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  1. You stated that you disabled the alarm on your ChapparalĀ in 2015 due to a 1bp/min for faulty alarm....can you explain how to disable??

  2. I used to power load my boat onto the trailer, but it would rarely center and I'd have to do it over. I finally went back to winching it on, and it centers every time. Not sure if you are driving it on your trailer, but if so, this might help.
  3. Thanks for all your input guys. I was on vacation with my 246ssi in Ontario Canada and didn't have wifi. I found the alarm page in my manual that tells you what the likely system malfunction is. The short beep every minute is an environmental issue, such as the PVC, O2, or catalytic converter. It has nothing to do with the engine oil pressure, water temp, or outdrive, so I disconnected that alarm for now and will pony up for a diagnostic tester shortly. BTW, I understand Clymer is issuing a maintenance manual very soon. It can be preordered for $25 on Amazon. I used Clymer manuals for my previ
  4. I have a 2011 246ssi. The engine runs fine, but the alarm does a short beep about once a minute. There is no text code when the alarm beeps. The beep also happens with the engine not running and the key is just in the on position. Any ideas?
  5. I have a 2011 246 ssi, and the alarm is a short beep about once a minute. The engine runs fine, fluid levels are normal. The alarm also beeps when the engine isn't running but when the key is in the on position. Any suggestions?

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