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  1. Chaparral Rider

    Dead speaker

    I'd be surprised if the problem were a broken wire. If it was, the 220 is relatively simple to rerun a new wire if you had to.
  2. Chaparral Rider

    Looking for input on bow riders

    As we were at the lake house and on the water this past weekend on our chap, my wife pointed out that most of our boating is now done at pontoon speed as she is starting to set the table for buying one. We mostly just putter around with a few bursts of speed when it gets hot and save the craziness for the supercharged waverunners. The mandatory age for pontoon ownership has dropped precipitously these last five years where even 40 year olds have them to my chagrin.
  3. Chaparral Rider

    Looking for input on bow riders

    I don't recall if you live on the water this far into this thread but every pontoon/tritoon owner lives or has a place on the lake on my lake....It is highly unusual to see a tourist at a resort or a trailer boater with a pontoon/tritoon. They are just a pain to trailer as they tend to be pretty darn long, not unheard of, but is an outlier for sure. Lots of the pontoon/tri owners have that, a fishing boat, a bowrider and usually some waverunners all on lifts on their shore but more common now is to get rid of all the boats but keep the pontoon/tri and the waverunners. I can't get behind the trend yet even if some are 300 and 600hp (or more) tritoons. My lake has become a slow moving mass of pontoons everywhere. With one pontoon, you get to consolidate into one boat policy, one boat lift where the lifts cost 15k+- a piece, maybe get rid of some dock sections and get rid of the hassle of having to winterize and store so many boats. I get the practicality of them but I can't wrap my mind around actually owning one.
  4. Chaparral Rider

    Looking for input on bow riders

    We offset the cold weather with the third highest taxes and cost of living in the country so there is always that....ha ha. The new boats or should I say the newer boats on the lake since the H20 series came out are almost all pontoons/tritoons or actual Surf boats. Bowriders are dying a slow death and quickly becoming a relic here. I haven't seen a new bowrider for years on our lake which is one of the largest in the state. I'm not a new boat buyer because used provides so much value but If I was, I would likely option it up as much as possible because I'd probably be keeping it for a while. My previous chap didn't though newer, didn't have the bow door option and it was annoying.
  5. Chaparral Rider

    Looking for input on bow riders

    Someone mentioned the bow door, It was 34 degrees last week in Minnesota up in the far north already...in early August. Bow door is a must up here. If you belong to the facebook group, it's all H20 talk it seems lately on the non-H20 group as people are swayed to the less expensive H20 line the past years even prior to discontinuing almost all of the SSi line. Oddly enough, not a single H20 on my lake.
  6. Chaparral Rider

    Fixing leaking swim platform

    Nice, you can tell if it is a leaky platform by a quick visual of water droplets below the platform bolts in the engine room. One of the easier ones to diagnosis luckily. Those are not the easiest to get to. If I were in a desperate pinch, I would take some 4000 or 4200 not 5200 and go around the outside of the bolts to stop the water from entering until you can permanently and properly fix it once you haul if out of the water for the year. 4000 and 4200 can be removed.
  7. Chaparral Rider

    Looking for input on bow riders

    Is NC like my state of MN, where everyone has a boat and there are a lot of barely used boats that the owner bought only to realize that boating is costly and harder than you would think to fit in to your life so they sell it in a year or two. Those boats are still like new and sometimes with a lot of warranty left yet depreciation strikes and makes for a better deal than new. Because of that, I would simply never own a H20 when an ssi or pick your equivalent in another brand is the same or less money used. I don't know anything about financing stuff but someone must finance all of those used, private party boats.
  8. Chaparral Rider

    Merc 4.5 L 200 hp vs 250 hp

    Nobody wants a cat on their boat.
  9. Chaparral Rider

    2007 chararral 220 ssi

    It's a touch gamey for me but yep things happen.
  10. Chaparral Rider

    6oohp vortex boats

    Sure, you get the same 300hp engine in an 800lb PWC.
  11. Chaparral Rider

    6oohp vortex boats

    I don't get the vortex boats and with twins. I could hire a part time dock boy at my lake house just to gas up my waverunner it uses so fantastically much fuel. I can use 36 gallons in a weekend with barely medium usage and no tow sports. It's constant refilling and topping off.
  12. Chaparral Rider


    I tell them my 'cabin' is 80 feet long with 6 bedrooms but my boat is only 22 feet but if I want to press it, I include the platform length. And when I really want to snob out I tell them I also own the neighboring 80 'cabin' as well for my guests to stay in. ha ha. I'm going with full cabin.
  13. Chaparral Rider


    Gotta love relativities. Nope I'd have my people buy a new one...ha ha.
  14. Chaparral Rider


    I was thinking integrated platform versus bolt on....though my neighbor has a brand new 24 foot glastron and that has a factory bolt on platform still which again I like because it makes my 2002 with bolt on not seem totally obsolete. I see some otherwise cool looking 90's boat but the horrific 90's trend colors just kill the look.
  15. Chaparral Rider

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Curios, what is the going hourly rate in South Florida? We are $130 to $150ish.