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  1. With my previous Chaparral, I tried the auto caster style wheels meant for moving cars around by hand under the trailer wheels and that darn heavy chap immediately crushed them them down and destroyed them the second the jack slowly lowered. They were heavy duty things but it was a single axle trailer and apparently too much weight concentrated among two points.
  2. Moving from a single axle to a dual axle with my 220, I can say it is a pain that your inability to make adjustments by hand once off the hitch is a game changer for the worse. No more angle it here or there or correct a marginal back in job.
  3. On that 220 and garage height question, I have a 220 as well and my winter storage garage has a 7 foot door which was a conundrum. My solution was that I ordered the biggest drop hitch off of amazon I could find and for the twice per year that i have to pull it out or put it in, I can sneak the boat in the garage if I wedge the garage door up with a 2x4 and use the lowest setting on the drop hitch. It clears the door frame by less than an inch but I can confirm a 220 will fit under a 7 foot door with the right method. I think brick is covering the fanfare for the 220 and I agree completely.
  4. Pretty sure my parents would be in prison with their parenting techniques these days....getting the boot at 18 was the least worst thing, ha ha. Oddly enough, I used to be jealous of my friends who did get their college paid for or partially paid for but many of them took the dead end degree routes and really didn't do much with themselves and their opportunity they were given. I always revert back to the old saying that life isn't fair and it isn't supposed to be. Headwinds and challenges in the beginning make you better in the long run. I don't know what the best thing is other than the kids will need some skin in the game. I bought my first house my second year of college just by sheer hard work and earning money at the same time I studied as a full time student in a rigorous school. I just can't see my own kids being anywhere near that self sufficient. Kids nowdays maybe work part time or some other on campus style job if they work at all. I get calls from my alma mater which are always student asking for money. Their pitch is that they shouldn't have to take out any student loans and so can I give them some money.
  5. My folks had the unfortunate policy of the day you turn 18 is the day you were dead to them. It made no difference that it was the middle of winter in the coldest state in the union. You had to leave the house with whatever you can carry with you, don't call, don't ask for money, and never come back. Whatever you didn't carry with you was burned in a fire pit in the back yard. All of my old star wars toys and baseball cards and stuff from when I was a kid was burned. Whatever you did from the moment you left was up to you, there were no plans or college visits or money or anything. Either pick yourself up and be successful or die in a made no difference to them. College to me meant more than college does to most. My overpowering conservatism comes from my upbringing and the fear of not wanting to be a bum on the streets.
  6. Agreed...but college to me was a means to an end. I wanted out as fast as humanly possible to start to earn money. I didn't care about the college life and parties and all of that. I just wanted to start life and stop being a poor person. As it turned out my business degree lead me down a path that I couldn't have ever dreamed of in a million years as a kid. I operate in a world of millionaires and billionaires and all of the lifestyle stuff that comes with it which oddly enough after doing it for almost 20 years, I'm now at the point where I'm fancied out. I hate fancy restaurants and over the top things but is how clients like to do their business. Of course my wife hates that I hate fancy stuff. I still love it regardless and can't believe I get to do what I do. When I tell my wife what I did on any particular trip, she just says to keep it to yourself because people will either hate you or just not believe you. My dinner next to the royals in London story really makes her go off the deep end because of course it just sounds so unbelievable but also because nobody gives a rip about royals here. All because of some hustle and a business degree that cost me about 80k out of my own pocket. Physicians work way too hard and have to spend so much time in school to earn how little they actually earn. I've got plenty of Physician friends but the upside is that they aren't always having to produce every dollar if they are an employed physican but receive a steady and reliable income. Maybe only 400k or whatever but it's 400k year over year.
  7. I just assume that if they are insurance totaled, they will be auctioned off by places like copart to the highest bidder, whoever that may be. If not totaled, they will be repaired with insurance money and people will keep on using them or sell them. Copart or the other sites that auction stuff for insurance companies will note on the auction listing if they are water damaged or whatever the cause of the damage was. I've had two things get totaled including a Chaparral for which this was the process and interestingly enough, I could have/had the right to have taken anything and everything off of the boat before it went to auction.
