the throttle box (one for each throttle). Running out of options, I pushed the button for the starboard engine. Power came back, and the engine started as normal. No where in the Chaparral manual can I find an explanation of what this obvious re-set button is, or why it may have tripped off. Any thoughts fella's ?
  5. Thank you........I've discovered that there is in fact is power to the amp, from the source to the unit, and the fault light is not on. I stopped at a stereo shop, they suggested I pull the amp, and bring it into them to check out. Let's hope the amp did not fail ?? thanks for your response
  6. I have an 07' 290 Signature. On board is a Clarion stereo system, and RCA amp. There are two speakers in the cabin, and a sub-woofer and two more speakers up on deck. No problems last year.......taken out of storage this year, sub-woofer and two rear speakers do not work. When you rotate the Fader button, we get full sound in the cabin, but zero up top. Local car stereo place suggested fuses in the amp might be bad. Checked the two fuses at the back of the amp, they are fine. Any idea's ? Brian