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  1. i have had several seasons with my 2009 pontoon with mercury 50hp running terrible. I've researched and tried several things.

    symptom: will start when I push key for choke but most instantly fires and then whines down and dies. I can throttle up with prop in neutral and it will fire and run, but when I throttle to idle it immediately whines down and dies.

    what I've done: siphoned gas and put fresh in. changed fuel filter, plugs. loosened gas cap thinking vent stopped up.

    what i'm confused about: I know nothing about boat motors but what I've learned since owning this boat for five years and found this thing called "sound attenuator". on the one side of the piece there is two circle things and only one has a plug looking thing in it. it really looks like there should be a plug in both and i'm wondering if that's the case? I hope someone knows what i'm talking about.


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