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  1. Texascrew

    Drain plug stuck

    If you get it out, please use a brass plug. A carbon steel plug will create a corrosion cell, and you'll be right back where you started.
  2. Texascrew

    Need help with my launching technique

    You're driving a F&^%...
  3. Texascrew

    Support rods for bow filler cushion

    "2" O.D. Tube, 12 ft. Polished Brass" 12' is for the "experienced" only....
  4. Texascrew

    Turn That Hat Back Around

    Splashing each other like "real men." Seriously though, looked like a sausage-fest from the start. They were probably fighting over the 1-2 girls in the background.
  5. Texascrew

    Galvanic Corrosion

    If your boat has a rectifier built in, check the polarity of the output wires. Positive to anode, negative to cathode (outdrive). What you are experiencing is not normal. You've replaced your anodes before. Are they corroded when replaced, or do they still look "good?"
  6. Texascrew

    Boat Ramp Rules?

    I like your way of thinking...
  7. Texascrew

    Depth gauge differences

    I know we are talking different animals, but mine has a "manual offset" that can be changed. I can tell mine that the water is 10' deep when it is only 3'.
  8. Texascrew

    Cars Seen at the Marina/Dock

    That's what I'm wondering.
  9. I feel sorry for the guy that "caught" the vacuum cleaner. Mostly because some @$$hole threw it into the water.
  10. Texascrew

    engine question

    My 5.0 did the same thing the first few times out. I think it was just old gas in the tank from the previous owner. After a few top offs, it hasn't done it since. I never did get the tank very low, so I still had a little bit of old fuel every time I filled it up. The ONLY problem I've had with a "fuel efficient" V-8 powered boat is that it never used enough fuel on a weekend to get the old gas out.
  11. Texascrew

    Trailer Tires

    I just replaced the Goodyears that were on my trailer. They were original to the trailer, so they were 11 years old. I replaced them with Goodyears. I hope they are as good as the ones they replaced. However, the originals were US made. The new ones are chicom. I have read that the Chinese Marathons aren't as good. I will have to keep my fingers crossed.
  12. Texascrew

    Oil Change

    Sounds about like me... Except I don't have to hunt for tools, it only takes 15 minutes to change the oil, and I test drive in the morning after sobering up. Basically I'm better at changing oil than that guy, but I agree about the beer between each step part.
  13. Texascrew

    Truck Mileage While Towing?

    DPF= Diesel Particulate Filter. Very basically, it is an emissions part of the exhaust system, and yes it will most likely void your warranty if removed. EGR= Exhaust Gas Recirculation. A valve that recirculates exhaust back into the combustion chamber to help with emissions. It will probably void your warranty if removed. Both will require a computer "tune" to allow the engine to run properly with these removed. All three will surely void your warranty (depending on the dealer.)
  14. Texascrew

    Truck Mileage While Towing?

    2005 Sierra Denali. 16-18 hwy. (depends on hwy speed limit, but better at 80 ?) 14 avg. around town. 11-12 towing usually at 70-80 mph. Either ready to get to the lake, or stayed at the lake too long.
  15. Texascrew

    How are your water levels

    Still dropping in West Texas. I'm still not worried about boating at this point. I'm worried about household use.