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    My family, my boat, and my dogs are my life.
  1. I did pump the fluid from the bottom to the vent at the top....forgot about the reservoir...had air in it. Thank you again.
  2. Bingo!! Thank you guys!
  3. I have a 1999 Signature 240, 5.0, alpha 1. Didnt have an alarm prior to the impeller change. Now I have the most awful constant alarm imaginable. Reservoir for lower unit oil wasn't at first start up because I forgot to check it. I filled it up and tried again with the same alarm. What am I missing and how do I get rid of this noise??
  4. Capmedic

    Steady Alarm

    I have a 1999 signature 240 with a merc 5.0 and alpha 1. I didnt have an alarm before changing the impeller. Now I have an increadibly loud, constatnt alarm tone from start up and stays on. The lower unit is full and the reservoir is full....what am I missing? How do I reset this awful noise??
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    Good times

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