  8. Other than my previous Chap being totaled by a body shop's incompetence, the worst I've had was when I had dropped my then SUV off at the dealer for some warranty work. It was a used SUV with around 5k left on the factory warranty. As isn't unusual, the tech drove the truck home to try to get the symptoms to occur so they could fix it. He decided to go off roading through the trees and scratched the heck out of it and put a big dent in the door. I showed up to pick the truck up from the repairs having been completed and nobody said a word as though I was going to drive away in it and just let the damage slide. Long story short, two people got fired, the car manufacturer even got involved and offered me a new car at some discount that I wasn't interested in. Instead I had them fix it since I liked the car and got a long extension of the factory warranty with a zero dollar deductible and a few other things.
  9. It might be acceptable but my thinking on used boats is why settle for acceptable. The whole reason to buy used IMO is buy up but pay less. One reason I ended up with a 2002 220 SSi and not a few year newer version as I had assumed I would have, is at the time the market was jammed with 5.0's nationally and the 5.7 had low stock but ended up finding a 02 with all of the upgrades except the B3 and the elusive captains call, nine miles from my house. I happen to have the B1 instead of the B3 and I smash right through 50mph GPS with a low pitched prop but the 'thump' into gear is almost not noticeable as compared to my prior Chaparral that had an Alpha 1. Maybe 1/10 as much as an Alpha 1. The 220 really flies given it isn't intended to be a fast boat and has decent low end pull as well.
  10. My son's best friend just started Duke on an athletic 'Scholarship'. It's seventy something thousand per year but so few get accepted, the money isn't the deciding factor. I think the numbers I'm seeing above on the cost of state universities are a bit on the low side or at least the ones we've been seeing. 15k yearly inclusive of room and board goes back a few years. People, I realize don't go to med school for the money many times, but Doctor's make a pittance compared to what a business degree can help you accomplish. People think Doctor and high income but wow, it takes years to get past the debt once you finally start making money. A guy I work with who has almost an endless bank account after the sale of his successful company is only paying for his daughters undergrad as she is premed. Med school he says will be on her so she understands the sacrifice required plus he started as a popper and she just expects he should pay for everything.
  11. The bummer of having a few possessions and a couple bucks in the bank is college for the kids will cost you full retail as a start. That's our next big investment.
  12. Ha ha, I can't justify owning a 100k boat (which I realize isn't a lot of money in the boating world) for a 90 day max season when a 25k boat does what I need and looks decent. I and many others don't have financial limitations like most folks have them just an overwhelming sense of practicality. It means I buy another piece of property or investment with the 75k I didn't spend. I also drive a 10 year old car as I can't justify commuting in something more where by again budget isn't the issue. You can get away with older boats here because the do get so little use but cars are harder to keep because of the road salt.
  13. Cobalt has a bare bones line as well still overpriced at least the msrp is but I know they deal with much cheaper out the door pricing. I don't get the expensive lake boat thing on the under 10000 acre lakes. You get a max of 90 days of summer here in my state. I can't ever see buying new no matter our financial situation. Option up that single SSI on the website and it's a big number.
  14. Here's the crazy thing....the really powerful ones never go fast or if they do, it's not often. I see the smaller hp ones wound out all the time hitting their 19mph max but the really desirable models with the big singles and twins are always just puttering along.
  15. They come in all price levels, sizes and amenities but am seeing more and more of the upper level versions. I saw one last week that had a set of steps up to the elevated helm station and copilot station maybe 4 steps above the main deck with an arch and a single 300. One of my buddies explained how he took a rogue wave on his and it tore right through the metal skirting. I saw one this weekend and swear it had 50 people on it. Saw another older one with way too many people and too many were standing at the front as they took a large wave and they all scrambled to the back as both tubes went under water...that was an old beater of a pontoon though. The twin 150's and twin 300's do better than 50 though. I just saw one with triple 175's on it as well. It's pontoon/tritoon maddness around me.