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  1. Sorry, for some reason I can't post the photos and video from my iPad. I will see if I can get that sorted out.
  2. Sorry for the very long delay in getting back to you all and thanks for the responses/feedback. Here are some photos and videos to try to better explain the situation. Any/all comments/suggestions welcome. Thanks!
  3. Thanks but it is still off the track. I feel like I have tried all angles but can't seem to get it back in the track. Only other option seems to be to take windshield off, then entire dash piece to get to the track. That is what I am trying to avoid if anyone out there has any tricks of the trade to get it back on track?????
  4. We have a 2000 Signature 240 and the cabin door got pushed in too far (too open) and is now stuck so we can't close/lock the door. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the door back on track? Thanks!
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