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  1. Man, that just sounds like a nightmare. The man hours alone to get it in working order would be tremendous much less the cash outlay. For me, I'd start with making sure the stringers, transom, floor aren't rotted, which I'm sure they are. You can put a new engine and drive in a boat in a weekend but replacing the wood and the grinding and glasswork is a long process at best. You can get late 90's boats that are in nice shape for a song and likely for a similar all in price as what it would take to get that 92 ready.
  2. I have LED lights on my dock above water controlled by the keychain remote control from my boat lift. They are simply mosquito attractors as would the underwater ambiance lighting. For that reason, I couldn't have ambiance lighting not sure the bug situation in your neck of the woods.
  3. My neighbor won 550M in the Powerball a few years back. You should see whats on his shore now compared to his pre-winner days.
  4. There's big highs and lows with owning your own business. My wife owns a consulting company and some years are indescribably lucrative and other years not nearly so. The stress that goes with it is enormous. In my own industry, there is an enormous amount of M&A and all of the small guys are selling out to the private equity for big EBITA premiums.
  5. I'm a member of one of those facebook marketplaces that is just for selling boats. I like to get the notifications especially when the feels like temp here was 2 degrees yesterday. People are selling their tenders off of their yachts for 300k used. It's bit of an eye opener when the most expensive lake sized boat I can come up with barely makes a dent in the price of some of these not so big center console style boats especially when they have triples. We think 140k surf boat is unreasonably expensive in my neck of the woods.
  6. As crazy as it sounds, here in the metro area of Minneapolis, there aren't too many marine focused places to get your stuff yet we have lots of lakes and one large lake smack dab on the edge of the city. Our one west marine store is in what must be fantastically high rent location but if you need something now, it's one of the only games in town that isn't a boat dealer with an ancillary couple of shelves that sells a handful of stuff. Amazon I think has taken that market over. I agree on the cost of boats. At my lake house my neighbor is new to boating and new to lake home ownership and his brand new 2017, very entry level Glastron was just about 60k. It's about the lowest-end new bowrider i've seen...for 60k....for three months of use per year. I remember when 60k was actually a lot of money.
  7. I have a lower back tattoo that says 'off topic'. Back to your question, I really don't like the side vents on the 220 and other similar year chaps. The cheapo plastic pieces needlessly date what is an otherwise nice look. As crazy as it sounds, bow rails on these smaller boats have seemingly disappeared as well or have been integrated in to the bow for what I am sure is cost cutting not contemporization. So as backwards as it should be, the bow rails date it as well.
  8. Oh I realize, it's all brand new, beautiful surf boats and high HP tritoons on my lake. My thing is peel off 25k or whatever amount out of your checkbook, buy something used but in like new condition, not pay any interest and be happy with a generation or two old but with the same functionality. If we lived on credit/payments, man, we'd be living the life.
  9. I don't know...I just don't get the whole financing thing.
  10. So I'm going to go the other way on this. If it were me and I didn't have a big selection of chemicals on hand, (and even if i did) I would first pull out the box of baking soda, make a paste and work it in with a soft cloth. From there, I would move up the scale with the suggestions. I am continually amazed at what baking soda works good on.
  11. I guess it depends. For example in my state, there are almost no larger cruisers because they aren't practical on all but a few lakes. If I had to sell a cruiser of any size, it's going to sit and be a hassle and drag on my time and as I have seen over the years, most people are dishonest or deabeat buyers (and dishonest sellers) at best. I value my time at $400 per hour and so I would do some calculating based on that as to what could possibly work. If however I had to sell my 220, I would pop it on craigslist and it would sell immediately with very little time spent because the demand for small boats is gigantic and there are just not that many premium lake boats versus the cheapo brands here. Add to that that there is no sales tax, (almost 8%) on the sale of private party used boats or brokered boats, but there is on dealer used boats, and so people love private party sales. There aren't a ton of brokers here like in warmer states. We don't buy new ever for anything in particular because used boats are such a good deal and you get to save a lot of cash.
  12. I wonder what the interest rate on a 20 year old boat could possibly be.
  13. I think I just paid $500 for a v8 basic winterization with an oil change and another $250 to have my dock and my biggest lift taken out. Fall always cost a few bucks.
  14. Maybe 9 months ago, I was on a thread here on this site where people were relaying issues they've had with their chaps. At the time I was trying to contact the factory for something and several months later, chaparral contacted me on my contact email that nobody but this website would have access to. He was reaching out to me to help for which I didn't need any help by then.
  15. That a wasn't even that much more of an option when new. Of course the asking price isn't the sale price with negotiation. Generally, I keep my stuff for a long time and so I couldn't accept the smaller engine in good conscience. I find used stuff far more satisfying partly because of the search and partly because anybody (you know what i mean) can make a payment on a basic 100k lake boat but it takes actual cash to buy a used boat. It's the reason so many of my neighbors on my lake can't afford used boats so they have 140k brand new surf boats financed for years....there is no challenge or chase in buying new.