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  1. At least it is a big block and so you will get some nice sound out of it until your wife tells you to shut it off.
  2. Here's my take on this stuff as I've hit my 40's/middle age and my philosophy has dramatically changed. If you want it, buy it. Get off the fence, go pick out what you want and write the check. We've been conservative for so long, it's now time to live it up as money concerns are not in the picture any longer as is the case for many when you hit a certain age after 20 year of working. I just bought a 115k car as a daily driver which even a few years ago I'd never have thought I would ever do. If not now when you are young enough to enjoy it, then when? When my boat hits the point of not meeting my needs, I'll run buy something else that does. Get off the fence, stop being conservative and go live. You've worked hard, now go get that new boat that meets your needs.
  3. I'd like to see more bowriders but they are dying on my lake and nobody is buying them any longer. It's all pontoons, tritoons and surf boats plus I suppose species boats as well. Having a bowrider now, I am the outlier.
  4. That stuff looks cool. Kind of hides them like 70%. But cant get wet for 14 days....that's a problem.
  5. Hairline cracks in gel are par for the course. I just got my first hairline cracks where the platform meets the hull on my 220. Took a few more years and honestly don't know why now.
  6. 60mph with a 350 and B3 sounds fantastic. If it were me, I would absolutely put a 383 in my 220 if it came down to choosing.
  7. The sloppiness in those photos to me is shocking. I can't quite understand how that boat ever made it into someones possession whereby the final inspector, the buyer, would just not take possession.
  8. Two things for us, when the weekend comes when it's time to pull the boats and equipment from the lake, its only a two day weekend since school will have started and I have no time to winterize myself given the rest of the stuff I am also doing. The other is that I don't want to when I can drop it off at the marina and have them do the labor for me. I have the same marina pull my big boat lift and dock as well. Time is my most valuable asset and I much prefer to pay someone to do these things.
  9. Winterizing is part of life here in MN where it gets to -40F where the lakes are. Talking about the marina doing it and being protected, years ago before I owned lake homes and I had to trailer my then boat, I would use a local marine max for winterizing and you'd have to sign a liability waver each year. It protected them in the even they screwed up and their screw up caused damage which of course seems crazy.
  10. I guess it's not just HP but torque as well. My take is that in the big picture of the cost, 5k barely registers a blip. If I'm ignoring my logic of used being a better bargain than new, I'm getting the bigger power plant in a brand new boat.
  11. If it were me, I'd do the minimum cost wise and take it as an opportunity to get into the mid 2000's at least. Lots of great boats out there for under 50k.
  12. Only thought is my friend bought the 287 and he now feels it is too small.
  13. Soldier is spot on. Maybe more introspection was needed before pulling the trigger on the smaller H20 but you are here now so we are all ears and advice. My 300hp V8 sounds nearly the same as a 220hp v6 from the helm as I don't have captains call and even then, small blocks don't sound nearly as throaty as big blocks and further, significant others don't seem to love the sound as much as some of us limiting your open exhaust time anyway. Also, while I blow past 50mph with ease, it is rare that I ever even go 3/4 throttle and mostly putter at less than 10mph saving the speed for the PWC's. The overall theme being those novelties quickly wear off.
  14. So then you will need to sell your camper on the small lake and buy a house on a large lake in order to garner the additional utility of the 23 foot boat which If I understand correctly necessitates a replacement/trade of your current 21 foot H20 for which you have already purchased though not taken delivery? The 23 foot boat then will add additional HP as well as more space for your cocktail cruises. I've got some bad news for you....you are in the tritoon demographic. I saw some nice used/two year old tritoons this weekend with a single 300hp for as little as 60k.
  15. Same here, did a full system upgrade two seasons which included adding a sub and then I got the pass to at least be able to hear it while underway.
  16. That's going to be an Alpha drive. Just the 1.62 ratio tells you and the 4.3 on a small boat won't have a B1 or B3. Bravo drive is much beefier looking and of course the instant you shift the boat, it is immediate evident when you have an Alpha. Alpha is a substantially lesser technology which shifts hard into gear versus the Bravo which you can't really feel the shift.
  17. Sounds like you got the Brexit model, similar to the Tijuana version. Actually, I've heard more complaints than ever but for the H20 Series.
  18. Yeah, she finally let me turn the stereo up past 2.
  19. Don't like the holes in the hull but love the sound. Every time a captains call with the exhaust open comes by our house, I wished I had the option. Of course reality would be that my wife would make me shut it off in the first minute anyway.
  20. Because my boat is old as yours and our summers are ultra short, I don't spend the big money on the equipment and mid level works fine for our purposes (even though I am an audiophile with whole house audio/entertainment/hometheater main house.) I went with a Kenwood set up with the round remotes that have the LCD screens (versus the basic kenwood remotes with no lcd). Kenwood, I've always though of as pretty marginal stuff. I forget the model but it has no CD slot as I don't own any CD's any longer as it is all digital but that it streams different music services that are built into the headunit for seamless control with your phone or you can just stream any source from your phone as well. So if there is a song I want to listen to and my amazon subscription doesn't have it, I can just stream the music video from youtube via bluetooth or any other source. The only issue I have been seeing lately is that for some reason the cellular network has been overcapacity and so depending on the spot I am on the lake, the song I'm streaming will stop and the circle will spin which was worse than ever this summer. I love having the remotes but I'm finding I'm not using the transom remote as much as I though I would. There's plenty of other brands out there but the Kenwood had some surprisingly good specs for the money.
  21. Agreed, I avoid products with bleach completely. Of course it whitens and brightens...it's bleach is my thought.
  22. Since we are going down this road, one of the tricks people will pull to flip a boat with rotted floor and stringers is to redeck over the rotted plywood, recarpet it and sell it to a new boater who doesn't speak the language yet. A boat as old as the subject boat has a substantially higher probability of rot issues. The qualities of wood in a boat are great and hard to beat but that the massive downside is rot.
  23. The technology has move so far past that JBL in your 2003. You will need to buy the remotes and head unit and new brand specific cables to connect it all. I did a full system upgrade on my 02 last season and it was well worth the time. Same for the marine Class D amps that you can buy are a tiny fraction of the size of whatever came in your 03. One issue I had was that many of the remotes are now round as that seemed to be the trend and so had to do some fiberglass modification/cutting for the transom remote to work and look as though it came that way as you and I had rectangle remote from the factory. You can still get rectangle depending on brand but betting there will be some minor modification needed. The old transom remote was a surface mount with two screw holes and a tiny hole for the wires to run though and the new round that I bought was inset so required a hole cutter of a specific size. The new stuff is so seamless and works so well, you are going to love it.
  24. Was thinking the same but the boat wouldn't be worth the upholstery job with rotted stringers or transom. Stranger things have happened I suppose. Can only think someone had some attachment to it to put the money into it.
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