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  1. 2004 volvo penta 8.1l GI-E Napa Auto Parts $56 Idle Air Control Valve PART # :MPF 320177 PRODUCT LINE : Mileage Plus Fuel Will do a full open water test this week and report back after running through the paces.
  2. Thank you Wingnut, it was the IAC valve. I found and alternative part for 65 bucks at Napa and the engine runs like a champ now. May order the the Volvo version in case this one acts up down the road.
  3. Ok thank you. I will keep Googling until I find out what items to check.
  4. I have been out on the chappy twice now, and have some issues with port side engine. Starboard side cranks right up and runs smooth. Port side only wants to start when I give it some throttle, and will stay running fine while the throttle handle is forward a bit. When I shift in to Neutral it dies, most of the time, no matter if engine is warm or cold. Sometimes it doesn't die, but thats 1 out of maybe 6 times. usually dies. It will start right back up with some throttle forward, but when I go in Neutral to shift into gear (FWD or REV) it dies again. Also of note, the throttle/shifting on that engine is pretty rough feeling when I shift, like significantly harder to move and "Sticky". It needs to be pushed quite a bit further ahead than the starboard throttle to engage the engines, and needs to stay further ahead to keep engines synced... Could it be the throttle or shift cable? The boat is in a slip and I can have the cables changed in a week or so when it is out of the water, meanwhile what else can I check on my own before calling in paid help? I have some time this weekend. Volvo Penta 8.1 GI-E Last service on engine was just in March they changed the fluids and filters, impellers have been a few years its on my list.
  5. 330- Thanks for the ideas. Down in the cabin there is a flat screen TV along with a DVD player and stereo. The stereo isn't really working but seems to be hooked up only to the speakers in the cabin. Up top he has a stereo mounted to the left of the raymarine nav unit that runs the speakers in the Radar Arch. Not sure if there are two stereos stock or if he added the second one in cockpit? I replaced that unit with my Fusion already, not sure if I'm going to try and tie the whole system together or just keep two stereos. I do like the idea I've seen where there is a tv mounted on arch might try that after I get a few months under my belt and finish all of the regular maintenance items... I like the kumma mount idea, seems easy to store and clean. Wife already wants a tender not sure how that complicates the use of swim platform. Suns out tomorrow we are going to spend a couple hours on the lake!
  6. Thank you
  7. And when you close the lid it doesnt hit the end of the compression at 12" and just stop closing? Mine hits the end of compression and is stuck half way open
  8. I have a 2004. I looked up the specs in the parts guide and bought a piston with the same specs - 20" gas piston, compressed length 12", 8" stroke. bought it from amazon. But it seems the two mounting locations need to be just a couple inches from each other when the door is shut all the way, unless the top or bottom mount allows the piston to "slide" in somehow, I don't see how it would work. Can someone confirm theirs is mounted with fixed mounts?
  9. My boat is missing the 2 pistons on the stern compartments for shore power / battery switches. I bought one and it snaps right on, and seems to function fine but you can't shut the door all the way with the piston attached. Am I missing something?
  10. Thank you that helps a ton with identifying parts. Used it tonight to order a part already
  11. Any idea what the box is in the 2nd picture, and why there is a random wire hanging down by it?
  12. Also thank you for the replies Wingnut, Coldone, and dsmacey.
  13. When I was running the boat I did have all of the battery switches turned on, except for the one I pointed to. Based on the label I believed it to be the parallel as well and so left it off. But the port engine would not stay idle and kept dying, not like it was running out of fuel (no sputter) but like it was missing its spark. When I turned that switch on the engine seemed to idle fine. Perhaps it is a battery connection or low battery on Starboard, however I did check the connections and put my voltage reader on it. Will check again.
  14. Well after 4 years with my 215ssi I took the plunge and bought a 330 Signature to explore the beautiful Puget Sound! I have been searching and reading up on this boat from the forum, and have gotten tons of info. I do have a couple questions identifying some things and the old boat owner isn't the best and communication so thought I would try here. Does anyone know what these are? Also any ideas or suggestions on how you organize your cabin and mount a grill Thank you in advance, Jeff
  15. old post but how does it sound on the water? can you snap a shot of how you ran the wires on the engine compartment? We upgraded the stereo on our 215 ssi, however we have the same problem with speaker placement. We spend most of our time in the sun and don't hear the radio when sitting on the back bench -Jeff