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  1. I keep telling my kids if they don't go to college, I'll get a nice new boat.
  2. PWC

    When it's on the lift and the waves and wind are blowing, I can't really do the listen trick like I do with other stuff....then when the gas does overflow it is directed down and over one of the front bumpers which immediately discolors the bumper permanently.
  3. Lets see....My filler cushion stays out in the bow always as one of the best features I think....but was in the port rear storage along with the table, two table pylons and the rear cushion when I got the boat. The transom pass through extra seating is in the starboard console but never used as of yet. Lots of accessories with the 220 and lots of storage spaces.
  4. Hard to find a new 24 Footer for only 60k.
  5. PWC

    Biggest pet peave on Yamaha is when you are filling it with gas cans, you cant tell when it is full and sometimes then you overfill and gas runs onto the machine itself. Gas guage is not in view when filling, its on a lift anyway while i fill and the digital fuel guage moves two bars at a time. How do the sea doo's address this?
  6. PWC

    Sounds like a good choice. Does the 155 suggest the higher octane like the bigger Sea Doo's or is it recommended to run on 87 as all of the Yamaha's? I'll add though, that winterizing my Yamaha as it is an open cooling system, is likely the same effort as a closed cooling system. It's almost too easy and I'm always suspect that I did it correctly. Did you brand new or something used?
  7. Wow...what a nice truck. Chevy has really taken their look up a notch.
  8. My take is that the SSi, any SSi, is maybe the worst boat to fish off of. As though they made it to deter you from fishing. If you fish, I'd go with anything that is more conducive to fishing. The SSi's are so plush with upholstery that is easily hooked, there are no storage spots for long fishing rods, no live well, no fishing accouterments at all.
  9. I don't mind spending money on anything boating related, especially gas, I just hate physically filling it up constantly with individual five and six gallon gas tanks. I suppose the difference is that on the lake, when you have something that performs at a high level, you tend to use it alot and with that comes higher fuel consumption. You can have a Lamborghini but commuting to work is still commuting to work and you don't get to enjoy the performance differences on an all day basis.
  10. In front of the engine.
  11. I suggest an i/o or an outboard. take is how a full sized boat can provide adequate or exhilerating performance with the same hp or less as my supercharged pwc. My pwc uses so much gas even at only 850lbs that I keep waiting for the global warming police to show up. I assume they will be Canadians when they finally do arrive. It is an insane amount of gas. I would only ever get a twin engine jet boat but be ready to get to know the gas dock attendant or buy at test a dozen 6 gallon gas cans to fill it up on your boat lift constantly. Jets are touted for shallow water but paradoxically can't operate in shallow water as good as you wished.
  12. Just figured out the source of my annoying water in the bilge situation once I finally took the time to sit and watch. The previous owner had another transducer installed at some point and the seal has failed. I did a temporary fix until I get it on the trailer at the end of the season. I think I stopped it. Leaky transducer is the best case scenario.
  13. To some extent, it is all about perspective as to the H20 vs the other Chaps. I'd be pleased as punch to have an H20 if I were just getting into boating or just had a limited budget but still wanted a new boat or maybe just don't need the best they offer. Even in their lowest echelon, Chap is superior to a lot of the new junk I see on my lake. I think many times the differences between the ssi's and the H20's are just considered overkill. Compared to the old lowest echelon SSE's, these H20's don't 'skimp' as overtly.
  14. I've used my sleds one season since 2012/2013 as there hasn't been any decent snow since then. Some people will go out with two inches of snow just to use them, but that to me isn't fun sledding. I can sort of understand buying new for some things if you plan to keep it for a long time because even a few year old boat can be pretty beat up already and you can actually use a boat any day during the summer you feel like it. Sleds, are huge paperweights 99.999999% of the time unless you have time to chase the snow around the country. Of course most people I know buy new everything because they can't afford used. Easy to pay a monthly payment than to plunk it all down.
  15. The big bands are gel coat. There really isn't much actual decal to the designs above. I presume 'White with Ebony Accent' was the base and the others with the wide gel band were an optional feature at a cost. Decal recreation is pretty commonplace but when I see anybody do a larger band of color, they do a wrap over the whole boat not a decal recreation.