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  1. Thanks such much for the responses. I dropped the boat off this morning and am hoping to hear some good news back later.
  2. Wait...... I failed to mention that the boat does not sit on the tailer property. It does not touch on the exterior rails or the one that supports the bottom of the bow. I think they may have switched things around on me and taken advantage of a first time boat owner.
  3. So.... I have been checking out these awesome boats for some time. With the holiday weekend approaching fast, I decided to pull the trigger on a 2015 Vortex 203. I went to the only authorized dealer in the area despite all the bad online reviews. After paying for the boat, filling it up with gas and getting it in the water, I started to notice issues. First, the neutral idle is at 2k RPMS. This obviously makes to boat go forward and there's no way it can be on without moving. Second, after navigating out of the canal at 5MPH, I punched it..... WOW! What a loud boat at 8-9k RPMS. You would think I was going super fast..... NOPE. Still 8-10 MPH. Let off the gas and let water get tot he back of the boat..... Then hit it..... You get a better result. This does not seem right at all. Third... Let do some digging into our paperwork. No DVD, No owners manual, no papers, no diagrams... NOTHING. At this point, no need for counting. After 3 counted hours of the same issues.... Now the battery light in on, the check engine light is one, the service engine soon light is on..... AND the boat seems to simply cut off wen running at full speed. If you try to accelerate too fast, you just get major sputtering and the throttle just stops working all together. Did I mention the rear light pole is majorly bent, the seal around the windshield is torn in several places, the instrument panel has glue spots all over, the gas gauge show 3/4 of a tank right after I fill it up, there's a hole on one of the rear seats and there appears to be clear silicone caulk around one of the ports in the rear of the boat? After investigating a bit, I hear I could be suffering from cavitation and it may be an impeller issue. So, I pull the boat out of the water and investigate.... The impeller has chip marks on the blades. This helps explain but still does not explain all the issues with the engine, battery, etc. I simply cannot imagine this is a product that Chaparral signed off on and sent to the dealer. Can anyone help me with what my next move should be?
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