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  1. Lake Art

    There's a couple places on the internet that make and sell these with the amount of detail requested being the cost differentiation. I think one is in Wisconsin if I recall.
  2. New Boat Owner

    Beautiful looking boat. Congrats.
  3. PWC

    I thought the economy picked up and that that would show in the used market more now than before. Maybe it is picking up and people don't need to sell? I know there are certain years that the market did truly tank during the recession but I'm hoping to see some more 3 - 5 year old models still.
  4. Looking for manuals for a 1995 1830 ss

    Aren't all the manuals and brochureson this site already going way back in the other part of the site?
  5. PWC

    As I'm still shopping, I'm noticing a complete lack of used sho's or fxsho's for sale this year from private parties locally. It's actually kind of odd. I'd like a 15 if possible for the RIDE system just to have it but would consider anything a few years old. I'm sort of scratching my head why the crust of them didn't hit the market as in past years.
  6. Build Quality

    'Fine' and 'previous gen construction'aren't mutually exclusive. There's just a lot more wood and rot prone materials in the 90's chaps as in many other brands of the generation.
  7. Build Quality

    There's some good threads elsewhere where owners had to tear down their 90's Chaps due to rot. The 90's hulls and materials are substantially more prone to rot as I saw wood in places that the next gen of hulls got rid of in most places along with not using modern plastics and flow thorough cushions as examples. In other words, maybe some issues with 2000's boats as you would with an brand but the 90's are a whole other level of primitive construction by comparison or so the pictures noted.
  8. forum specific to the Chaparral Sunesta

    I've noticed that when you go to the larger boating sites, any of the model or brand specific forums don't have a ton of activity and people end up posting in the more general parts of the forum of their specific forum posts just flow into the button that accumulates all of the recent posts. The Sunestas are similar to the SSi's and so most things can be covered by anybody with an SSi or a Sunesta. On the waverunner and Jet skitype forums it makes sense because many times the engine is a completely different engine than on the other models and the questions revolve around very specific things only on that particular model line or so goes the logic plus there are a lot of any specific one sold.
  9. Impeller, bellows, 300+ hours Alpha 1 Gen II

    My previous Chaparral started having an issue with drive fluid being used up each and every time I used the boat and had to keep topping the fluid reservoir off. It had about 100 hours on it at the time and so what I learned is that if I bought their (was a Sea Ray dealer close to my house)200 hour Mercruiser service package, It ended up being much more cost effective than doing a one off out drive removal to replace the seal that was bad. It's been several years and don't recall exactly but it was a full engine tune up, plus impeller and some other stuff which required the drive to be removed. Point being, see if there is a package deal that can be had.
  10. De-Winterize, 2014 Chaparral 216SSi 270hp VP

    I got my boat last year from one of those guys who was great about keeping the interior beautiful but don'tknow that he ever cleaned the ski storage and the bilge wasn't so pretty either. In my excitement, I went to west marine and picked up all kinds of stuff including Marine Spray Nine which is an antimicrobial cleaner. To my surprise it worked as good as I had wished it would when purchasing.
  11. Hard to start 1930ss

    I know the 6.2's in Denali's and Escalades require premium. Presume then that Mercruiser re-eingineered the 6.2 not to need it?
  12. Hello all, new 2330 ss owner here.

    Gotta GPS that number. It's usually a bit disappointing when you GPS the WOT speed but relatively accurate at lower speeds. Not always but...
  13. Hard to start 1930ss

    Premium fuel provides no benefit to a low compression engine such as a Mercruiser or any engine that was designed for low octane as in the case of certain supercharged engines. The only time premium fuel provides any benefit such as to a v6 mercruiser, for example, is when they suffer from run-on in a carbed engine in which case the higher octane in the gas will mask the symptom but not fix the problem.
  14. Sweet spot for boat ownership

    The interesting thing is the fact that Chaparral and others take so long to make dramatic changes to a model before dropping it, just makes it more appealing to own something older...if you can pull a positive out of an older boat. Same with I/O's. Add to that that most people, even many lake property people/shore owners, don't have a clue about models and how old they are other than telltale old colors color and very outdated designs. I will concede though that finding a decent use boat is very frustrating for so many reasons and I can almost see why people do buy new especially if you plan to keep it for a while. I bought my son a few year old Hyundai Sonata locally for his bday...there were maybe a million to choose from....good luck finding exactly what you want locally in the used boat market without going on a lengthy journey of disappointments.
  15. PWC

    The early run of svho's seemed like they had an abnormal amount of chain issues...sho was not nearly as bad. On the top speed, my SHO is right at 67 on gps which is 70 on speedo but of course we all know that is governed as they all are. It just stops accelerating but you have a good amount left to go that is unusable without going through the work of modding it. The top speed is great but it'sthe unrelenting power from spin to spin that the SC does good. If I could change one thing on the FX Sho, it would be to allow different levels of performance instead of only one level which is too low of a limit. Top speed is 40 and it takes all day to get there with two on board. Maybe top speed of 50 but don't limit the acceleration so much for the kids.